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"Flower of Evil" (2020) K-Drama Review

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"Flower of Evil" (2020)

"Flower of Evil" (2020)

K-Drama Thriller

I don't regularly watch thrillers/mystery dramas, but when I do, I really want it to be good. I had no idea what I was getting into with Flower of Evil until I saw a snippet of the show on Netflix, at which point I decided to give it a shot and I never looked back.

The show follows the story of a seemingly ideal family: Baek Hee-Sung (Lee Joon-Gi), Cha Ji-Won (Moon Chae-Won), and their daughter. Hee-Sung is a metal craftsman and a seemingly loving husband and father. But Hee-Sung's loved ones have no idea that he's using a false name to hide from a brutal and disgraceful past.

Husband vs. Wife

Ji-Won on the other hand is not only a doting wife and mother, but she is also a detective investigating a string of murders who begins to suspect her husband is somehow involved. Ji-Won's investigation into Hee-Sung's past raises questions about their relationship, whether she really knows who her partner is. She also later tries to find if her husband is indeed married to a murderer.

Flower of Evil covers a lot of ground, from the formation of psychopaths to the exploration of someone’s identity to the perseverance of love in the face of uncertainty. This show has it all: suspense, melodrama, twists and turns and romance.


This show features Lee Joon-Gi (as Baek Hee-Sung / Do Hyun-Soo), Moon Chae-Won (as Cha Ji-Won), Jang Hee-Jin (as Do Hae-Soo) and Seo Hyun-Woo (as Kim Moo-Jin) in the main roles.

Baek Hee-Sung is a metal craftsman with a dark past and he is married to Cha Ji-Won, a police officer who is investigating a series of murders. Do Hae-Soo is Baek Hee-Sung’s sister and Kim Moo-Jin is a reporter who is connected in one way or the other with the other three characters of the show.

Some other notable characters from the show are Gong Mi-Ja (played by Nam Ki-Ae), Baek Man-Woo (played by Son Jong-Hak), Moon Young-Ok (played by Jo Kyung-Sook), Baek Eun-Ha (played by Jung Seo-Yoon).

Gong Mi-Ja and Baek Man-Woo are Baek Hee-Sung’s parents (or are they). Moon Young-Ok is Cha Ji-won’s mother and Baek Eun-Ha is the daughter of the show’s main characters Baek Hee-Sung and Cha Ji-Won.

Main Characters of the Show

Main Characters of the Show

Powerful Female Protagonist

This show is excellent if you enjoy stories about powerful female protagonists. In this drama, the main female character is powerful and self-reliant, yet she does so in a believable way. Nothing in the world, not even her own strength or independence, could shatter her spirit.

Moon Chae-won as Cha Ji-won

Moon Chae-Won did a great job of conveying her vulnerability. The character's inner turmoil was so vividly shown that it made me appreciate the character even more. I felt like I was there with her when she was injured, deceived, and crying. Cha Ji Won struggled, yet she emerged stronger for it.

She was hurt because someone she trusted let her down, yet she still had faith in that person and thought they wouldn't hurt her again. Along the way, she picked up a lot of valuable knowledge, which ultimately led to her growth. She had always relied only on her sense of sight when investigating, but she eventually realized that there is always more going on than what meets the eye.

Lee Joon-gi as Baek Hee-sung

As for Lee Joon-gi, I have never seen an actor play such a multifaceted character so beautifully. They'll never know how broken you are if you put on a perfect smile, as the saying goes. You'll have to see the show to get a sense of his multifaceted, multifaceted character; words simply can't do him justice.

Jang Hee-jin as Do Hae-soo

Jang Hee-jin may seem like comic relief or just a sidekick, but she was so much more. Her father's sanity depended on her; she was the final barrier keeping him from turning back. She was more than their daughter; she embodied many of their values and taught them a lot. She performed a fantastic job at such a little age, and the child portraying this part was incredible.

A Perfect Family

A Perfect Family

Great Chemistry Among Actors

As we learn more about what Hee-Sung really wants, the tone changes a bit. Before an action-packed penultimate episode wraps up many of the major plot points, these shifts in tone eventually lead to a love story.

The ending does take some of the wind out of the sails. Its main purpose is to tie everything up with a nice bow, but it also uses a few tried-and-true K-drama tropes. Even so, this is one of the best dramas that I have come across and you should definitely watch it.

Moon Chae-Won and Lee Joon-Gi are both great actors, and their roles give them a lot of room to really put their hearts into how they play their characters.

Intense Set Pieces

There are a lot of life-or-death situations in the drama's set pieces as well. There's a lot of tension in this story, from the mob boss tying up Hee-Sung and threatening to set the room on fire to our hero being hung up in a pool that's slowly filling with water. This hurts Ji-Won's police investigation because she has to choose between doing her job and being with Hee-Sung.

The story really moves forward because of this relationship. Flower of Evil, unlike many Korean dramas, takes the time to make this story much more complicated than the usual love triangles or misunderstandings. It helps that they have such good chemistry with each other and that they both boost each other's performances.

Dramatic and Action-Packed

At times there were some slow moments in the show, however, Flower of Evil is a great Korean drama in spite of this. It's a romantic, dramatic, action-packed thriller that manages to mix all these different kinds of stories without getting lost in its own complicated plot.

It's clear that a lot of care and attention to detail went into making a Flower of Evil. It was quite entertaining to me. The writer did a wonderful job with the story's speed, to the point that I wondered how they were going to make it to Episode 16. I was expecting this to be another one of those situations when everything goes swimmingly in the outset, but I was pleasantly surprised and really appreciative of the fact that they managed to keep the magic alive until the last moment.

A flashback scene in the show

A flashback scene in the show


The show is astonishingly clean and refreshing. Something that may make you feel sad, happy, angry, worried, and curious all at the same time. It's a great drama that will keep you interested and explain the inner workings of relationships, including how people develop as a result of being in them, the dynamics of those relationships, and how they personally affect the people involved.

My overall rating would be as follows:

ParameterRating (Out of 10)













Rewatch Value


Overall Rating


Baek Hee-Sung and Baek Eun-Ha

Baek Hee-Sung and Baek Eun-Ha

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