Empire: Andre Learns Lucious' Secret

Updated on May 12, 2016

And Lucious gets his crown back, but with a twist...

The big reveal at the end of last week's show was Lucious' mother, Leah, was still alive and being visited by Thirsty. Did Lucious send Thirsty there or could Thirsty have some connection to Lucious that Lucious is unaware of.

Hakeem performing with two women crawling all over him. There's also women pole-climbing. It's really a sleazy scene. He's partying and won't answer his phone to Laura. He's literally throwing himself a pity party.

Jamal trying to push himself for his ASA award. Cookie gets him away from reporters when he gets lippy. Cookie gets Lucious away from Harper and tells him to start pushing for his nomination. Cookie says they've got to get Lucious put back in charge of Empire. Lucious takes on Jamal as the press interview them.

Cookie tries to get Andre to help her get the boys to make a united front to stop the board from appointing a non-Lyon. Andre suggests doing a fundraiser for bipolar disorder with him as the spokesperson. Cookie says it'll make Lucious look good, but something tells me he won't be so happy having his son admitting to having a mental illness.

Laura comes in to Hakeem's pity party/orgy. She reminds him that they're engaged. He reveals he got Anika pregnant and she slaps him across the face and takes off. Well, Hakeem, you can go back to your pity party now.

Jamal and Andre come to see Hakeem. Hakeem still feeling sorry for himself. Andre says to stop babying the baby and then tries to convince them to help Cookie.

Jamal runs into Michael whose working for the caterer at the event. Michael offers to lend Jamal an ear. They go to the place they met. Jamal sick of show business politics. The band invites Jamal on the stage, but he says he just wants to watch. Jamal finally agrees to go on stage and perform with them.

Anika comes by to see Hakeem. He says it's Baby Wonderland. She asks what he's doing. She asks about his fiance'. He says he knows what not to do when you raise a child. Then Anika tells him that Lucious threatened her life when the baby is born.

Cookie shows up when Lucious is wining and dining Harper. Hakeem confronts Lucious about his threats against Anika. Hakeem says if Anika leaves town Lucious won't see the baby or him. She reminds Lucious they need Hakeem to get him back control of Empire.

Andre practicing his speech with Rhonda. They're also plotting for Andre to be poised to be in line to control Empire one day.

Cookie goes to see Anika and sees her being taken out on a stretcher. Cookie insists on going with her in the ambulance. Anika is bleeding. She says she's in pain and tries to unstrap herself from the stretcher. Cookie has to get her to calm down.

Lucious back to playing mack daddy with reporter, Harper. He starts sexing her up. The dude is such a dog. They start slapping each other for some rough sex. He's such a dog. Cookie calls just as they're about to get down to it. Harper says Lucious and Cookie have a thing. Harper offers to do a story on Cookie, describing her as a manipulative bitch. That turns off Lucious saying she'd better not say something bad about Cookie.

Hakeem ignores his phone as he tries to make up with Laura. She says she and Hakeem have different ideas of what family means and she removes his engagement ring. He finally looks at his phone and heads out.

Hakeem arrives at the hospital. Anika's mother not impressed by the Lyons. She allows Hakeem to see Anika. Anika's mom says Lucious not welcome there after what he did, and Hakeem wants to know what he did. Hakeem waiting for him when he arrives. He learns Lucious got Anika's father to commit fraud. Lucious says when Hakeem came in to his office to defend Anika and his baby it showed him he raised Hakeem right. Pardon me while I snicker.

Cookie comes up and gets into it with Lucious about Harper. He says Harper didn't do it for him. She offers him an exclusive profile in the trades when he comes on to her. Later, he claims to the share holders he wrote Boom Boom to highlight mental illness, then begins trashing Jamal, who hears him and walks out.

Harper gives Andre pictures of his grandmother to get back at Lucious. Andre takes off without telling Rhonda what he's found out.

Laura shows up to see Hakeem in Anika's hospital room. Anika and the baby are fine. He tries to give Laura her ring back. She lets him put it back on her. They start kissing, while Anika sleeps.

Harper sits in the audience like a big spider heckling where Lucious' sons are. Harper thrown out as Cookie announces that all the boys will be performing with their father at the ASA awards.

Jamal sees Freda on the street and takes her into the club he and Michael went to. Jamal performs on stage. The news covers Jamal performing at the club where people are lined up outside to hear him perform. I thought he might bring Freda on stage.

Lucious doesn't get the CEO job back by himself, but the board wants both him and Cookie. And Lucious says he thinks it's a good idea. But when he's hugging her his face tells another story and his, “I got your back,” seems more a threat than anything else. It's more like Cookie better watch her back.


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