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5 Scary TV Shows You Need to See

Gotta love a good series. New and old, I binge watch so many that I would drown if they were made of water. Here's a bunch I love.

'Channel Zero' and similar scary shows. Would you really put your fingers in its mouth? Creepy teeth kid, stop taking kids teeth!

'Channel Zero' and similar scary shows. Would you really put your fingers in its mouth? Creepy teeth kid, stop taking kids teeth!

Looking For a New Series to Binge-Watch?

These are my ideas on what you can watch in your down time, waiting for your favorite scary TV series to come back on. Perhaps you are in dire need of something to sit and bite your nails to. These are some scary series you may have missed. The ones you just forgot to go back and watch.

Channel Zero

Genre: Sci-Fi |Horror

Series Info

  • Season 1 2016
  • Season 2 No-End House 2017
  • Season 3 Butcher's Block 2018
  • Season 4 The Dream Door 2019

What's It About?

There are online sci-fi and horror forums, Creepy Pasta Horror and Paranormal Stories, ( which I had heard of through Facebook and looked at once or twice. Channel Zero, adapts a bunch of creepy submitted stories to that site mashed into where the first season gets set, Candle Cove.

Channel Zero is an anthology, except each season is not a completely separate story and instead follows the same plotline.

Season one starts with a famous child psychologist who makes the decision to go home and figure out what happened to his twin when they were kids. Not only did his twin go missing but a bunch of other children went missing too. They were all presumed murdered and only his twin brother’s body was never found.

The people remaining in the town of Iron Hill, who might know anything, are his mother and a few of his childhood friends. These friends are now grown up and have kids of their own.

This show is creepy as. There is a puppet show, people-sized puppets in the same clothes as the puppets (are they people, are they puppets....???) and a weird kid covered in teeth who comes to claim more teeth for its collection which it keeps on its skin. Added to the mix are a bunch of creepy kids roaming the streets playing pretend murder.

My Thoughts on Channel Zero

This is a great series to watch if you are looking for something different.

The writer Nick Antosca is brilliant at scouring the Creepypasta site and turning these stories into the series it has become. reported that the adaptation was a little tricky at times because they had to get approval from the original writers on the site and some were anonymous. I bet there are some awesome untouched stories out there waiting for us.

This series promises crossovers from season to season. I personally really like that. I can't wait to see how many examples I can find in each season. Chanel Zero's spooky atmosphere and nightmarish tone don't make me think of anything similar show. If you have any shows that creep you out regularly you could compare it with them. This show has the ability to make you want to turn all the lights on while watching it.

A relatable story is The Slender Man film. The Slender Man is a kidnapper of children. You might like Channel Zero if you liked that one or even had a penchant for stuff like Puppet Master.

Watch it on, Foxtel, and Fetch and buy it on Amazon.

#RizAhmed #JohnTurturro

#RizAhmed #JohnTurturro

The Night Of

Genre: Crime Drama with a dark side.

Series Info:

Season 1 July 2016. Talks were in place in 2017 for the second season.

What's It About?

It all starts off normal enough. His dad is a hard worker who owns a taxi that he shares with three other men. It’s set in downtown New York. His mother is a quiet well-dressed woman, and Naz seems like the kid, sorry, showing my age…young man, all parents want in a son. He wants to go to a party and takes his dads’ cab, then he accidentally meets Andrea who is everything he is not. She inadvertently or purposely steers him off the course of his life. It all escalates quite quickly after that first night, little things they do, places they go and people the two come across, all play a role in how the rest of the story pans out.

While watching it, you know you should almost be taking notes because you can feel that something is stirring within the events as they unfold but you’re too busy watching. There’s even a cat that I became attached to. I got concerned for this cat nearly all the way through. This series won awards and I can see why. Critics sing it’s praises and guess what? Sources say a season two is a definite possibility and that some of the characters might come back with it.

Special Info:

The other key role, a lawyer, John Stone. Originally they had Robert De Niro pegged for the role, but he had some time issues and John T took it instead and did a wonderful job with the character.

If you haven’t seen this 8 part miniseries you might just be living under a rock. It had 7 million viewers overall in America.

My Thoughts on The Night Of

True Crime buffs may ask a few questions based on some ‘technicalities’ about the accuracy but I devoured this series.

I thought about it during the day when I wasn’t watching it and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next to this clean-cut college student called Nasir “Naz” Khan.

When I started watching it, I was like, OMG it’s that guy from Nightcrawler who is Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler was a movie I had literally just finished watching.) Riz has been in other stuff too so you may recognize him if you are a Star Wars fan.

As the series wore on, I garnered a high amount of respect for his acting skills and have since seen him in a few other things. He is also a singer, but I’ve not had the time to give him a listen, however, having an extra talent doesn’t surprise me, the guy is pretty good.

In all honesty, it plays out very differently to my normal crime shows that I tend to watch. The Night Of is more about characters and the dirty underside of the criminal. Usually, these types of shows are from the point of view of the lawmakers. I’d throw it out there in the realm of Making a Murderer. If you liked that, you’ll probably like this more and if you haven’t seen the latter, maybe watch 'The Night Of ' first.

Watch it on,, and Foxtel

Slasher - a series about a serial killer who is stalking adults in a small town called Waterbury instead of teenagers around a lake

Slasher - a series about a serial killer who is stalking adults in a small town called Waterbury instead of teenagers around a lake


Genre: Anthology | Mystery |Suspense Horror.

Series Info:

Season 1 March 2016, Season 2 2017.

Season 3 will air in Spring 2019.

What's It About?

Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath, Jurassic World) moves back to her hometown and into the house where she was born….the way lots of good horror movies start.

*Cue a flashback*

Halloween night... 30 years ago. We see exactly what happened to her parents and it's revealed that the original ‘Executioner’ who killed Sarah's mum and dad, Tom Winston, is safely tucked away behind bars.

Slasher dives right in and 'The Executioner' appears in the first episode - once as the original killer in the flashback murdering her parents and secondly - as the copycat sent to torment her, her family and people within the town. The copy runs amok in town and because it's Halloween, not everyone was scared of this masked person wandering around with a weapon.

Sarah then visits her parent's murderer (the original 'Executioner' ) in jail as she has questions for him now that it looks like he either didn't do it alone, or there is another murderer in town. Tom insinuates that not everyone in the peaceful town of Waterbury is as innocent as they seem.

Her husband scored a job as Editor in Chief at the Waterbury Newspaper before moving to town which leads to more disconcerting looks from people in the street - are they jealous or do they just not like him? Sarah and her husband have obvious troubles settling in as well as having to contend with a serial killer turning up on their arrival.

After the first murder, 'The 7 Deadly Sins' WRATH is to blame

Special Info:

Slasher is Canadian and is 8 episodes strung out into movie styled chunks. It averaged around 7 million viewers overall are pretty darn high.

I wondered if this were based on a similar movie, an event or story. Waterbury, where the show plays out, has a town of the same name in the US in Connecticut. Murders did get committed there, but none, even remotely similar to the Slasher plot line. The guy who created it (Aaron Martin) got inspired to write Slasher after working on another series of his, where people get chopped up in a few episodes of his medical drama, Saving Hope...

My Thoughts on Slasher

I liked it. Slasher is a great production. It has high levels of gore and sex scenes (which were unusually gritty) for a made for T.V. show.

The whole premise feels familiar if you are a slasher movie fan like me.

I could see hints of Jason Voorhees in the weapon of choice. Small snippets of The Town that Dreaded Sundown in its ability to scar your soul. Relatable to I know what you Did Last Summer vibes in its story.

I feel this series isn't as good as the Scream series because of its plot. The two shows are often compared a lot as they are both slasher themed. Apart from that though, there isn't too much else in common.

There was no promotion that I saw in Australia for Slasher. Not a hint that this show existed until I discovered it, reading through forum. It was a relief to discover that even though Slasher's creator took a nose dive financially on the first season it got rescued by other networks.

Season two aired October 2017 and the storyline; Guilty Party is set in the Canadian winter wilderness. I thought it was a fabulous splatterfest of gore in the snow.

It starts slow but quickly gains traction into a who-dunnit slasher-fest that touches the boundaries of extreme. I couldn't say which one I liked best but I hope this isn’t the last we see of this series.

See it on Netflix and the Chiller Chanel and stream it on

If exorcisms are your jam, then perhaps you should start watching Outcast - season 1 and 2, based on a comic book with the same name.

If exorcisms are your jam, then perhaps you should start watching Outcast - season 1 and 2, based on a comic book with the same name.


Genre: Horror with a dash of supernatural and a blob of Drama.

Series Info:

Season 1 June 2016 and season 2 April 2017.

Special Info:

When Outcast debuted this on Cinemax it got played 4 million times, which Cinemax was not used to (being that it was a success lol.)

The first episode was available on a number of platforms including PlayStation 4 consoles for free as well as YouTube and Facebook.

Its’ first season was 10 episodes and its second rounded up with another ten for viewers to watch. Guess who created it? The same legendary human being that created The Walking Dead also created this. Although this series got adapted from a comic book of the same name, Kirkman brought it to life.

What's It About?

It’s about demonic possession, it's that simple.

A guy called Kyle (Patrick Fugit) thinks he is a terrible, scarred adult. There are some flashbacks of his childhood which tell how his wife and daughter are now estranged and then there is an exorcism. It is during this exorcism that Kyle realizes that he isn’t a lowlife who deserves being kicked out of his family home and that there is more to his story, simmering underneath and that he is the key to it all.

He has to contend with the townsfolk who also think he is a scumbag while learning how to help save others from demonic possession and so, partners up with a reverend. Together they try to cure possession of people the townsfolk think are just crazy.

My Thoughts on Outcast

I know it has some moments (just like some moments in The Walking Dead) where you almost yell, "shush! Stop talking and just get on with the action…"

I know ok? But yep, I rate it. It’s good. It’s has a similar vibe to The Exorcist series, except you can see the possession in a way not seen in The Exorcist series.

The thought of demonic possession gives me the 'heebie-jeebies', it’s creepy, and it has some creepy characters, like the kid Aaron and the mysterious man Sidney. If you liked the exorcist or read the comic and enjoyed either of them, you will like this.

See it on Amazon Prime Video,,

Character and the actors that play them. The Following. About a serial killer. If you haven't seen it, perhaps you should!

Character and the actors that play them. The Following. About a serial killer. If you haven't seen it, perhaps you should!

The Following

Genre: Thriller with a serial killer.

Series Info:

  • Season 1 January 2013.
  • Season 2 January 2014.
  • Season 3 March 2015.

What's It About?

The Following stars Kevin Bacon. if you don’t know who he is, we definitely cannot be friends. Kevin Bacon plays former FBI agent Ryan Hardy who years before was nearly killed by serial killer Joe Carroll. His special talent is being a really good criminal profiler.

Poor old Ryan has a pacemaker as a result of his deadly scuffle with Joe. Joe Carroll is one of those villains that are still likable in a twisted Stockholm syndrome kind of way. He’s smart, he’s semi-good-looking— well he’s not ugly and people generally like him. Even being put in jail doesn't deter his followers. His die-hard loving fans will do anything for him and they do.

Ryan Hardy gets tied up in all sorts of marvelous scenarios featured in Joe’s former normal life, as a teacher.

My Thoughts on The Following

The Following's cancellation after four seasons was a sad day for me. The finale was adequate but there are a few plot holes only Kevin Bacon can fix. Fox, canceled it after a ratings plummet to just over 3 million. Silly bunnies, how were they to know that the horror genre was about to take off. After all, dark series with horror or supernatural twists seem on-trend. I feel like they are and it's wonderful. Maybe Fox should check themselves and bring this back.

As far as I am aware, plenty of people I know, for some reason haven’t seen it. I always recommend this series because it has it all. I watched and literally gasped at one of the twists. You will like it too if you appreciate shows based on serial killers. You might also like it if you liked... say... Dexter or Hannibal.

If you like a good twist and a few small surprises this one is for you. The Followings' writer, Marcos Siega based the character of Joe Carroll on a number of real serial killers, calling him “a hybrid” of Ted Bundy and James Purefoy with killings they “pulled from real-life stories.”

See it on Stan, Fox. Netflix and and of course, buy it on

Serial Killers Who Inspired The Following

Serial killers have been peppered throughout history - these are a few that had brains but decided to use them to commit heinous murders instead. Joe Carrol was based on a number of killers, could these be some?

NameTraitsHow many victims

Ted Bundy

Good looking and charismatic and good at impersonating people to gain access to his victims.He had a degree in psychology

confessed to 30 victims but actual count is unknown

Randy Craft

Highly intelligent computer analyst with an interest in politics and a BA in economics - he was known as the scorecard killer

Charged with 16 murders but suspected to have up to 67

John Norman Collins

The Co-ed killer who was just shy of receiving his degree in elementary education

Charged with 6, but was known to have committed more

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