5 of the Rudest Owners of Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell

Updated on November 20, 2018
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Ari Nikki

Ari enjoys a lighthearted moment with boyfriend Robert Dean II.
Ari enjoys a lighthearted moment with boyfriend Robert Dean II.

Ari Nikki had a nice and cushy high paying job that was able to afford him and his boyfriend, Robert Dean II, the finer things in life. They were even able to acquire the famed Maxwell Evarts house in Windsor, Vermont.

Things started going downhill as Ari lost his job. While he may have gained a substantial severance package, he and Robert quickly depleted the funds due to their lavish lifestyle.

Even though both are snobs, at least Robert is more personable. Ari is always poker faced and stern.

There was an instance where Ari was trying to educate some guests about the artworks in the inn. He mocked the guests for not knowing what the piece was. What was supposed to be an educational tour turned into an awkward art lesson.

Towards the end of the first episode of the two-parter, Gordon had the entire Juniper Hill Inn staff in a room for a team meeting. While Giulian was ranting about having to do 40 dinners on his own, Ari interrupts him and says he is the boss.

When Gordon wanted to make a point to Ari and Robert by asking for feedback from the hotel guests, Ari becomes angry with the guests for the feedback instead being apologetic. He snapped back at the guest who said that the room was too cold and said that it was like a sauna.

During the relaunch, things were chugging along smoothly when assistant innkeeper Sara saw the dog Sophi in the dining area and sent her away. Ari saw her and raised his voice at her. She then went back to her room in tears.

Ari is stern and his demeanor is not appropriate to be an innkeeper.

Robert Dean II

Robert talks to Gordon about the future of Juniper Hill Inn.
Robert talks to Gordon about the future of Juniper Hill Inn.

Robert Dean II acts like the lord of the manor and acts as if he were a nobleman and the rest of the staff were a bunch of peasants.

He is Ari Nikki's partner in crime and lacks the same courtesy he does. He is easily one of the most notorious hotel owners in the entire three-season run of Hotel Hell.

When Gordon finished his lunch, he gathers Robert, chef Giulian, and waitress Barbara to give his feedback. Giulian then complains about his low pay. He reprimands Robert for living in a $100,000 RV while the staff do not get paid on time. Robert then snaps back and implies that Giulian just spends his time on the Internet and is not productive.

Towards the end of the first episode of the two-parter, Gordon had the entire Juniper Hill Inn staff in a room for a team meeting. Gordon reprimands Robert for not paying the staff on time. Robert then makes excuses that he is busy and does not have a secretary. He also says that the staff do not have to work at the inn. This is the ultimate sign of disrespect to the loyal staff who have stayed with Robert and Ari despite them not being paid on time.

While Robert is a much more personable innkeeper than Ari, his thinking that he is above everyone else leads to him not being respectful towards people he does not consider to be his peers.

Brent MacDonald

Gordon unveils to Brent and Afni the revamped menu.
Gordon unveils to Brent and Afni the revamped menu.

Brent MacDonald is a dirty old man who makes crude jokes and mistreats his staff and the local residents of Chelan.

The first part of the episode shows Brent making an inappropriate joke to a female member of his staff. He says that she used to do pole dancing and that she must have energy as it is Friday night.

When Gordon arrived at the Lakeview Hotel, he could not find the place and saw the sign for valet parking. When he went inside the hotel, Brent did not apologize for not having valet parking. He sarcastically said that he would park Gordon's car himself instead of apologizing.

When Gordon notices that the place is dusty, he makes excuses about being in a dusty area. Afni then hands him a pole with a brush at the end. Gordon then proceeds to clean the dust. Brent then mocks him and says that Gordon might as well clean them all.

Gordon then notices dust on the fan near the ice cream parlor. He asks for the pole again and proceeds to clean the dusty fan. Brent then mockingly says that Gordon is doing a good job cleaning and that he could hire Gordon.

Instead of apologizing for the dusty environment, Brent mocks Gordon instead.

When Brent leads Gordon to the room, he says it is a room for those who have not been laid. Gordon then chides him that it is not right for him to talk to guests like that.

Gordon then finds out that the bedding has not been washed in a while and that it's full of human body fluids. Brent then makes excuses that they were cleaned out a week ago. Instead of apologizing to Gordon and the hotel guests, he made up lies and excuses.

An argument then ensues with Brent and Gordon. Brent denies ever lying to Gordon.

Brent was disrespectful to Gordon throughout the whole episode instead of being humble and grateful for his help.

Ken Pisciotta

Gordon helps Ken socialize.
Gordon helps Ken socialize.

Ken was not exactly rude to his guests, but he treated his staff in a degrading manner. Ken was not always like that. He became like that as he was forced to move into the inn, was nearly 50 and single, and was in heavy debt. He started micromanaging more and became overbearing. His people are more than capable of holding their own, yet Kenny sucks the soul out of them instead of empowering him.

He would often get into verbal altercations with the staff and they would often threaten to quit on him.

A highlight of the episode was Ken's nastagrams. These were post-it notes with stern reminders from Ken.

"Why do I have to ask weekly for the fish to be iced down. Do not take this sign down."

"Do not take my pen. Buy your own"

"If you use this drill, replace it or buy one with your paycheck."

"If you eat these cookies, take one to your next job interview."

Annmarie Rossitto is one of Kenny's closest friends and even she says that Ken has made their lives miserable.

Vanda Smrkovski

Vanda is a spoiled brat who thinks she works hard but gets up very late in the afternoon. The hotel is understaffed and she barely lifts a finger to help them. She and her sister Rina have usurped the general manager position from Mandy Thompson despite them not being qualified to do so.

The sisters have created animosity between themselves and the staff. They think that their people are not good enough to do their job while they themselves are not qualified to manage the hotel. They even criticize the chef in front of Gordon instead of defending their staff.

The whole Calumet Inn episode was a big screaming match and dramafest. Gordon himself felt that he was in a women's prison.

Gordon saw that Vanda and Rina were not fit to run the hotel and helped Mandy regain her position. The episode ends with Vanda and Rina taking a cab out of the hotel.

Rude Owners

Who is the rudest owner in Hotel Hell?

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    • Jan Michael Ong profile imageAUTHOR

      Jan Michael Ong 

      20 months ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

      Hi FlourishAnyway,

      Maybe hotels need stricter inspection by the government and the ones that do not meet standards should be shut down.

      This does not only include the facility but the hospitality as well.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      20 months ago from USA

      I’m surprised any of them stay in business. Shame on the whole bunch of them. They need other careers.


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