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Lorelai Gilmore's Top Ten Outfits on "Gilmore Girls"

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Lauren Graham played Lorelai Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls."

Lauren Graham played Lorelai Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls."

Gilmore Girls is a beloved feel good show that introduced the world to the fast talking, coffee loving mother/daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Lorelai was a trend-setter and fashionista in her own right, rocking a wide array of style choices that still hold up today. Let's take a closer look at some of Lorelai Gilmore's most iconic fashion moments.

10. Lover of T-Shirts

Lorelai Gilmore was never one to shy away from a good, tongue-in-cheek T-shirt, which she would dress up or down with skirts, jeans or even sweats. Her impressive collection of basic tees certainly made their rounds throughout the show, and she always looked effortless and beautiful even in a basic shirt. Whether it's a band tee, a picture of a dog or a sassy saying, Lorelai was able to rock a T-shirt like no other, and was able to easily go from a laid-back style to something super chic and sophisticated.

9. Bangin' Leather Boots

Lorelai certainly knew how to rock a pair of leather boots. The item became a staple for the character, which she often paired with a cute blouse and flirty skirt, or a statement-making dress. Her knee-high boots always gave her a chic yet sexy vibe, and she would often go from her black pair to brown ones. The shoes paired perfectly with her very impressive and ever-growing coat collection, coordinating the two according to the season. Lorelai was never afraid to experiment and play around with the pairings, which made following her fashion so much fun.

8. The Power of a Denim Jacket

If there is one thing Lorelai was absolutely the queen of wearing, it would be a denim jacket. She knew just how to rock one, whether it was traditional blue denim, burgundy, or even black. Lorelai fully embraced the look of denim, which she would wear with simple tees and tanks, dresses, and blouses. The denim jackets she wore seemed to capture the essence of fall, especially when she would pair them with scarves, hats, and gloves. You couldn't help but want to sip a warm cup of coffee at Luke's or take a stroll through the changing leaves when she embraced her autumn attire.

7. Beauty in Blue

It's a widely known fact that both Lorelai and Rory have killer blue eyes. They absolutely pop on screen and demand to be noticed in anything they wear. Any time Lorelai would wear a shade of blue, her eyes seemed to sparkle even more. When she wore this soft, baby blue blouse and matching flower necklace, her stunning eyes were on full display. Her refined wavy hair and minimal make-up only enhanced this fact and further brought out her beauty. Whether it's turquoise, powder, sapphire or electric blue, the shade was the absolute best on Lorelai.

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6. Dresses, Dresses, Dresses!

Lorelai is a fashionista in her own right, and her wardrobe has become a true envy for fans of the show. Her extensive dress collection only further proves this point. She has a wide array of gorgeous dresses that vary from cute and casual to elegant and chic. One of her favorite staples on the show was a good ole' wrap dress. The style looks amazing on her and accentuated her lovely figure. She was also a fan of v-cut, curve-hugging numbers as seen throughout the series. Many times Lorelai would wear a fabulous dress and pair it with a delicate cardigan and killer pair of heels, an ensemble that truly demanded to be noticed.

5. Hats & Scarves Galore

Lorelai Gilmore has the power to know when snow is on the way, as proven multiple times on the show. If there's one thing she loves most, it's when winter hits Stars Hollow. Of course, she would love this time of year, because she is able to put her wide variety of hats and scarves on full display. When she wandered around the town in this black pea-coat, matching hat, and periwinkle scarf, she looked radiant. Her pairings of the items always seem so on point and elevated. Lorelai comes off sexy and demure all at the same time. She's also not afraid to get a little wild and daring with her color combinations, something that is perfectly fitting for her character's personality.

4. Enviable Coat Collection

Even aside from her denim jackets, Lorelai has a coat collection that just won't quit. Over the course of the show, she wore so many unforgettable numbers that are still fashionable today. In the earlier seasons, she would often sport a black leather jacket with t-shirts, giving her an edgy but laid-back vibe. She also has many beautiful pea coats, as highlighted in the famous Thanksgiving episode. Perhaps her most well-known coat was the bubble-gum pink trench she famously wore during her emotional break-down to Luke in Season 4. Each of her many coats has a life and personality of its own that Lorelai only further highlights.

3. Vintage 1940s Dress

Both mother and daughter looked absolutely stunning when they dressed up in vintage 1940s dresses for the Stars Hollow Dance Marathon. While Rory opted for a red polka dot number, Lorelai went for something a little sexier with a dark blue halter dress with pleated detailing. She wore her hair partially swept back and pinned with lovely curls framing her face. With a delicate necklace and bracelet and bold red lip, Lorelai looked like a vintage vision. Though she couldn't nab the victory and trophy from dance rival Kirk, she definitely won in the style department.

2. The Perfect Wedding Dress

Here comes the bride! Lorelai looked absolutely, positively stunning when she came across the perfect dress for her upcoming nuptials to Luke. The elegant, blush-silk tulle was not only already in Lorelai's size, but it was also on sale! With the ribbon-wrapped waist and finely detailed bodice, her beauty was truly glowing. The fates couldn't have aligned more than they did during her wedding planning, but alas a ceremony between the two love birds would not be so. Though she never got to wear it down the aisle, Luke (and fans everywhere) got to swoon at the sight of the gown.


1. Pink Dress & Flower Crown

Where it all began; Lorelai and Luke FINALLY had their first date at Liz and TJ's wedding during Season 4. While the affair was a Renaissance-themed wedding (complete with TJ in tights), it gave our favorite coffee-loving beauty a chance to wear this gorgeous flower crown. Lorelai paired the accessory with a delicate pink halter dress with a matching floral pattern that must have sent Luke into a tizzy. With long silver earrings and natural make-up, and her tresses in loose waves, she was certainly the belle of the ball. Not only was this a killer beauty look, but it also began one of the greatest romances to ever grace television.

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