Lessons Learned from Lorelai Gilmore

Updated on December 20, 2016

Your Extreme Love for Coffee is Okay

"Coffee, coffee, coffee". I mean, what else will give you the energy to be productive? Come one, it's like a hug in a cup. It can be made in many different ways; lattes, cappuccinos, black, and so many more, it's magical! Coffee does have some health benefits. I'm serious, look it up! Not that Lorelai cared about that, I'm just saying.

Using Humor as a Defense Mechanism has its Benefits

Lorelai is known for her quick wit in all situations, no matter the situation. Some would say she used humor in inappropriate situations. The more uncomfortable she felt the more humor came out. Sometimes it would lighten the mood. Other times it would make it worse, usually with her mother.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Lorelai has made her fair share of mistakes, who hasn't? She got pregnant at sixteen years old by Christopher. She slept with Christopher the same night she and Luke broke up. She said horrible things about her mother to the woman interviewing her for a magazine. Just to name a few. Funny how a lot of her big mistakes involved Christopher. She ended up marrying Christopher before getting back together with Luke. Damn that Christopher Hayden charm! Lorelai always pulled through these mistakes and learned something.

Sometimes You have to Take Chances in Relationships

Lorelai and Luke have always had chemistry, there is no denying that. Not to mention that they were good friends before starting a relationship. Luke owns her favorite diner and served her coffee every day and fed her junk food obsession. Lorelai's parents do not approve of Luke at first. You have to take a chance to reap the benefits.

Sometimes You Need to Just Binge Out on Junk Food

Okay, we all know Lorelai eats nothing but junk food. Except for that one time she thought she was pregnant and ate an apple. Junk food is really good for breakups, hangovers, and any other type of heartbreak. Who could forget the image of Lorelai laying in bed surrounded by candy and chips after her first breakup with Luke?

Wallowing in Your Sadness is Necessary Sometimes

Lorelai is a chipper, naturally happy person. Sometimes, everyone has to break down. She had her fair share of heartbreak and pitfalls, and she knew to get over it she had to take time to break down. These breakdowns usually involved, junk food, alcohol, and crying in bed.

Sometimes it Takes Losing Yourself to Find Your True Self

Lorelai raised a baby by herself as a teenager, and Rory turned out great. Lorelai's whole life has revolved around finding herself. It is one of the things that bring her and Rory together. They are both in a place where they are finding themselves.

Alcohol Only Numbs the Pain, It Doesn't Make it Go Away

Lorelai was prone to drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, usually martinis, at Friday night dinners. Let's be honest, if Emily was our mother we would probably drink too.

Confidence is Key

Besides talking fast, one of Lorelai's most noticeable traits is that she has a lot of confidence. She always knows the right thing to say. No matter what she was doing, she did it with confidence. She asked men out, she confronted her somewhat terrifying mother, and always rocked whatever ridiculous outfit she wore that day.

... But Being Confident Does Not Mean Self-Obsessed

Lorelai taught Rory that the world does not revolve around her. She taught her to think of others. I would say Lorelai did a good job considering Rory is one of the kindest people.

Rough Patches Come and Go, but Things Will Work Out in the End

Everyone hits a rough patch now and then. Lorelai always taught Rory to learn from it. We all remember (though we do not want to) when Rory wanted to quit Yale, moved into Emily and Richard's poolhouse, and then did not speak to Lorelai for months. After Emily broke Luke and Lorelai up, they eventually got back together and were closer than before.

Weekends are a Sacred Time for Rest

While Lorelai was notorious for going to bed early and waking up early. She understood the real purpose of weekends...sleeping in.

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