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"Game of Thrones": Why Jon Snow Is Overrated

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Jon Snow has grown to be the most popular "Games of Thrones" character. But does he deserve all that praise and popularity?

Jon Snow has grown to be the most popular "Games of Thrones" character. But does he deserve all that praise and popularity?

Is Jon Snow Overrated?

Jon Snow is one of the most famous and favored characters in the Game of Thrones series. He is portrayed as a person who is strong, brave, loyal and always true to his word. This has gathered the attention of all GOT fans, but is Jon Snow really that special? Is his character really special or is he just being overrated?

Who Is Jon Snow?

Jon Snow was initially portrayed as the bastard son of Ned Stark. In the earlier part of the series, he is sent to join the Night’s Watch to guard the wall from the wildlings. However, in a twist of events, it was revealed that he was the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. These kinds of plot twists helped Jon Snow become the center of attention in the Game of Thrones series.

Jon had always been looked down upon in Winterfell. He was seen as a constant reminder of Ned Stark’s infidelity. Even in Winterfell, he was alone as everyone hated him. He was hated because of his birth and nothing else. This made us feel sorry for him and silently root for him as well. People always tend to root for the underdog and Jon Snow was the perfect example of an underdog.


Jon Snow, the Brave

Jon Snow is also portrayed as a very brave person. Many times he has ventured on quests which no man would attempt. He has shown outstanding bravery in fighting the wildlings. He was also one of the very few who fought against and killed a white walker. When he needed to make allies, he personally went to meet Daenerys Targaryen without any guards. He knew that he was very vulnerable and yet he took the risk.

In each battle that he faced, he would charge ahead without a second thought or doubt. He would put his own life at risk rather than make his men do his bidding. He was also part of the party that went to capture an undead from beyond the wall. He even took a knife to the heart for his men which explains everything you need to know about his bravery.


Jon Snow, the Loyal

Game of Thrones is a world where loyalty means nothing and backstabbing is everywhere. There is no sense of trust of security even among allies. In such an environment, Jon Snow can be considered as the personification of loyalty and honor. He is always true to his word and never breaks his promises no matter what the cost may be.

This is one of the main reasons why he was chosen as the King in the North by his men. Everyone trusts him and believes in his word. Although he was betrayed by his own people several times, he never falters and stays true to himself. This is truly an admirable thing which needs to be praised.

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Jon Snow, and Where It Goes Wrong

Being a good person is not necessarily the best thing. Especially in a universe like Game of Thrones where backstabbing and betrayal is constant. There is always a line that must be drawn on when to be a saint and when to be cunning. There were a number of occasions where Jon’s stubbornness to be loyal had cost everyone dearly.

While loyalty and bravery are two very important qualities needed for a king, there are other qualities which are more important. Qualities like wit, intelligence, and strategy are also very important which Jon is severely lacking. In the entire show, there is not one instance where he has shown high levels of intelligence or wit. There was never really any strategy in his decisions as well.


Jon Snow, Bravery or Stupidity?

Bravery is something to be admired. It takes a lot of courage to pick up a weapon and fight someone. It takes even more courage to fight a white walker capable of turning you into ice with a mere touch. However, there are times when you need to fight and times when you need to run. Fighting a battle you have no chance of winning is certainly not a wise thing to do.

Even while fighting the white walker, Jon escaped death by sheer luck as he didn’t know beforehand that Valyrian steel could kill them. During the battle of the bastards, he charged straight into battle on seeing his brother which was suicidal not for him alone but for his army as well. He would have been slaughtered if not for Sansa’s help. There was no use of wit or strategy at all in his thinking.

Despite being King in the North, he recklessly went on an adventure to capture a wight. This could have been done by anyone else and yet to decided to put his life on the life for no valid reason. It was due to his stupidity that Daenerys even lost a dragon as she tried to help him escape.

Jon Snow, and the Extent of His Loyalty

A king needs to be witty and cunning if he is to rule over a kingdom. Loyalty means nothing if you are the only person who is being true to your word. If you are surrounded by backstabbers, the word loyalty has no meaning. Jon’s men trust him and believe in him but he also needs to make certain decisions that may not be pleasing to everyone.

When Daenerys and Jon Snow tried to make an alliance with Cersei, Jon refused to bend the knee stating that he would only be loyal to Daenerys. This caused a lot of problems for everyone when he could have just lied once to avoid all this trouble. His loyalty and dedication will one day lead to his end in that cruel world.


Jon Snow, and His Lack of Strategy and Wit

Characters like Cersei and Littlefinger are portrayed as pure evil. But the way they think and devise plans to make them win is intriguing. They do what they can to survive and make them great, unlike Jon who just goes around preaching about loyalty and truth. The ideas of these characters might be pure evil but they are also made from pure brilliance.

Thinking two to three steps ahead of their enemy and outwitting them in their every move is something to be admired. Something a brilliant King should need. Sadly, I find all this severely lacking in Jon Snow. Any simple minded fool can be brave and charge at the enemy without thinking. Any simple minded person can be sweet and loyal. But to be admired, a person needs wit and wisdom more than anything else. This is why I feel that Jon Snow is one of the most overrated characters in the Game of Thrones series.

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