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5 of the Worst Chefs in Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen"

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.

Jeffrey Dewberry was a drama queen for his stint in "Hell's Kitchen."

Jeffrey Dewberry was a drama queen for his stint in "Hell's Kitchen."

Jeffrey Dewberry (Season 1)

Dewberry was mistakenly called "blueberry" by Gordon Ramsay. Maybe he should have called him dingle berry instead.

Dewberry was someone with little to no culinary skill. Worse is that he is not a team player and would take the very first opportunity to jump ship.

Dewberry was a whiner who would always complain about everything. He frequently acted like a petulant child.

When it came to the signature dish challenge, Dewberry served Gordon Ramsay baked spaghetti. He was reprimanded by the stern chef for serving what is tantamount to children's food. Perhaps Dewberry should have considered a more "fine dining" type of pasta such as lobster spaghetti or seafood linguine.

Dewberry was so incompetent as a chef that he could not even muster enough skill to cook the baked spaghetti correctly. If one cannot even master the basics then there's no hope for more complex dishes such as beef wellington or souffle.

Dewberry was so useless that Gordon Ramsay called him a "big fucking overgrown muffin," He was lethargic and did not bring any energy to dinner service. His station was doing poorly and this helped sink the red team.

Dewberry was also often confused and did not have an idea of what to do in the kitchen. He did some dubious things such as putting fish stock in the spaghetti and not getting the beef wellingtons plated.

While Dewberry, at times, can be comedic and downright funny at times, this is not enough to redeem him from his piss poor attitude and lack of culinary aptitude.

Jason Underwood is one of the most misogynistic chefs in Hell's Kitchen's history.

Jason Underwood is one of the most misogynistic chefs in Hell's Kitchen's history.

Jason Underwood (Season 4)

Jason Underwood easily takes the cake for being the most hated Chef of season 4. He is a misogynist of the highest order and belittles women. This quickly caught the ire of the entire red team which was comprised of women. He likes to go into business on his own and does not want to help his team succeed and neither does he care. He also is a very arrogant chef who thinks highly of himself despite his lack of talent in the kitchen.

Jason's contempt for women is evident from the very beginning. Jason declared that if he won the prize in Hell's Kitchen, he would have his pocket full of money and beat women out with a stick.

He would always make misogynistic comments toward women and try to degrade them through his short stint on the show. During preparation for dinner service, Jason could simply not help himself and commented that the only thing he would lose to a woman would be an ironing contest. This implied that women are only for the home and nothing else.

As much as Jason believes himself to be a good chef, he has reliability issues. During his first dinner service, he seemingly had more "urgent" matters to attend to. He decided to take a break outside and smoke. When his team needed him most, he chose to disappear.

When he finally made it back to the kitchen, he sunk his team with his failures on the appetizer station. Jason kept serving substandard risotto. Chef Ramsay was so upset at Jason's pathetic attempts at the classic dish that he asked Jason to eat one of the servings he prepared.

When Jason finally cooked a risotto serving that was acceptable to Chef Ramsay, it was too little and too late.

Instead of admitting his faults and promising to do better, he instead took another shot at the women and vowed never to lose to the girls again. He even called them "little kids."

As awful a sport as Jason was in losing, he was an equally awful sport in victory. Fresh from a challenge victory, Jason declared that the women did not know what they were doing as they did not have a man to lead them and that they were only good for Tupperware parties.

The next dinner service, Jason was up to his old tricks when Gordon Ramsay spotted raw halibut. He then had a communication issue with Petrozza which messed up the ticketing system. Gordon Ramsay then shuts down the kitchen in frustration. The blue still wins, despite the mishaps.

The next challenge was the chicken cutting challenge. Jason arrogantly declares that this is in the bag since they were men. Again, Jason displays his misogynistic tendencies. The men lost to the women in spectacular fashion 24-44.

During dinner service, Jason would again mess up. This time it was in the dessert station. He could not get the souffle right. Souffles are hard to perfect for the average chef let alone one as incompetent as Jason.

Again, Jason helped sink his team and this time Ramsay threw him overboard.

Lacey D' Angelo was one of the least hardworking contestants in Season 5 of Hell's Kitchen.

Lacey D' Angelo was one of the least hardworking contestants in Season 5 of Hell's Kitchen.

Lacey D'Angelo (Season 5)

Lacey might as well be called lazy as she was one of the least hardworking chefs in Hell's Kitchen history. She is possibly the worst teammate you could have. She barely exerts effort, always whines, has no camaraderie and is a quitter. In short, she is dead weight that will just sink your team.

Lacey was basically a cancer to the team. Her negativity was so contagious that she was dragging her team down. If ever her team won challenges or dinner service, it was in spite of her and not because of her.

Lacey was awful as a chef and as a waitress. She would regularly send out substandard food and whine about preparation time. As a waitress, she would not get orders right and mess up tickets. It was like she was incapable of the simplest of tasks and it was like she did not care at all.

Lacey's poor attitude soon made her a target for elimination by the red team. After all who would want to deal with someone so unproductive and unmotivated as Lacey? Much to the red team's delight, Ramsay soon shipped Lacey to the blue team.

There is a saying that one man's trash is another man's treasure. But in this case, the red team's trash became the blue team's trash as the change of environment did little to change Lacey's poor attitude.

Sure, Lacey performed slightly better as a member of the blue team. But this was not because of a change of heart, but rather the desire to avenge her alleged maltreatment at the hands of the red team. Different team, same old Lacey.

It did not take long for Lacey to also annoy the blue team. It wasn't long after that the "real" Lacey showed up and began to antagonize her newfound team. She had a hard time following Ben's instructions in the Asian Fusion Challenge. She brought stone-cold brisket during the Bar Mitzvah dinner service. She also cost her team the victory in the Blind Taste Test due to her lackluster one out of four performance.

Not only was her team's patience wearing thin, but so was Chef Ramsay's. When she brought lamb that was not presentable to the pass, Ramsay pulled the trigger and ended Lacey's stint in Hell's Kitchen. It took eight grueling and cringe-worthy episodes but finally, Lacey was eliminated from the competition.

Good riddance.

Suzanne has been a headache for Gordon Ramsay for the entire season.

Suzanne has been a headache for Gordon Ramsay for the entire season.

Suzanne Schlicht (Season 6)

Suzanne thinks she is above everyone else. Cocky and arrogant, Suzanne believes she is far better than she actually is. Suzanne believes she is the best at what she does despite the results being to the contrary.

In the Signature Dish Challenge, Suzanne thought she would blow everyone out of the water with her Fontaine risotto. It failed to impress Chef Ramsay as it was under-cooked. Even Dave commented that it tasted like chalk.

Despite her own failings, Suzanne would never admit to them and instead would throw her teammates under the bus. She felt she was the Michael Jordan of the team who had to carry her team to the promised land. She viewed her teammates as scrubs who needed her help to win.

When the red team lost the Shrimp Cleaning Challenge despite Suzanne scoring 10 points, Tenille became the subject of Suzanne's wrath. This began a rivalry that would last the entire season of Hell's Kitchen.

The red team would go on to lose a lot of dinner services, but Suzanne had the luck of the Irish and survived each and every elimination. She had more lives than a cat.

The ninth episode was a turning point for Suzanne as she was transferred to the blue team. Ramsay felt that a change in environment might light a fire under the under-performing chef.

Just as she was hated by the red team, it took her no time to get the ire of the blue, too. Her bossy and "better than thou" attitude did not sit well with her newfound team. Despite the best efforts of both the red and blue teams to get rid of her, Suzanne was more resilient than a cockroach. She was able to reach the final five and get herself a black jacket.

It took a poor performance on the fish station to finally do her in. She was inconsistent when it came to cooking scallops. Gordon's parting words to Suzanne were "Suzanne had a red jacket, she had a blue jacket, she had a black jacket. Now, she has no jacket."

Raj was known as a chef who ate a lot on the job.

Raj was known as a chef who ate a lot on the job.

Ranjit "Raj" Brandston (Season 8)

At first glance, Raj seemed like a front-runner in Season 8. The guy had spent more years plying his trade than anyone in the competition, including Chef Ramsay himself.

Raj was not exactly a team player. He showed no ability to lead a brigade nor to successfully communicate with his team. He also often went into business on his own and could not follow orders.

Raj thought highly of himself and thinks he is better than he actually is. He suffers from delusions of grandeur. Little does he realize that despite his many years in the kitchen, he is still a mediocre chef.

Instead of being the veteran presence and helping anchor the team, he serves as an impediment to the team instead. During challenges, Raj is a deterrent to the team. He made a sloppy-looking seafood and vegetable pancake which Gordon found unappealing. He also almost lost the sushi challenge for his team when he failed to put wasabi on several of his pieces.

Despite Raj's bumbling, his team won both challenges and he still got to enjoy the rewards though undeserving so.

Raj's incompetence carried over to dinner service as well. He could not even fulfill the simple job of being a waiter and was not even able to explain the house specials or jot down the orders in a timely manner. Every station Raj gets assigned to becomes a sinking ship that needs to be bailed out as he zones out a lot and forgets to do the most basic of things such as seasoning scrambled eggs.

The blue team would only tolerate so much of Raj's failures and eventually, this caused a rift between him and his team. Raj thought that the team was ganging up on him and they thought that Raj was sinking the team.

During Raj's last and final service, he was no better. He cooked the salmon in disgusting stock and this was promptly rejected by Chef Ramsay. Raj then serves up some raw salmon and Gordon Ramsay pulverizes the salmon in frustration. Raj proved to be a glutton and ate a rejected order of fish in his station. Raj then proceeded to mess up three Dover Sole orders. Chef Ramsay asks Raj to explain the situation to the diners but Raj made an excuse that he had a dirty apron. Gordon has enough and promptly throws Raj out of dinner service.

Raj is then eliminated from the contest soon after.

Questions & Answers

Question: Why was Elise Wims allowed to remain in the season 9 competition with her attitude and complete disrespect for any of the other contestants?

Answer: I think that the producers wanted the drama produced by Elise for ratings. To be fair Elise is a talented chef. She just has a poor attitude.

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