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11 Best Costumes Worn by "Bridgerton's" Kate Sharma

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Kate Sharma, the lead female from the second season of "Bridgerton" and a fashion icon.

Kate Sharma, the lead female from the second season of "Bridgerton" and a fashion icon.

Bridgerton Returns for Season 2

In March 2022, the second season of Bridgerton dropped on Netflix to much hype. As season one was a massive hit upon its release, it came as no surprise that the second season was met with much enthusiasm.

Season two is another eight episode season from producer Shonda Rhimes and creator/showrunner Chris Van Susen. The second season mostly follows the plot of the second book in Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series, The Viscount Who Loved Me. However, drama and many more sub-plots were added to the television adaptation.

Who Designed the Gorgeous Garments?

By the time the second season was released, we knew what except from the costume design. It’s a modern take on Recency aesthetics; it’s fun, bright, and very colorful. The show never intended to be historically accurate; it's depicting a fictionalized version of the Regency period (Britain from 1811 to 1820) and thus, it’s more fantastical and has its own unique, audacious style.

Sophie Canale, who was an assistant costume designer during the first season, took the helm as the lead of the costumes department for the second. For Canale, the foundation of costume design was already in place, meaning she could drive deeper into making the costumes express each character's individuality.

The Newcomers of Season Two

This season we are introduced to the Sharma family. Much like the Bridergtons and the Featheringtons, the Sharmas have their own familial style and color palette that makes them unique in Mayfair.

This page is a list of the best costumes worn by Kate Sharma. Kate has fewer costumes than Daphne Bridgerton—the lead of season one—did. Despite this, Kate’s costumes were less similar to one another than Daphne's wardrobe was during most of season one. I think I counted roughly 30 outfits on Kate (not including nightwear) but some dresses are recycled with different outerwear in different episodes.

So, here are 11 of Kate’s best outfits. My head would explode if I tried to rank all of her costumes throughout the whole season.

How I Ranked the Costumes

The costumes are ranked based on aesthetics (I can’t help it, I like pretty gowns and velvet!), how they fit into the scene, and overall memorability. As a bonus, and because the Sharmas’ jewelry is so outstanding, I’ve included a final section that highlights some of Kate’s jewelry that is lovely but paired with costumes that missed the list.

All of Kate’s costumes are on point with her characterization and beautiful, so it’s a possibility that the list/ranking could change.

Kate Sharma, "Bridgerton's" gorgeous leading lady.

Kate Sharma, "Bridgerton's" gorgeous leading lady.

Who Is Kate Sharma?

Kate Sharma (played by Simone Ashley) is the eldest daughter of the Sharma family. The family has newly arrived from India and her main goal is to ensure her younger sister, Edwina, is taken care of by means of a brilliant marriage to an English noble, as is the stipulation of Edwina's grandparents.

However, any hopeful suitor of Edwina's must get Kate’s discerning approval. The wrench in the plan is when Kate meets Anthony Bridgerton. Anthony seems like the perfect match for Edwina, but Kate and Anthony have a magnetism that seems to draw them together. Their attraction to one another is at odds with their familial duties and past trauma, which ultimately only draws them closer together.

What Is the Sharma Family's Sense of Style?

As the Sharmas are Indian, their color palette reflects this aspect of their identity. Kate wears lots of jewel tones, including a lot of purples and teals. She also wears orange and other colors to reflect the colors of certain balls. She starts off the season in heavier fabrics to showcase her rigidity, which is in contrast to Edwina who wears light pinks and lighter-weight fabrics.

While the silhouettes of her dresses are high-waisted—a style highly reflective of the Regency period—the styling and details reflect her Indian heritage. A lot of the patterns on her spencers and embroidery are Indian-inspired as well, similar to the embellishments. Her jewelry is also reflective of India and is both lovely and eye-catching.

Alright, now that you know about both the show and Kate, here are the 11 best outfits she dons in season two. They are presented in ascending order. (Oh, and a fair warning—there are many spoilers throughout the rest of this article. If you haven't watched the season, step away for a few hours and come back once you've finished.)

The haldi dress

The haldi dress

11. The Haldi Dress

Haldi is a Hindu pre-wedding ceremony. Haldi means turmeric in Hindi and it’s used to purify and cleanse the body before matrimony. It also protects the couple from bad omens and is meant to be an auspicious start to their married life.

At the start of episode six, the Sharma ladies have a haldi ceremony for Edwina's upcoming nuptials and they all wear turmeric-colored dresses. The dress that Kate wears is made from an orange fabric that has a slight texture. There is a yellow lining which you can see on the sleeves. This gives some indication that the orange layer is at least somewhat sheer and adds dimension to the color.

The sleeves are short and unadorned. There is a pleated detail in the bodice which gives some very subtle visual interest. Along the waistline there looks to be some gold beading. Also along the waistline looks to be a dark reddish-orange sheer fabric swags details which can also be seen on Edwina’s haldi dress but it’s hard to make out as there are no full-length shots of this costume.

Kate pairs this dress with a gold necklace with three tiny yellow stones in each link and earrings. Her hair is braided back to form a half-up half-down style.

This scene is a very intimate family moment between the Sharmas that reflects on their culture and close familial bond.

The “all my desires” gown

The “all my desires” gown

10. The “All My Desires” Gown

Kate wears this gown to the awkward dinner with the Sheffields, Edwina's grandparents. It is at this small affair that the truth of the condition of Edwina’s trust comes out which Kate helped arrange. After the dinner dissolves into arguments, Kate begs Anthony to not call off the wedding in private. It’s here that Anthony tells her that she is "the bane of his existence and the object of all his desires." It's one of their most romantic scenes and it is so swoon-worthy.

This gown is made from a dark teal color that has a sheen and features a slight texture. There is a scattering of white rhinestones of various sizes all over the gown, though they are more concentrated in the bodice. The sleeves are short and are tulip shaped. The skirt has a sheer white layer over it which, in some shots, looks like it gives the skirt portion a slight ombre effect.

She wears this gown with a gold necklace with turquoise colored gems. The gems are oval in shape and are set on the horizontal. The set has matching earrings and at least one bangle. She also has matching hair accessories.

The Danbury ball gown

The Danbury ball gown

9. The Danbury Ball Gown

It was established that the opening ball for the Ton season is the Danbury Ball. It’s at this ball that Kate becomes aware of Anthony’s identity and his “requirements” for a wife. Naturally, snarky sparks ensue between the two and set the stage for their will-they-won’t-they dynamic. Kate also lets it slip that she finds Anthony’s smile pleasing.

For this ball, Kate dons a gown that is very pale; it's almost icy blue with a pale gold lace overlay. The lace has florals and paisley patterns and it is beaded and has sequins. The waistband is beaded with white floral details.

She pairs this gown with a green and white gem jewelry set and completes it with a tiara.

This gown seems more suited to Edwina’s fashion sensibilities than Kate’s, but it’s still very pretty and the scene with Anthony makes the dress all the more memorable.

The bridesmaid gown

The bridesmaid gown

8. The Bridesmaid Gown

Throughout most of episode six's runtime, Kate wears the same dress for her younger sister’s ill-fated wedding. It’s a lilac-colored gown, most likely made from a silk satin fabric and the sleeves are short.

Sewn over the purple fabric looks to be a sheer white overlay. This overlay hangs over the edges of the sleeves. The hem of the sheer layer of the sleeves is embellished with beaded embroidery in purple and white. The waistline is also beaded with white and purple. There is beading at the waistline as well, though it appears quite thin and delicate.

The sheer layer over the skirt portion is left open and is situated off-center. This allows the garment to have movement. Along this off-center opening is embroidery in an Indian motif. It also looks like there is some beading in the embroidery. This detail goes down the sides of the opening and around the hemline.

For this look, Kate wears a gold necklace that sits close to her throat. Most of Kate’s necklaces in her jewelry collection are about this length. This necklace is made up of three alternating links. One is a ring with a star-like shape set inside with a white stone in the center, the next is a white teardrop stone with two pink teardrop stones flanking it at the top of the point and then followed by a white stone, while the last is a gold teardrop with a pink diamond shape stone set in the center. The matching earrings use two of the circular link components.

With this look Kate also wears her mother’s bangles. She attempts to have Edwina wear them, as Kate has the tendency to live through Edwina, but her sister insists that Kate wears them. During the ceremony, Kate nervously fidgets with one of them causing it to fall off. Anthony picks it up and gives it to Kate finally cluing Edwina in on their feelings and she flees the altar. The bangles are Indian in style and made with bright blue stones.

Not only is this gown worn during a very pivotal episode but Kate is also wearing it when she and Anthony finally kiss for the first time at the end of the episode.

The hearts and flowers ball gown

The hearts and flowers ball gown

7. The Hearts and Flowers Ball Gown

For the Bridgerton annual Hearts and Flower ball hosted at Aubrey Hall, the dress code is shades of pink. Kate wears a gown that's a muted, cooler tone of pink with a heavily embroidered sheer beaded overlay. It seems that the pink is a heavier fabric, in contrast to Edwina’s and Daphne’s gowns. The overlay is in a white floral pattern with very prismatic beading that makes it very eye-catching. The sleeves are short and tulip shaped with beading along the edges.

With this look, Kate wears a gold jewelry set. The necklace is made up of multiple teardrops in an Indian filigree style. The teardrop shapes alternate in size and orientation; the gems are pink and white. Her earrings are composed of a larger teardrop shape. Her tiara is straight up and has the same mix of sizes. This jewelry set is not delicate but is more ornate and bold and perfect for Kate.

Her hair is in a braided updo but with a few loose curled tendrils giving her a softness.

During this ball, Kate and Anthony share their first dance together. According to a snippet in a Netflix Bridgerton quiz YouTube video, which is super easy, the dance that they have together is based on an Allemande which is an 18th-century Baroque dance that features arm movements. The Bridgerton choreographer felt this style of dance would add a heightened sense of sensuality, which it does.

Kate is also wearing this gown when she and Anthony almost kiss in the study before Daphne walks in and catches them.

The pall-mall dress

The pall-mall dress

6. The Pall-Mall Dress

This is regarded as one of the most popular scenes in the book series, proving why the show tried to do this scene justice. The pall-mall sequence showcases the Bridgerton siblings’ competitive nature and how the Sharma ladies react. Given that Kate is already in an antagonist mode with Anthony, she’s all game to beat him while Edwina is less combative. According to the production, most of the shots were just the actors playing the game and having fun.

The sequence also showcases the dynamic of what is happening between Kate and Edwina, Kate and Anthony, and Anthony and Edwina.

For the pall-mall sequence, Kate wears a lavender-colored dress with a sheer overlay. The lavender fabric has a sheen which can be seen when Kate lifts her dress up to retrieve her ball from the mud. Most likely it’s made from silk. The overlay has embroidery that is reddish-purple but only on the lower portion of the skirt.

The embroidery gets heavier in concentration toward the hem of the dress. The pattern is like a floral zig-zag at the top and circular at the hemline. It could be an ogee pattern that is made up of mirrored S curves, but it’s hard to really tell. The embroidery does look very three-dimensional and has an Indian style. The hem of the overlay is scalloped.

The sleeves on this dress are shorter than most of Kate’s others and are slightly puffed. The gloves she wears are only wrist length and match the reddish-purple embroidery. Her shoes are also the same color.

For her jewelry set, Kate wears a very bold gold necklace made with pointed elements with large pink teardrop gems set in the center. Her earrings match. She has at least five matching hair accessories in her braided bun at the back. There are some pink flowers and feathers in her hair as well.

In addition to the competitive fun nature of the sequence, Anthony and Kate share a more intimate moment when they both laugh and let their guards down.

The hunting and riding ensemble

The hunting and riding ensemble

5. The Hunting and Riding Ensemble

We see Kate wearing this outfit twice during her stay at Aubrey Hall. It’s possible that she wears the dress in her other riding scenes; it’s hard to tell since the dress she wears when she's riding and meets Anthony for the first time as well as meeting Lady Danbury looks like sheen, though it’s about the same color and serves the same function. The outerwear, or spencer, is different, that much is clear.

Kate wears this dark teal dress and spencer combination during the bee sting scene and the hunting scene. Both of these are great and very memorable, steamy scenes.

The dress is unadorned and looks like it’s made from a medium-weight fabric. It has a bit of a train in the back. The matching spencer has some lovely embellishments. The collar is a slightly darker teal velvet. The edges of both the collar and lapel are trimmed with a chevron pattern and there's a knotted embroidery detail on the lapels and at the back of the collar. At the back, there is a short pleated peplum. The peplum has embroidery going up to the back and it looks like an Indian peacock motif.

For the hunting scene, Kate wears a hat that matches her spencer and has a sheer white fichu tucked into the neckline.

For both looks, she wears the same jewelry set which consists of a gold, circular single pendant with some cut-out details that makes the piece look like a flower. A gray-green stone is set in the center. She wears matching earrings.

The epilogue dress

The epilogue dress

4. The Epilogue Dress

One major complaint of season two was the lack of seeing Anthony and Kate's wedding. He proposes and then it jumps to the epilogue where they are newly married. In the epilogue, they are at Aubrey hall keeping everyone waiting. Once the couple emerges from marital bliss, they begin a new game of pall-mall. Anthony and Kate have a playful yet competitive nature now that they are married. We, as the audience, wanted more, but season three seems to promise more. So, I guess here’s to waiting until then.

In the epilogue, Kate wears a dark purple dress. The fabric looks like it’s made from silk and could be a saree fabric. It’s hard to tell if the lighter purple floral elements are embroidered or woven into the fibers of the fabric. It could be a combination as the details at the bodice are slightly raised, making it look more like embroidery.

The details are more concentrated towards the lower portion which makes it look more like a saree. It’s a beautiful combination of both regency lines with Indian aesthetics, which perfectly suits the new Viscountess Bridgerton.

The sleeves are tulip-shaped, trimmed with the same thread as the embroidery, and slightly scalloped. She also has wrist length gloves that are purple lace.

Her jewelry set is gold with pearls. The necklace alternates between a cluster pearl in a floral shape and a gold component with a pink gem set in the center. Her earrings match with the pearl flower serving as the upper part and a gold part that dangles.

The matching hair accessories have the gold part as the center and are flanked by pearl flowers. She wears her hair pulled back with braids that extend into a bun. The rest is left down in the back and drapes down her shoulder. It manages to look very romantic yet laid back at the same time.

An audience with the Queen ensemble

An audience with the Queen ensemble

3. An Audience With the Queen Ensemble

This ensemble is a two-for-one look moment. Kate wears this when meeting with the Queen, who then let slip her motive for picking Edwina as the season’s diamond being her way of ousting Lady Whistledown. For this look, Kate wears a light purple and shiny silk gown. It has puffed tulip sleeves with wide gold trim.

She pairs it with a velvet and sleeveless pelisse in a dark purple. The waistband is made from a wide gold and purple floral band with a gold filigree brooch. The design motif is Indian in style. The overall effect of the purple tones with the brooch is so regal.

After returning to Lady Danbury’s home, Kate removes the pelisse as it is outerwear. It’s then that her favorite least favorite person (Anthony) shows up with a gift for Edwina. Kate then berates him; it’s earlier in their relationship and she is still trying to keep Anthony at bay from courting her sister.

For this look, she wears a gold jewelry set with light purple stones. The necklace looks like it has granule details around the setting. Five hair accessories are in her braided bun. She also wears purple flowers and feathers in her hair.

The Featherington Ball Gown

The Featherington Ball Gown

2. The Featherington Ball Gown

Season two culminates in a ball, much like the first season. This time it’s hosted by the Featheringtons effectively called The Featherington Ball, and attendees dress in colors that are associated with the Featheringtons.

For this ball, Kate wears a bright orange gown with a sheer gold lace overlay. The lace has floral design and is embellished with yellowish-orange, pink, and white beads. The trim along the waistband has a circular pattern with more beads.

The sleeves of this gown are made up entirely by the gold lace layer. They are short and are gathered at the top to form a very pretty draped detail. The gather stitch is concealed by a trim of beading. The edges of the sleeves are scalloped as is the hem of the skirt.

Kate’s gloves are a very light orange. If you look at the attendees’ costumes for this ball, you can see that mostly all the ladies' gloves match the colors of their gowns but in a much lighter shade. Portia Featherington is a notable exception as she wears pink gloves with a green gown.

For Kate’s jewelry, her gold necklace has a yellow-orange marquis stone with granule details and a round pearl bead as the focal point. Her earring uses a diamond-shaped gold component along with a round pearl bead. Her tiara has larger marquis stones the same color as the ones in her necklace.

Kate wears this gown during some very memorable scenes, particularly, her scandalous dance with Anthony. Basically, the Ton is not over the recent scandals with the Bridgertons and the Sharmas. During this dance the other dancers exit the floor, leaving only Kate and Anthony. The Queen excuses the whole matter of the scandal and thus the scandal is dropped.

If the dance scene was not enough, Kate is wearing this gown when Anthony tells her that he loves her and asks her to marry him for the second time. This proposal is worlds more romantic than Anthony’s bungled and honor-bound one at the beginning of the episode. This proposal scene was just perfect.

Peacock pelisse outfit

Peacock pelisse outfit

1. Peacock Pelisse Outfit

When Kate is in the presence of the Queen, she always looks so majestic. Again she wears a sleeveless velvet pelisse. This time it’s teal and has a peacock motif that is amazingly stunning. The peacock details are done with gold and lighter teal color and this exquisite pattern is all over the pelisse.

The dress she wears under the pelisse is one she has worn before. She wears it when she and her family arrive at Audrey Hall. For that look, she wore different jewelry and had a dark teal pashmina shawl.

The dress is a brighter teal color that looks like it’s made from a piece of silk fabric. There are darker teal stripes on the bodice and the sleeves are slightly puffed. The hem of the sleeves is angled and splits up the side with three matching shank buttons on either side. The dress has a darker blue sheer overlay.

The jewelry she wears is composed of light blue cabochons with granule details. Fastening her pelisse at the waistline is a matching brooch made with five of the same blue cabochons in the middle and diamond-shaped filigree components. At the top and side of each point of the brooch, there are smaller stones set in the same color.

She wears a hair ornament that looks like a thinner version of the brooch. In the promotional material, it’s on the side of her head, but in the show, it looks like it’s in the back of her bun. It’s hard to see since it's only visible for a split second when she turns her head to look at the Queen—a long shot no less.

She has a fan which she uses very dramatically and matching lace gloves with gold details at the wrists.

This look is the one that is used in a lot of the season two promotional material because it's just that beautiful and she looks absolutely stunning. In a video with Glamour magazine, Simone Ashley also said this costume was her favorite fashion moment in season two and she loved wearing it.

Bonus: The Jewelry Sets!

As previously stated, this section highlights some pretty jewelry sets for costumes that didn't make the ranking.

These are in no order. There are seven of them and they are all so gorgeous. The jewelry, particularly Kate's, this season was amazing.

Not going to lie, the set of jewelry in the final photo and the one she wears to the Diamond Ball (or the Queen's Ball) is my personal favorite of Kate's. I love it so much.

So, there you have it. Kate Sharma's 11 best costumes from the second season of Bridgerton. I know that I cannot wait for the third season, for the drama, love, and of course, for the new stunning dresses and costumes the production team will have put together.