How Much Money Does US Sitcom 'Friends' Make?

Updated on November 24, 2017
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The hit Warner Bros. sitcom from the 90s, Friends, is still a big money maker for the studio with average earnings that are estimated to be roughly a billion dollars per year. Keep in mind that this is a show that ended nearly 15 years ago. Beyond all imagination, this is still one of the most watched sitcoms in 2017. I know, hard to believe. However, we have all fallen victim to the warmth of the Friends cast, and have probably seen every episode at least three times. That being said, Warner Bros. can rest easy at night knowing that they still have a source of substantial income from a show that they no longer have to raise funds for.

The cast has still been earning money from the show thanks to syndication revenue. The stars still earn a combined income of $20 million a year. Divided among the six stars, that's roughly $3.3 million for each one.

So how much are the Friends stars worth? Let's take a look at the net worth of each one.

Jennifer Aniston-$220 Million

Jennifer Aniston is the richest of the Friends bunch as her annual earnings for movie roles and endorsements is an estimated $20 million per year. Those are substantial earnings, and her career has long since moved past her days on the sitcom. She is now well-known for her performances in romcoms, comedies, and the occasional drama role. She earned $10 million for her role in the popular comedy sequel Horrible Bosses 2 and she regularly demands a paycheck of $5 million per movie performance.

Courtney Cox-$120 Million

Courtney Cox may not be as successful as Jennifer Aniston in the movies, but she has starred in her own sitcom, Cougar Town. The show ran from 2009 to 2015. She also gained considerable popularity from her role as Gale Weathers in the horror-slasher movie series, Scream. The series ran for four instalments, all of which starred Courtney Cox as a lead performer. From Friends alone, Courtney earned a total of $88 million.

Lisa Kudrow-$70 Million

Aside from Friends, Lisa Kudrow has not seen a considerable amount of success in the movie or television business. As such, the show is still her greatest achievement.

Matt LeBlanc-$80 Million

A similar career trajectory has moved Matt LeBlanc out of the Hollywood limelight. However, he was the only one of the Friends cast to be offered a spin-off show with Joey. Sadly, the show crashed and burned as it failed to gain an audience. It was cancelled after its first season.

Matthew Perry-$80 Million

Matthew Perry was one of Hollywood's most liked stars at the height of Friends. He starred in various romcoms such as Fools Rush In and The Whole Nine Yards. Since the show ended, he has distanced himself from the Hollywood scene and has not seen any substantial success in movies or television.

David Schwimmer-$85 Million

After Friends ended, it seemed like David Schwimmer was going to be a movie star and even a great movie director. With only a few successes as an actor and director in Hollywood, he has been shifted from the limelight.

Various members of the cast of 'Friends' and 'The Big Bang Theory.' If only the two shows could meet for just one episode.
Various members of the cast of 'Friends' and 'The Big Bang Theory.' If only the two shows could meet for just one episode.

The only one of the Friends bunch to shake their past on the show was Jennifer Aniston, all thanks to her brilliant performances in comedies, romcoms, and some surprisingly emotional performances in low-budget dramas. Her acting career was helped by her strong relationship with A-list actor Brad Pitt as rumours and gossip sells Hollywood magazines. After their breakup, she gained massive sympathy from fans. This most certainly rocketed her acting career even higher. Even though Aniston is still tied to doing comedy as an actor, there really is no saying where her career will be in another 10 years.

Each of the six stars earned $1 million per episode in the ninth season. By the tenth and final season, they were earning approximately $1.6 million per episode; the season had 24. Sitcoms can be surprisingly expensive. The Big Bang Theory had production costs that reached up to $9 million per episode in season 10. Half of that money was spent on paying the lead actors who earn $1 million per episode.

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