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Jackie Burkhart's Top Ten Fashion Moments on "That 70's Show"

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Jackie Burkhart's Style From "That '70s Show"

That '70s Show is a hit period sitcom that follows six teenage friends living in Point Place, Wisconsin during the 1970s. Spanning 8 seasons, the series featured many memorable characters including the pretty and spoiled Jackie Burkhart (portrayed by Mila Kunis). Arguably the fashionista of the group, she rocked a wide array of many amazing styles and fads. Let's take a look at some of her best looks from the show.

10. Queen of the Ascot & Beret

Early on in the show, Jackie absolutely couldn't get enough of wearing colorful and fun ascots and berets. She would often pair them with sweaters, jumpsuits and dresses and the accessories always highlighted her fashionista persona. Jackie was definitely the character who had the most fun with her outfits, and she was never afraid to try bold and playful ensembles. She wore almost every color and pattern, showing just how much she prided herself in her appearance. Eventually, the character moved away from ascots and berets, but in the early seasons, her love for them was on full display.

9. Rainbow Roller Disco Ensemble

All eyes were definitely on Jackie when she wore this bright rainbow ensemble for the roller disco competition. Rocking bold and colorful socks, a red top, white satin shorts and matching coat with rainbow detailing, she was ready to win the prize with her partner Fez, who was equally dressed in an attention-demanding getup. Jackie was never one to shy away from the spotlight, and her confidence and vanity was often on full display. But hey, with a style like hers, why wouldn't she want to flaunt it?


8. Wisconsin Cheese Maiden

Somehow Jackie could pull off almost any look, and her cheese maiden outfit was no exception. Her first official job had her passing out cheese samples at the mall, and to add insult to injury Jackie was forced to wear a milkmaid-esque outfit. With a short a-line skirt, peasant top with puffy sleeves, tiny apron and matching bonnet, Jackie still managed to look absolutely beautiful (even if she felt it was humiliating). She brought both style and flair to whatever she was wearing, which she proves over and over throughout the show's run.

7. Chic Coat Connoisseur

Let's be honest, Jackie could steal any scene simply by rocking her fabulous fashion looks. She was never one to shun any fashion trend, which is why seeing her on-screen was always so fun. She was definitely a coat connoisseur, sporting a wide array of colorful and stylish pieces. Whether it was wool, faux fur, denim or satin, Jackie embraced all fabrics, colors and styles when it came to coats. She also knew just how to pair it and accessorize them, wearing her coats with many boots, dresses and sweater combinations.

6. Denim Diva

Another trend and fashion style Jackie loved embracing was definitely denim. Early on in the series, she wore many denim pieces, including denim jackets, jumpsuits, sweater vests and bell bottoms. They would often be worn with bold and bright patterns, such as floral and paisley prints. Jackie's style was very feminine and girly, and she fully embraced many of the fashion fads popular during the '70s. Just like her love of ascots and berets, Jackie certainly couldn't get enough of all things denim.

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5. Babe in Boots

As the series progressed, Jackie moved away from more cutesy outfits in favor of sophisticated and chic pieces. She would often wear knee-high black or brown leather boots, which she usually paired with cozy sweaters and statement-making skirts. Jackie enjoyed wearing a full plaid skirt and turtlenecks, which complimented her boots perfectly. She also wore boots with cardigans and coats, as well as figure-hugging denim jeans. With such chic articles of clothing, Jackie would often accessorize with long necklaces, delicate earrings and minimal makeup.

4. Fun & Flirty Dresses

Jackie was the queen of fun and flirty dresses, and throughout the show she wore a wide array of stunning numbers. In the first few seasons, she loved wearing peasant dresses in soft, earthy colors and delicate styles. As the show progressed, her dress style got a little more sexy and daring, as she often wore body-hugging spaghetti strap pieces. Jackie enjoyed rocking dresses in all colors and patterns, whether it was floral, paisley or attention-demanding hues. She often let her dresses do the talking, keeping her accessories and jewelry minimal so that the focus was on her outfit. Usually paired with heels or chunky wedges, Jackie's dress style was absolutely on-point.

3. Lover of Sweater Weather

Another common staple found in Jackie's wardrobe were many, many colorful and patterned sweaters. Throughout the whole series, she always wore an array of sweaters and paired them with skirts, bell bottoms, denim jeans and boots. Jackie always seemed to elevate the simplicity of the piece, either through accessories, coats or jewelry. Many of these sweaters were turtlenecks, which she would wear with long, statement-making necklaces. Her curly and perfectly tousled tresses always completed the looks, making her the fashionista we know and love.


2. "Grease" Inspired Getup

The episode where Jackie and Hyde do a Grease inspired duet was fun for viewers to watch, as was seeing Jackie replicate Sandy's iconic all-black getup. Rocking an off-the-shoulder top, black satin pants and matching pumps, she completely pulled off the sexy and saucy look. Her signature voluminous curls were styled and tousled perfectly, bringing the whole outfit together. The dream sequences were some of the best parts of That 70's Show, and the Grease duet showcased just how easy it was for Jackie to rock any ensemble.


1. Here Comes the Bride?

Jackie was truly a vision in white when she tried on a wedding dress while helping Eric find a tuxedo. She wore this stunning empire gown with a square neckline and ruffled bodice, sleeves and matching embellishments on the skirt of the dress. With a long and simple veil and her hair pulled up in a delicate bun, Jackie showcased the beautiful gown perfectly. Not only did she look amazing, this episode also featured a very awe-struck Hyde complimenting how stunning Jackie looked, giving the sassy character a jolt of hope for the future. This tender moment between the two helped propel the wedding dress to number one for Jackie's top fashion looks.

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