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Carrie Bradshaw's Top Ten Outfits From "Sex and the City"

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Carrie Bradshaw's Fashion Sense

Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw (portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker) was an absolute trend-setter and changed the game of fashion. She made articles of clothing that normally wouldn't (and shouldn't) work together into masterpiece ensembles. The character is a fashionista in her own right, and truly had many memorable looks on the show. Let's take a look at Carrie Bradshaw's top ten fashion moments on the hit HBO series.

10. Casual & Cool

Carrie was known for her eccentric and unique outfits, but she also wasn't afraid to tone down her style with some effortlessly casual and cool looks. She was absolutely stunning when she opted for simpler ensembles, including basics like cute tube tops, form-fitting tanks and denim jeans and even a peasant top blouse with athletic shorts (a look only Carrie could rock). We all know she is the queen of pulling off fabulous and daring looks, but she also knew how to keep it casual while still elevating her outfits.

9. Carrie's Famous Fur Coat

No one is able to do a fur coat justice quite as Carrie Bradshaw can. Though in today's world it's a bit taboo to wear a fur coat, back when Sex and the City was airing it was the epitome of fashion. She got so much use out of the large, ultra-full fur coat; she'd pair it with a wide array of garments such as a little black dress, checkered pants, a floral dress and even a voluminous skirt and bold blue and pink blouse. The coat became one of the very few articles of clothing Carrie wore repeatedly throughout the show, and she looked beautiful rocking the different ensembles with it.

8. Couture Coats

Carrie was famous for her enviable wardrobe, and her couture coat collection was definitely drool-worthy. Her choice of coats always added a wow-factor to her already impressive outfits, as she often opted for bright, bold colors, patterns and designs. Carrie was always one to take a risk and mix patterns, but somehow she always managed to make it work. Whether she was wearing a beautiful floral printed coat, a glittering velvet number or a colorful patchwork one, our favorite columnist sure knew how to rock the cutest coats.

7. Sexy Crop Tops

If there was one thing Carrie was never afraid of, it was showing off her fantastic figure in daring and sexy crop tops. She was always wearing the fun and bold garment, which she masterfully paired with a wide array of styles, patterns and colors. Carrie famously rocked a long-sleeved black crop top with a knee-length striped skirt and she looked darn good doing it. She could go more sophisticated with the top, sporting a slinky black cropped blouse and full skirt or even a gingham crop top when she went to Aidan's cabin. Regardless of what she paired with it, Carrie looked fabulous.

6. Fabulous in Floral Dresses

Many times throughout the show, Carrie would wear delicate and feminine floral dresses. They were often soft and flowy, giving her an effortlessly stunning appearance. Only Carrie would be able to mix a heavy metal belt with a feminine floral print; she knew just how to accessorize and play up her outfits. She looked absolutely divine in the off-the-shoulder, ruffled Richard Tyler dress that she paired with her Carrie necklace and clear vintage shoes. She truly was able to take a floral dress and give it her unique Carrie touch.

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5. Signature Flower

Sarah Jessica Parker absolutely loved flowers, and it was her idea to incorporate them into Carrie's style. According to costume designer Rebecca Weinberg, "SJP was really into the flowers. One day she said, 'Let's do a big flower.' They started small and got larger and larger and then it escalated into a comedy of flowers." Her signature flower is apparent throughout the course of the show, whether it was a bold broach or an intricate headpiece. Carrie wearing the flower-inspired real-life fashion designers use flowers as accessories.

4. Stunning Designer Dresses

While Carrie's love of designer shoes (like her beloved Manolo Blahnik's) was clearly on full display throughout the series, so was her love of stunning designer dresses. She wore so many beautiful numbers, such as the pink Oscar de la Renta dress she wore to the Met...and McDonald's with Aleksandr Petrovsky. Carrie also rocked the iconic John Galliano for Christian Dior newsprint dress, becoming a fan favorite. She was always wearing a beautiful designer ensemble and was never afraid to try bold patterns and prints.

3. Carrie's Iconic Tutu

Of course Carrie's iconic tutu was going to make the list. She wore the famous and unexpected style in the opening credits of the show, pairing the tutu with a pink tank top and strappy stilettos. The fun tutu set the tone for Carrie's unique sense of style, and the garment only cost $5! The famous tutu made another appearance in The Sex and the City film, when Carrie was cleaning out her closet with the girls and had a mini-fashion show. It will remain a beloved piece from the series.

2. Romantic Paris Ensembles

Let's be real: Paris absolutely brought out Carrie's best fashion moments and looks. She wore one chic and sophisticated ensemble after another, rocking fun patterns and styles that were just plain gorgeous. She wore Parisian stripes with a detailed shirt in the shape of a flower by French designer Sonia Rykiel, and looked elegant and demure. When strolling around the streets of Paris, Carrie rocked this adorable red and black polka dot dress that was playful and cute. It's impossible to forget the absolutely gorgeous green tulle dress she wore when she was finally reunited with her true love Big.

1. Grey Versace Couture Dress

Carrie never looked better when she wore this stunning grey Versace ball gown, with sheer cap sleeves and lots of chiffon and tulle. She wore this statement-making dress when she was waiting for Aleksandr to take her out on her first night in Paris. Costume designer Pat Field said the gown was her absolute favorite piece from the show, having said, "It's acres and acres of tulle and chiffon, in this darkly romantic color--the perfect dress to be dumped in. There's nothing more woeful than seeing a beautiful woman all dressed up with nowhere to go." Though it might have ended up a miserable night, Carrie looked beyond beautiful in the ball gown.

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Jacqueline G Rozell on September 05, 2019:

They were all delicious, and even though I never watched the show I could have a thousand and one romantic dreams with me wearing that Versace dress.Isn't it funny, every time I think of this woman, I see her as young and carefree, dancing with a bright smile on her face. Keep on dancing, Sarah. You never get too old for it.

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