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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': The 10 Best Rosa Diaz Epsiodes

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine features Rosa Diaz, badass Detective with no patience for feelings or for crime.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine features Rosa Diaz, badass Detective with no patience for feelings or for crime.

Detective Rosa Diaz

Tough, leather-clad, motorcycle-riding, self-described 'badass' Detective Rosa Diaz is one of the lead characters on Fox’s hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Intimidating and loyal, secretive and funny, it’s easy to see why Rosa (played by Stephanie Beatriz) has become such a fan favourite. Listed below are ten of the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes featuring our very own Detective Diaz to date.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Brooklyn 99. Scroll at your own peril!

Season 1: Episode 13 ("The Bet")

After Charles Boyle heroically rescues Rosa by jumping in front of a bullet, Rosa fears that he’s going to confess his love for her and avoids him at all costs. However, she and Boyle talk and Charles reveals that he didn’t even know who he was saving the night he jumped in front of a bullet for her and that he doesn’t expect anything in return, particularly romantically. This conversation is a satisfying the end to a long, painful, will-they-won’t-they arc for the two detectives. As such this episode ranks amongst the best featuring Detective Diaz.

Season 1: Episode 19 ("Tactical Village")

In Tactical Village we witness Rosa fly into a rage at discovering that Boyle hasn’t invited her to his wedding. The detective mounts a series of covert attacks against her coworker as the team explores the NYPD tactical village, and the episode rounds off on a sweeter note with Boyle finally explaining his reluctance to invite Rosa to his wedding before giving her a 'Save The Date' (which, in his typical untactful style, he has abbreviated S.T.D.).

"Rosa Diaz, will you accept my STD?"

"I look forward to having it forever."

Season 1: Episode 20 ("Fancy Brugdom")

Infuriated by a fellow officer’s almost critical mistake in misfiling evidence, Rosa humiliates him in front of his peers and, when reprimanded by Holt, can’t find it in herself to apologise to him. By the end of the episode, however, we see her respond more positively to Holt’s encouragement and sincerely apologise to the officer she offended, even taking steps to show him where he made his mistake and how to avoid doing it again in the future. This is one of the first times that the audience sees Rosa’s softer side, and because of this is a vital episode in her overall character arc.

Season 2: Episode 09 ("The Road Trip")

In this gem of an episode we see poor Rosa fall seriously ill with the flu. Naturally, she tries to deny her general state of sickness and carry on working, and because of this the rest of the team must devise a plan to get her to take a break and get better. Eventually she gives in to her friend’s insistences and we get to again see the softer side to the famously hard detective. This episode also features one of my favourite Rosa-quotes of all time:

"My immune system is too weak to fight off my smile muscles."

— Rosa Diaz, Season 2 Episode 9

Season 2: Episode 20 ("AC/DC")

In AC/DC Rosa is forced to attend a dinner at Captain Holt’s house with her boyfriend Marcus, who also happens to be Holt’s nephew. She’s appalled at the thought of spending time with Holt outside of work and having to talk about her personal life to him, and he is equally unimpressed by the situation. The two make a plan to avoid speaking about any personal matters, but it quickly fails as Rosa thinks she comes to a realisation that sends her into a panic in the middle of dinner.

"So Rosa, tell me about your family."

"I… have one."

Season 3: Episode 06 ("Into the Woods")

Rosa struggles to break things off with Marcus and, in possibly the worst decision she makes on the show, turns to the similarly emotionally stunted Captain Holt for advice on how to do it gently. What ensues is a role-play to end all role-plays.

Rosa: "Marcus, I think we should break up."

Holt: "That makes me feel sad. I am sad."

Rosa: "Your sadness is noted."

Holt: "I feel acknowledged. Thank you for breaking up with me. It will take me 8 minutes to collect my things."

Actress Stephanie Beatriz plays Detective Rosa Diaz in Fox's hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Actress Stephanie Beatriz plays Detective Rosa Diaz in Fox's hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 3: Episode 20 ("Paranoia")

In this episode Rosa and her new love interest, Detective Adrian Pimento, get engaged and the rest of the team struggles with how to best tell Rosa that they think she’s rushing into things (which, let's be honest, she absolutely is). The best thing about this episode is probably Pimento’s aggressively unromantic proposal, which takes place as the pair is trying to take down a perp.

Rosa: "You follow, I’ll cut him off in the alley."

Pimento: "Wait! Wanna get married?"

Rosa: "Yep."

Season 4: Episode 06 ("Monster in the Closet")

Upon Pimento’s return to Brooklyn, he and Rosa decide to get married immediately. However, the wedding day is fraught with signs from the 'universe' condemning the union. Jake and Pimento embark on a long quest to retrieve his grandmother’s earrings from a pawn shop while Rosa gets the entire bridal party drunk. Despite these challenges, the gang pushes through, only to have Rosa and Pimento get cold feet at the last minute and decide to wait a little before tying the knot.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine also features Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine also features Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher).

Season 5: Episode 09 ("99")

In this monumental episode, we learn that after her breakup with Pimento Rosa is finally dating someone new. She wishes to keep the identity of her new significant other private, but ever-nosy Detective Boyle overhears a conversation and learns that the person Rosa is dating is, in fact, a woman. Rosa comes out as bisexual to a stunned Charles and admits that she previously hadn’t told anyone because she "didn’t think it was anyone’s business" but is glad to have finally opened up to someone. This episode is a huge turning point in Rosa’s character arc and a great insight into her personal life. The audience is left clueless about Rosa’s new girlfriend, wondering if her name is indeed "Moana" as Charles speculates.

Season 5: Episode 10 ("Game Night")

A continuation of the last episode, in Game Night Rosa comes out to the rest of the precinct and receives nothing but support. She’s far more apprehensive about coming out to her parents, though, and convinces Jake to accompany her to family game night so she can have some support when she breaks the news. After a bout of cold feet, she eventually tells her parents that she's bisexual. Their reaction is less than ideal, but the end of the episode leaves Rosa with hope for the future. This episode also features a Rosa/Holt hug that had me immediately tearing up.

Every time someone steps up and says who they are the world becomes a better, more interesting place

— Raymond Holt, Season 5 Episode 10

Closing Thoughts

And there we have it; ten of the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes featuring Rosa Diaz to date. But bear in mind that the hit show is far from over, and there’s sure to be plenty more fantastic Rosa moments in the episodes to come.

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