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Is Evox Venjix?: A "Power Rangers" Theory

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The Evox Virus's form

The Evox Virus's form

Venjix and "Power Rangers Beast Morphers"

(Note that spoilers for seasons 1 and 2 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers are included!)

Power Rangers Beast Morphers acts as the first season of the Hasbro Era, with the company Hasbro taking over the reins of producing Power Rangers seasons and content. During the early stages of the Beast Morphers hype, a lot of fans expected the show to continue from the legacy of a previous era's final season, Power Rangers RPM. What we got was a legacy season, akin to Dino Thunder, that built upon the history of Power Rangers. From the use of Morphing Grid energy as a major plot device to the references to previous seasons, we see Beast Morphers respect and acknowledge decades of creative work that cemented the legacy of the Power Rangers franchise.

Even still, Beast Morphers has some mysteries left to uncover. One of the biggest and most carefully plotted enigmas in the story is the main villain himself, the virus Evox. In spite of his cruel plans for humanity's end and acquiring power, there is very little we know about the character apart from his evil personality. There could be more to him than meets the eye.

The Venjix Virus in its Pillar container

The Venjix Virus in its Pillar container

Are Evox and Venjix Connected?

In fact, his mannerisms, color scheme, voice and actions quite resemble a similar antagonist with the same pursuits, the Venjix Virus.

In this article, I will provide the numerous hints and points that tell us about the possible connection between Evox and Venjix.

Army Composition

In an alternate Earth, Venjix rules much of the planet and has destroyed all of humanity except for some refugees and the protected citizens of the domed city of Corinth. He leads a massive army comprising of robotic foot soldiers called Grinders and his Attack Bots. His Attack Bots come from different Generations, with higher-numbered ones possessing the greatest danger. Venjix is also supported by a host of generals, with Tenaya 7 being the only modified human of the group.

The army dynamics are similar with Evox's. He recruits Scrozzle, the scientist and ruler of the Cyber Dimension and creates avatar clones of ranger candidates, Roxy and Blaze. Scrozzle combines features of the talkative General Crunch and the engineering genius General Shifter. Roxy, Blaze and Scrozzle competed for favor with Evox through their Robotron creations and schemes. Shifter and Crunch mostly had a good friendship with one another but were often scolded for incompetence by the more brash yet direct Tenaya.

Actually, Tenaya and Roxy have similar personalities, often looking down on their robotic peers in reaction to be viewed as inferior human fabrications. Blaze shares Tenaya's temper but in a way mirrors her Black Ranger brother Dillon as well.

The arrival of the exiled Kilobyte and Vargoyle threatened the positions of the human generals in their respective evil armies.

The main difference between the Venjix and Evox armies lies in their modus operandi and gigantification process. Given that Venjix already won against most of humanity, his goal was to wipe out Corinth to secure his rule. On the other hand, Evox had yet to claim territory and often sneaked around the city to collect Morph X to empower himself. Even with repeated failures, Venjix already prepared for an endgame where modified humans in Corinth would rise up to take over the city. Evox has yet to reveal what he has planned but it has much to do with the worldwide Morph X towers in Season 2.

The growth mechanic also differs. While Venjix enlarges the Attack Bots directly, Evox has Scrozzle create a Robotron copy called a Gigadrone to collect Morph X from the towers in the city and destroy the Rangers' Zords.

These are neat parallels that support the possibility that Evox was inspired by Venjix. After all, the villains know of the Ranger Legacy the same way folks like Mayor Daniels and Commander Shaw do.

The Voice Actor

Perhaps the most mysterious element to Evox has nothing to do with the character himself but the man bringing life to him. Randall Ewing seems like a new name to the Power Rangers roster. Combing through the internet and social media yields no photos or bio for the individual, except that he just plays Evox in Beast Morphers.

Fan speculation, particularly from the RangerWiki community page, hint that Randall Ewing is not even the real name of the voice actor but an anagram of the voice of Venjix, Andrew Laing.

If the anagram was intentional, then it lends further to the idea that the production of Beast Morphers is keeping the voice actor's identity a secret. Many of the Power Ranger actors, including voice actors like Campbell Cooley, were quite vocal about their portrayals in the show. With this evidence in mind, we could safely say that the voice actor and Evox's secrets might be revealed in television in due time.

The Cliffhanger Ending of RPM and the Morphing Grid

The army composition can be mere happenstance. What is not, though, is how the story of RPM ties to Beast Morphers.

Venjix was destroyed during the final battle in RPM. However, the glowing red light on the Red Ranger Morpher signalled his survival. It was a cliffhanger from 2009, with no clear answers for over a decade. Could the 2020 Season 2 of Beast Morphers see the end to the speculation?

Episode 1 of the first season of Beast Morphers establishes that Grid Battleforce tapped into the Morphing Grid to harness its power into a physical substance known as Morph X. Mayor Adam Daniels initially warned Grid Battleforce of the dangers of putting this much power in a bottle for villains to snatch up. This would be proven true with Evox infiltrating the morphing experiment, which led to Evox's release into the physical world and the creation of his avatar generals.

Since Venjix infiltrated an RPM Morpher, it is very likely that the virus was able to gain access to the Morphing Grid. As there were other dimensions with their respective Ranger teams, it is more than reasonable to presume that Venjix could have either transported himself to other dimensions or created a copy of himself to ensure his survival and domination over another world. This stands to reason why Evox infiltrated into Grid Battleforce's computers and easily entered the Morph X canister for the experiment. He must have come out from the multidimensional Morphing Grid.

Perhaps it is a coincidence that a random, sentient virus with incredible power was able to hack into a complex computer system and meld with the untapped power of the Morph X. However, it could also be argued that Evox sought the energy because he had already been exposed to it for some time, like say being trapped inside a device that had access to the Morphing Grid. Who knows?

Final Thoughts

Even if the finale of Beast Morphers does not yield the satisfying response we yearn for, fans will enjoy the product of years of Ranger Legacy. The signs are there for Evox to be Venjix. Then again, we have made much grander theories about other antagonists. We look forward to what is to come.

What are your thoughts about this long-standing theory? Please leave a comment below.

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Jovita on July 18, 2020:

Wow i will watch it

Tatsuranger on June 29, 2020:

Not a theory, it's true. The rest of Power Rangers Beast Morphers aired in the UK and the final 2 episodes confirmed this fan theory to be true. Evox IS Venjix revived.