Evan Peters: The Heart of American Horror Story

Updated on September 13, 2017
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Most people became fans of Evan Peters when they saw him on American Horror Story in 2011 when the show premiered. I, however, have been a fan since the movie Never Back Down came out in 2008 and Evan played the sidekick named Max Cooperman. Sure, Evan didn't have the main role but he still got my attention because he did so well as his character and had a lot of heart and charisma. I have watched a lot of interviews with Evan Peters and he seems to be genuinely down to earth and uncomplicated. Like if you meet in real life you could totally get along and be friends because it is obvious the fame has not gone to his head and his sense of humor makes him even more likable and real. So what is it about Evan Peters that is so endearing? Is it those big brown eyes that are so expressive and full of wonder? Is it that hair that he constantly changes for the different roles he plays? That adorable smile of his that makes you want to laugh right with him? Or maybe it's all of the above.

American Horror Story is the role that basically brought Evan Peters to super stardom. Before that he was still an actor who had a decent amount of movie and television roles yet American Horror Story was the one to bring him to full attention. I am a big fan of the show and think the characters and writing is genius and wonderful. Ryan Murphy, who is the creator of American Horror Story, is wildly talented and I am always left wondering what he will think of next. I have enjoyed all of the seasons, but to me season one was the best of the four yet and Evan Peters is the reason why.

Season one of American Horror Story is set in present day Los Angeles in the home known as Murder House. At first glance you would think it's your typical haunted house story but it became so much more. I don't know where I was, but I didn't really hear about American Horror Story until 2012 when I saw a preview for it on a DVD I was watching. Hmm this looks pretty interesting, I thought to myself, I should check it out. I rented the first season on DVD and watched all the episodes within a few days. It was so damn good. I wasn't sure how good it would be, but it had surpassed everything I was expecting and I couldn't stop watching until I saw all twelve episodes.

So what is it about American Horror Story season one that was so good? Well, the writing has been amazing since the beginning. The characters are all so well presented and they each bring something unique and wonderful to the show. Even though there are like 20 main characters in season one, each one contributes something that no other character can. The love story between Evan Peters' character Tate Langdon and Taissa Farmiga's character Violet Harmon is basically the main attraction of season one. From the beginning, you root for these two characters to end up together. Their love is so dark, damaged, and almost unbearable but still you find yourself hoping things work out for them even though Violet is a suicidal and depressed teen and Tate is psychotic to say the least.

The amazing thing about Evan Peters in his role as Tate Langdon is the way he could transform himself to play a killer, rapist, ghost, and psycho yet the way he did it made us as viewers like him nonetheless. How talented do you have to be to pull off a role like Tate and still come off likable and redeemable? I would say pretty damn talented and Evan Peters certainly lives up to that. As the viewer, we sort of push aside everything bad he has done for as long as we can just so we can admire his better qualities. Sure, he killed a bunch of kids at his high school, but he was very romantic and gave Violet that black rose. Yes, he did rape Violet's mom and get her pregnant, but he also was a good boyfriend to Violet and seemed to really care about her and love her. For every bad quality that Tate had he also had some redeemable ones that gave us hope that maybe he wasn't so bad after all. In the end, maybe Tate was more lost and confused then he was a bad person. I do believe Tate really loved Violet and would have done anything for her and if someone can love another person that much maybe their faults could in time be forgiven...at least in the case of Tate. Regardless, I found myself hoping against all odds that things would really work out in the end for Tate and Violet and in a way I guess they did because they all end up dead together in the house they fell in love in so they have all of eternity to figure out where they stand.

In season two of American Horror Story, we go back in time to the 1960s. Evan Peters plays Kit Walker and ends up in the insane asylum. I have to admit this wasn't my favorite season because it was very difficult to watch people being tortured and experimented on by a crazy psycho doctor. Kit Walker played the good guy all around, wrongfully accused of being a murderer. I thought Evan Peters did really well in this difficult role. He still remained a good guy even though he could have made a turn for the worse after his extremely unfair circumstances. I was brought to tears when Kit Walker forgave Jessica Lange's character Sister Jude and actually let her stay in his house and they had that one dance together. That was such a beautiful and moving scene for me as a viewer. I also enjoyed the name game dance scene with Evan Peters and Jessica Lange. I think Jessica Lange is such a wonderful actress and plays her roles so well that we don't even care if she's playing a bad or good character, we simply want to see more of her.

Season three of American Horror Story is Coven which like the name implies that there is going to be a lot of witches and magic happening. It is set in present day New Orleans, Louisiana. Some people were not impressed with season three but I found myself enjoying it. Evan Peters played Kyle Spencer who was a frat boy but then died in a bus accident and brought back to life by being put together with body parts from different guys. Kind of like a Frankenstein experiment gone wrong...or right, depends how you look at it. I thought Evan Peters was adorable as a frat boy but frankly I wish he had more speaking parts throughout the series. For most of the series he moans or groans because he hasn't yet learned how to talk after coming back from the dead with all different body parts. I think Evan Peters is a great actor and he definitely did a believable and wonderful job as his character. He has a lot of range as an actor and can pull off a lot of different roles with ease. I also enjoyed Emma Roberts joining the season three cast as Madison Montgomery. I am a fan of Emma and I think she did the role of Madison justice and brought a lot of comedy and bitchiness to the show. It's like you want to hate her character because she is kind of a stuck up actress who thinks she's better than everyone else but as the season progresses you see that there is a lot more to the girl than meets the eye. Jessica Lange was the Supreme Fiona Goode and was amazing as well. When Fiona Goode said the lines: "Don't make me drop a house on you" I knew it was going to be a good season.

Season four of American Horror Story was Freak Show. We're going back in time again to the 1950s in Jupiter, Florida. Elsa Mars, played by Jessica Lange, is the ringleader of the Freak Show and Evan Peters is one of the freaks, a guy named Jimmy Darling who has lobster hands. There were a lot of "freaks" in the show with different abilities and talents, each with their own unique backstory and fate. Again, Evan Peters didn't fail to impress with his role as Jimmy, even with those lobster hands he was still very handsome and an all around good guy who always tried to do the right thing. You would think that someone who has such a deformity would be difficult to find that attractive but it seems that Evan Peters can make everything look good. The thing that got me kind of sad about season four was the way that the freaks were treated by society and the police. I hated how they were looked down on and made fun of. My heart broke especially when we got to look at Pepper's backstory and the way she was mistreated all of her life. Overall, I found season four enjoyable but not exactly easy to watch. There were a lot of violent and slasher like scenes such as during the snuff film where Elsa was tortured and when pretty much all of the characters die in the end. There is a happy ending for Jimmy and the twins Bette and Dot played by Sarah Paulson. I was happy to see that at least some characters survived and got to live happily ever after...that is such a rare thing to happen in American Horror Story.

Season five of American Horror Story, titled Hotel, premieres next month on October 7. The main attraction this season will be Lady Gaga. I am a fan of Lady Gaga's music so it will be interesting to see her take the role in one of my favorite television shows. I think she is perfect for the part because you already know from watching her music videos that she is incredibly talented and creative. I think she will bring an extra element of mystery and excitement to the show. Evan Peters plays Mr. James March and he will be rocking a mustache which will be a first for him. I am excited to see how this season turns out but I am sure Evan Peters and the rest of the cast will be great because they are all amazing actors. The only thing that bums me out about this season is that Jessica Lange won't be on. I can't imagine American Horror Story without Jessica Lange because I see her as the other heart of the show. Like most people I am hoping she will be back next season. Until then, let's check in to the hotel and hopefully live to see another day.

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      • GreenEyes1607 profile imageAUTHOR


        3 years ago from USA

        Evan Peters really transforms himself in every season of American Horror Story. That's a tough thing to do for many actors, but with him the transition is flawless. I'm sure we're going to see a lot more of him in the future.

      • LoisRyan13903 profile image

        Lois Ryan 

        4 years ago from Upstate NY originally from Long Island

        I started watching AHS on Netflix about a month ago an have just started Coven and can say Evan is an excellent actor since he has played all three roles differently. Actually on Asylum, at first I didn't know that it was Evan at first playing Kit Walker.


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