Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 Review

Updated on May 4, 2016


The Season Five finale left so many stories at cliff hangers beyond just that of Jon Snow's, that I went into this episode with a burning desire to see where all of those stories ended up afterwards. And at the end of it all, I ended up definitely satisfied, but very confused, at times disappointed, and most of all concerned. I try to refrain myself from judging some of the choices made in some storylines, but some of them leave me deeply concerned as to how they are going to keep going after what was done here.

1. First of all, at Castle Black the development of the night of the mutiny is kind of confusing but overall enjoyable. People argue as to why the mutineers left Jon's body out there, as they seem to want it later. I honestly don't think they want it at all, I think they just want to root out any loyalists of Jon that are left, who are all in that room. I mean, that is the only possible reason I can find. What I don't get is how Edd is able to go out and get Ghost and then go out again and leave Castle Black, is no one watching? Then why doesn't everyone leave Castle Black? I'm picking on small things, I know, maybe if everyone tried to leave at once, they would get caught.

Like I said, these scenes are very enjoyable. I especially like Alliser Thorne's speech to the Night's Watch. Basically he's saying that Jon thought that fighting the White Walkers with the wildlings was the right decision, but since that would destroy the watch, Thorne chose his loyalty to the watch over his loyalty to Jon. He must think that the Seven Kingdoms can face the White Walkers themselves, which is dumb, but comprehensible.

2. The Sansa/Theon/Brienne/Podrick scenes are some of the highlights of the episode I would say. While it was predictable that Brienne would show up to save them, when she did I really felt happy and the fight itself was very good (despite the disappearing hounds). The final oath moment was obviously meant for nostalgia but it worked very well nonetheless, and there was an instant very likeable relation established between the two duos.

3. Back in King's Landing, the episode was reserved for Cersei's reaction to Myrcella which was quite low key. Lena Headey was very good, don't get me wrong, but the fact that we knew Myrcella so little reflected on our caring about the character's reactions. I wanted furhter development on the role of The Mountain, Qyburn, Kevan Lannister and Mace Tyrell in coming episodes. I'm hoping to see it in episode 2. As of now, King's Landing felt dry.

4. And we get to Dorne. I'm really going to refrain judgement because I don't see the big picture and also I don't work in television. So I don't know whether they planned the whole Dorne show-storyline before Season 5, or if they only wrote for Season Five and waited to see the reaction before they wrote the rest of the story for Dorne. If it's the former, any plans they had would have been better than this, and if it's the latter, I'm sure they had their reasons for not planning ahead but this was not a great way to stick the landing. Basically both Doran and Trystane are killed by Ellaria and the Sand Snakes. Their plan is to avenge house Martell by erasing house Martell, which is confusing. I also don't know who will lead Dorne now. They're all Sands, and even in Dorne, where bastards are respected, they are still just common citizens. Also I don't know where this hatred from Doran came from. Not a single guard lifts a finger, so they were all part of it, but why? No aspect of Dorne has been explored in the show, so I still expect guards to act like normal guards, you know, to defend their prince. Apparently everyone in Dorne hated Doran. I had absolutely no idea because I don't know Dorne. Ellaria tells us that the whole country would have Doran go to war, but we never see it, there is no proof. Also, how did the Sand Snakes get to the Trystane's ship? That is the mystery of the episode. I'm really hoping at least some of this is given explanation. Maybe those guards were hired mercenaries, and Obara and Nym rode faster by land, somehow. Just anything, give us something. Please don't leave it like this.

5. In Meereen, like in King's Landing, I kind of wished for other scenes to show up. Tyrion already dealing with some of the masters along side Missandei and Grey Worm would have been better. This was fine, but it didn't really move the story along besides establishing that the fleet has been burned. Also Mhysa is Ghiscari, not Valyrian. It sucks that they couldn't get that detail right, especially when it's been stated on the show. That's why Dany did not know what it meant.

6. The Dany scenes I think were the best in the episode. The dialogue was sharp, but amusing which is refreshing, and I instantly liked Khal Moro's character, and how he deals with Daenerys. I'll be looking forward to more scenes with him.

7. Finally the Melisandre reveal. I'm guessing that this will be important later on, probably related to Jon's resurrection. It doesn't fit with that scene from season 4 but I hope they can pull off something cool enough to make us forget about that, because the damage is already done.

All in all, this wasn't the premiere I was looking for, but it shows promise in several fronts, and many others are still to be explored so it's far too early to extract any conclusions.

Go ahead and leave your opinion of this premiere in the comments below, thank you for reading.


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