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Camryn Grimes Is Planning Weddings On and Off Screen

Brock Powell and Camryn Grimes

Brock Powell and Camryn Grimes

Camryn Plays Twins, Cassie and Mariah

Camryn Grimes is best known for portraying twins, Cassie Newman and Mariah Copeland, on the CBS soap, The Young and the Restless. She is the daughter of Preston Lee Grimes and Heather Grimes and the niece of actor Scott Grimes. She is also the oldest of seven children: Peyton, Piper, Ryder, Mattea, Shelby, and Dakota.

Camryn began portraying Cassie in 1997 at age 10 and in 2000 she became the youngest recipient of the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Grimes's character was written off the show in May 2005, when she died from injuries sustained in a car accident. Cassie was beloved and remembered for many years on the anniversary of her death. Camryn has returned a few times as Cassie's ghost, but not all fans realized it was the same actress, as there were comments about how much this actress didn't resemble Cassie.

Grimes began a new role on Y&R in 2014. She began portraying Mariah, who was revealed to be Cassie's twin sister. Mariah is now engaged to Tessa Porter (Kait Fairbank) and they are planning a wedding to take place on Friday, May 13th. Y&R viewers thought perhaps the death of Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) would postpone the event, but Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) told the couple not to change their plans.

Camryn is Engaged in Real Life

Grimes is not only planning her on-screen nuptials, she is also engaged in real life. On January 7, 2022, Brock Powell popped the question and Camryn said yes. So far, the couple has not set a date.

Powell, like Grimes, is also an actor. He does voice work for series like Twice Upon A Time, Baymax Dreams, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, and One Punch Man. He also did films including Sherlock Holmes, The Great Escape, and Phineas and Ferb: The Movie. Grimes' other roles include the films Magic Mike, Would Kill for That, and Swordfish, and the television series Cold Case, Jag, Medium, NCIS, and ER, where her uncle Scott was also in the cast.

Most of those who watch The Young and the Restless are fans of Grimes' character, although some say she can be irritating, especially when she refers to Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) as "Snowflake." Viewers say Mariah should respect the fact that her BFF Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) loves Summer and is married to her. Although Grimes and Powers have not given a date or details about their nuptials the actress has much to say regarding Tessa and Mariah getting hitched.

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Mariah and Tessa

Mariah and Tessa

A True Celebration

Mariah and Tessa began dating five years ago while Ms. Porter was involved with Mariah's brother, Noah Newman (now Rory Gibson). Noah was really hurt and felt betrayed. He left town, but returned to Genoa City after Victoria Newman Locke's (Amelia Heinle) Tuscany wedding to Ashland Locke (Robert Newman). Viewers have been expecting him to come between his sister and his former girlfriend and wonder if he might try to stop the wedding. According to Showbiz CheatSheet, Grimes expects the ceremony to go off without a hitch, as she said the following about the upcoming nuptials:

"No matter what, I just want it to be fun for the audience. I want the audience to have fun! These are two characters who are creative and eccentric and have a rhythm of their own. I want the wedding to reflect that. I really would love it to be a true celebration.”

Mariah and Tessa have had their ups and downs, but have not had nearly as much drama as other Genoa City couples. Although Mariah cheated, the two never officially broke up and when you see one the other is usually close behind. Some fans, however, are still holding out that Noah might cause problems. Spoilers point out that Genoa City weddings always have some type of drama, so viewers should be on guard. Spoiler alerts are as silent regarding Mariah and Tessa as Camryn has been about her own wedding, but details about both events are sure to come, so stay tuned.


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