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An Ode to Pacey Witter From "Dawson's Creek"

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I've created a list of reasons why Pacey was the better man on the show.

I've created a list of reasons why Pacey was the better man on the show.

Pacey Witter From Dawson's Creek

Let's be honest here: though the show was called Dawson's Creek, the hit teen drama should have been called Pacey's Creek because Pacey Witter was by far the best character on it. He made girls everywhere swoon with his witty (pun intended) humor, meaningful stares and refreshing honesty that put the other Creek kids to shame. Plus, Pacey is easy on the eyes and that smile of his can make a heart skip a beat. His relationship with Joey was beautiful though dysfunctional at times, yet ultimately the pair finally got the happy ending they deserved (sorry Dawson fans). In honor of this deeply complex character, I've created a list of reasons why Pacey was the better man on the show.

"The simple act of being in love with you is enough for me."

— Pacey Witter


1. He Was Always True to Himself

Pacey often marched to the beat of his own drum, and never felt the need to apologize for being who he was. He was aware of his faults and flaws, but embraced rather than hid from them. The episode where he entered the local beauty pageant and was the only male to do so shook up Capeside and demonstrated Pacey's confidence in himself. He was always eager to go against the status quo, and it was refreshing to watch.


2. His Wit and Humor Were Endearing

Pacey had a knack for making people laugh, whether it was through jokes or his sarcastic humor. He was often the one to relieve tension and his humor was endearing. He may have started out as the wise-cracking side-kick to Dawson, but over the course of the series he blossomed into a leading man everyone was rooting for. His charming demeanor and fun sense of humor made Pacey that much more perfect.


3. He Loved Selflessly and Cared Deeply for Others

Pacey's home-life was far from ideal: deemed the black sheep of his family, he always tried to exceed his parents' expectations and refused to accept mediocrity. Even with his brother Doug taking jabs at his potential, Pacey remained determined to do and be more than they believed he could. His highly-dysfunctional relationship with his father was often heart-breaking to watch, and you could tell just how much he wanted to please him.


4. He Stands up for What He Believes In

Pacey was never one to shy away from expressing his thoughts, and he fiercely protected those who he cared for. When Jack was ridiculed by his English teacher in front of his classmates for writing a poem, Pacey stood up to the teacher and refused to allow him to target Jack. He also defended Joey when her school mural was destroyed by a fellow student, even going so far as to get into a physical altercation. Pacey had risked suspension and even expulsion for Joey. He was loyal and devoted to his loved ones, and it truly showed the strength in his character.


5. He’s the Master of Forehead Kisses

You will be hard-pressed to find a character better at giving forehead kisses than Pacey. How many times have you watched him lean in and gently plant one on Joey? Their chemistry was absolutely everything. The gesture is sweet and swoon-worthy, and Pacey definitely knew what he was doing. Whether he was kissing his first love Andie or his true love Joey, anytime he leaned in for the forehead kiss, hearts melted everywhere.

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6. He Bought Joey a Wall!

One of the most romantic gestures in television history was definitely when Pacey bought Joey a wall so she could re-do her mural that was destroyed. He wanted to encourage her not to give up on her art, and challenged Joey to reach her potential. On top of that heart-melting fact, Pacey also wrote on the wall "Ask me to stay," in an effort to get Joey to accept her true feelings. He certainly knew how to pull off unique romantic gestures!


7. He Knew Joey Better Than Anyone

Dawson was always trying to put Joey on a pedestal and criticized her when she wasn't perfect, but Pacey knew and loved all the different facets of Joey. The prom scene when Joey and Pacey danced was so romantic and sweet. Pacey knew the earrings Joey was wearing wasn't really her, and expressed that the bracelet she had on was. He said he knew the bracelet she was wearing was her mother's because she'd mentioned it six months ago. Joey was clearly shocked, having said "You remember that?" to which he replied, "I remember everything." Be still my beating heart!


8. He Cared for Andie When She Suffered From Mental Health Issues

When Andie started seeing her dead brother, she began a downward spiral and Pacey stepped in to take care of her. He was gentle and understanding, and extremely sensitive to her mental health issues. When Pacey and Jack decided they needed to contact Mr. McPhee, he wanted his daughter to receive treatment in Providence. A selfless Pacey knew she needed help and let Andie go in order to get better. Watching him comfort Andie during her issues was touching, and he showed great maturity for someone of his age.


9. He Fixed up a Boat and Named It “True Love”

During the time he was beginning to fall for Joey, Pacey bought a boat from the scrapyard and began to fix it up. He and Joey would work on it together, as well as the child he was mentoring. Even after having his heart broken by Andie, Pacey still believed in the idea of true love. In the third season finale, Joey finally came clean about her love for Pacey and the two sailed off into the sunset on the aptly named True Love.


10. When He Kissed a Girl, He Really Meant It

There is absolutely no denying Pacey Witter knows how to kiss a girl. When he does, you can see just how much he puts into it and how deeply he feels for her. Watching him first with Andie and then with Joey, it was easy to see that when Pacey kissed someone, every part of him meant it. Joey and Pacey had so much chemistry and you could truly see how much they loved one another. There was no better romantic pairing, and it was quite clear to viewers that the energy between them sizzled.


11. He Had a Way With Words

The show was known for its large vocabulary and lengthy declarations, but nobody had a way with words quite like Pacey did. He was never afraid to profess his love or feelings, and anytime he talked about Joey you could see how deep the love went. He was open and honest even when it scared him, and had no problem admitting when he was wrong. When he talked about Joey to the young boy he was mentoring, viewers started realizing just how hard he was falling for his best-friend's girl.


12. He Refused to Give Up on Love

In the series finale, Pacey and Joey finally got the happy ending we were all hoping for. He refused to take no for an answer, and wouldn't back down when it came to his one-true-love Joey. He declared his love for her and truly that's all that mattered. The fact that Dawson's best friend got the girl surprised many, but there was absolutely no other outcome that made sense. Pacey and Joey had an electric chemistry that simply could not be silenced, and he deserved to walk away with the girl of his dreams while Joey was lucky to have a man like Pacey.

© 2018 Rachel M Johnson

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