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Not as It Seems: An Analysis of "Twisted"

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How quickly are we to trust news reports and the law? Upon hearing phrases like "convicted for murder" we prefer to believe they caught the guilty person, but is the police always correct? How do we know for sure that the person convicted is actually the one who committed the crime? The scary truth is that we really don't. Unless, perhaps, we have a video of the accused doing what they're accused of, right?

The TV series Twisted first aired in 2013. The show is about a teenager, Danny Desai who was charged for killing his aunt Tara with a red jump-rope, and returns to his hometown after five years in juvenile detention. Although it acquired a fan-base, the following wasn't great enough to make it to a second season.

Danny Desai (Avan Jogia) embraces the nick-name "Socio" because of his reputation for being a sociopath. He can't express what really happened when he was charged with murdering his aunt; therefore, he deals with it. It doesn't come as a surprise considering the five years he already spent in juvenile hall for a crime he did not really commit. The system has treated him like a criminal for that long, so it's easier to accept it. Danny's old friends and classmates treat him like a criminal because he was convicted, even though he was released. This is made additionally complicated when a classmate, Regina, is murdered.

Like everyone else, Jo Masterson (Maddie Hasson) assumes Danny is a killer because of the influences of others around her; however, she struggles to understand how he could be if she knew him well enough for him to have been one of her childhood best friends. When he is released and comes back into her life, her perception is put to the test. As she finds inconsistencies with the stories of those around her, trying to get rid of Danny, she learns to trust him.

First, Lacey Porter (Kylie Bunbury) is convinced that Danny went to jail under the correct charge; however, once she is forced to be around him during school and social situations, she is motivated to spend one on one time with him. This encounter sparks memories of their childhood friendship. Then, once her best friend Regina is murdered, she is back to questioning his motives, again. It is when she finds unusual evidence in Regina's possessions that her opinion of Danny sways; unexpectedly, it goes further into a romance.

As chief of police and Jo's father, Kyle Masterson (Sam Robards) is suspicious of Danny for the obvious reasons. This is ironic because the ones he should be questioning are in his own circle. First, there's his new partner, Marilyn Rossi who turns out to be Regina's real murderer. Then, there's Gloria Crane who is involved with Marilyn Rossi and having an affair with Danny's supposed to be deceased father, Vikram. Lastly, there's his wife, Tess who is also in contact with Vikram.

Gloria Crane (Jessica Tuck) is Regina's mother. After her daughter is murdered, she makes it her mission to have Danny put away, again; however, as details are uncovered, it turns out that she has been having an affair with Danny's supposed to be deceased father, Vikram, but her daughter knew. Regina was finally going to tell Danny about his father being alive. Gloria had to plant her daughter's necklace in Danny's locker so that he would be blamed for what she thought he did.

Marilyn Rossi (Stacy Haiduk) uses her authority as an investigator to get away with killing Regina Crane and pinning it on Danny. It's easy because people already respect and trust her as part of the force while they are suspicious and fearful of the teenager freshly released from doing time for murder. She has been in touch with Gloria Crane and Vikram. She was trying to have Danny put in prison because his dad didn't want the truth to come out, now that he is older.

Tess Masterson (Kimberly Quinn) has been covering for Vikram because he was there for her during a short period before she was married, when she and Kyle had broken up. She was so distraught that she had a one-night stand. It lead to a pregnancy. Vikram helped her give the baby up for adoption. She kept it all a secret out of fear that Kyle wouldn't want her back. After she tells Kyle and searches for her child, she finds that Vikram made it impossible for her to find the real child. It isn't until later that she discovers she didn't have a daughter, like she was told. She had a son—Charlie McBride.

Charlie McBride (Jack Falahee) comes to Green Grove to start a new life from his days in juvie. He was roommates with Danny, and learned about Jo and Lacey. He tries to have Danny sent back while turning his friends against him. It comes out that his intentions are to take Danny's place because he comes from a broken home. Charlie was raised by Tara, and when he found out what Danny did, he broke the law and did what he had to in order to be in the same room as Danny; however, once he found out that it was actually Vikram who killed his mom, he just wanted Danny's life. When he is questioned by Chief Masterson about what happens between Danny, Jo and Vikram, he lies in order to make Danny still look guilty.

Vikram Desai (TJ Ramini) was supposed to have died six months before Danny was released from Juvie; however, as Jo, Lacey and Danny are uncovering who killed Regina, they discover that Vikram faked his death and has been in hiding the entire time. Tess explains that she knows someone was trying to kill him, a former business partner. When Danny confronts Vikram and he goes after Jo, Danny protects her, but it leads to Vikram's real death, leaving Danny devastated.

Jack Taylor (Ivan Sergei) used to be business partners with Vikram and had an affair with Danny's mom, Karen, years earlier. Karen goes to him for help and Jack tells her he will do anything for her. His daughter, Whitney (Brianne Howey) comes to stay with him, as well. After being held in custody, Jack admits to Karen that he covered for Danny by moving Vikram's body to make it look like an accident. Once Karen trusts him and Whitney, the audience learns that he was partners with Charlie, who ruined their plan to get Danny into prison. He and his daughter did all of this as part of a plan to get closer to the Desais.

While authorities such as police are not necessarily bad, society needs to acknowledge their flaws. There is a problem with assuming powerful positions make one incapable of mistakes. In real life, there are inmates later found innocent after being imprisoned for decades; therefore, while Twisted is fictional, someone being accused, doing time, being released, and still being treated like a criminal after having had been innocent all along is not unheard of.

Questions & Answers

Question: Does all this happen in Season 1?

Answer: "Twisted" only has one season.

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social thoughts (author) from New York on April 15, 2016:

Oh, really? I used to see previews all of the time, but never bothered as it was targeted for teens. That was until I wanted to see all of Avan Jogia's work, about a year ago. Then, my mom ended up watching it with me and she really liked it, too. She said it's soap opera style. Thank you for the support!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 15, 2016:

Never saw it.....I'll take that a step further....never heard of it. :) Thanks for the analysis. I could never talk Bev into watching something like this. She gets a bit squeamish when a show gets hairy. :)

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