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Buffy's Top Ten Outfits From "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

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If Buffy Summers is known for anything, it's for her sense of fashion.

If Buffy Summers is known for anything, it's for her sense of fashion.

Buffy, the Fashion-Oriented Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers is never one to shy away from bold, statement making ensembles and isn't afraid to take fashion chances. Whether she's going for soft and feminine, chic and sophisticated, or edgy and daring, the character's wardrobe is ever changing. Though some may look at the outfits now and question what she was thinking, the clothing was a perfect representation of late 90s and early 2000s fashion and still manage to be relevant today. There's no denying that the slayer was an absolute fashionista. Let's take a look at some of her most memorable and stylish outfits.


10. Off-The-Shoulder Peasant Top

Buffy always manages to look elegant and chic in an effortless sort of way, and she's always willing to try new styles. This off-the-shoulder, lavender hued peasant top is no exception. Paired with a simple red necklace and with her blonde hair pulled partly back, Buffy was giving off some major Boho vibes. Though the outfit is a little more simplistic, she always manages to breathe a sense of vibrancy into her clothes, and she looks darn good doing it.


9. Simple Black Blouse & Pink Pants

Buffy was never one to shy away from bold, statement making ensembles. While the simple black, long-sleeved blouse was unassuming enough, she paired the top with a bright pink pair of pants. Somehow the whole look just works, and she even managed to look intimidating while holding a stake in bubble-gum pink pants. She wore her hair in a more golden shade of blonde, and rocked a gentle, wavy style. Buffy is amazing at pulling off unique looks, and the case of the pink pants is no different.


8. Signature Leather Jacket

If there's an article of clothing Buffy knows how to wear the heck out of, it's a leather jacket. Throughout the course of the show, she rocked many of these jackets which she paired with an array of outfits. Whether it was with chic blouses, cute dresses or a simple tank top, Buffy was a master at wearing a black leather jacket. This is just one of the many times the look worked; she paired it with a peachy-hued blouse and simple trouser that made her look cool without even trying. With her hair pulled partly up, Buffy definitely looked both sophisticated and edgy.


7. Sexy & Sheer White Blouse

Buffy was a master at pulling off both intricate and simple ensembles, and there's no denying she knew how to rock some basic staples. When she wore this sexy and sheer white blouse, she looked effortlessly gorgeous. The sheer look was just the right amount of flirty, and the crisp white complimented her tan skin nicely. With her bright blonde tresses worn in a sleek lob, it paired wonderfully with the blouse and her simple make-up and accessories. The slayer could wear a potato sack and make the outfit work!


6. Sophisticated Trench Coat

Buffy sure knew how to wear a trench coat, as she demonstrated on multiple occasions throughout the course of the show. Whether it was red, black, white or blue, Buffy wore the style with ease and managed to kick butt while doing it. In this winter episode, she went on a romantic stroll with Angel in a soft, whitish-blue trench coat that she paired with black pants and a pulled-back hairstyle. The coat does not overwhelm her, and she truly looked sophisticated and classy in the whole ensemble.

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5. Iconic Red Leather Pants & Black Tank

Of course Buffy's iconic red leather pants was going to make the list. This whole ensemble was far edgier than the ultra-girly wardrobe she rocked previously, and represented the beginning of a chic and mature Buffy. Both the color scheme and silhouette looked killer on the slayer, and the combination was something she would rock repeatedly in the show. The simple black tank and red leather pants was often paired with a leather jacket, and has since become a Buffy staple that fans love and know well.


4. Long-Sleeved Satin Wedding Gown

The slayer looked like a vision-in-white when she wore this stunning off-the-shoulder long-sleeved satin wedding gown during her nuptials to Angel. Sadly, the ceremony was only part of a dream sequence and the two never got their fairy tale wedding. While it might have been only a dream, Buffy was gorgeous in the wedding gown with her hair made-up in a elegant up-do. Her minimal make-up truly showed off her natural beauty. This episode was absolutely heart-wrenching, as it's the one where Angel breaks up with Buffy and announces he is leaving Sunnydale (cue the tears).


3. Betsey Johnson Cherries Dress

The peasant-necked Betsey Johnson dress featured cheerful cherries as the pattern, and looked absolutely amazing on Buffy. With her tan skin, silky and sleek blonde hair and minimalist jewelry, Buffy looked ready to take on her first day of college. There is something so effortlessly beautiful about the whole ensemble, and the pattern of the dress looked flirty and fun. She was definitely serving up some major fashion looks during the season, when she said goodbye to high-school life and hello to college.


2. Bold Red Spaghetti Strap Gown

Buffy looked stunning when she wore this vibrant red spaghetti strap gown to the Homecoming dance. With her hair pulled back in a sophisticated up-do that elegantly framed her face, Buffy was ready to compete for the title of Homecoming Queen. You know if the slayer was sporting a formal dress, chances were she was going to be battling forces of evil in it. Buffy and her nemesis/sometimes friend Cordelia did just that, and ended up making quite the dream team (and they looked fabulous doing it).


1. Sexy & Chic Floral Corset Top

Buffy truly was a fashion chameleon, and knew how to rock any look. When she wore this sexy and chic floral corset top, she looked gorgeous. The stunning lace bustier was a unique choice for the slayer, which she had initially hid under a cardigan. The reveal of the top was perfect, and Buffy wore it with ease. Paired with a long, simplistic necklace and with her dark blonde hair in loose waves, she was truly a vision. Buffy always delivers on some knock-out looks, especially when it came to her school attire. She was able to stray from her trench coats and sweaters reserved for slaying. This floral corset number definitely did her justice, and Buffy looked like utter perfection.

What was your favorite Buffy look? Let me know in the comments below!

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