5 of the Dirtiest Kitchens in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Updated on November 28, 2018
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Dillon's Lounge has LED signage that looks like a scoreboard.
Dillon's Lounge has LED signage that looks like a scoreboard.


From the moment you go to Dillon's you could see an unusually high number of flies. Despite the white hospital-like cloth surrounding the dining area, Dillon's was in no way clean.

The flies would just be a precursor of things to come for this filthy restaurant.

Gordon would later on discover a treasure trove of filth upon further investigation. During the show, Gordon would often visit the kitchen and food storage facilities. These are after all the engine that makes the restaurant run.

In Dillon's case, the engine was very filthy. There were lots of dead flies caught in fly paper. The old refrigerator and boxes contained a literal plague of cockroaches. Some of which got into Gordon's hair.

Well, Gordon got to feel first hand how it was to be Ramesses the Great and have a plague of flies, roaches and rats befall upon him.

Gordon also discovers plenty of rotten food - moldy burgers, rotten vegetables and green slimy chicken.Gordon is appalled upon this discovery as Gordon has partaken of the said food. He also finds out that half of a rotten tomato is being served to a customer as they speak.

Despite having three managers - General Manager Martin, Operations Manager Andrew and Floor Manager Khan, the restaurant appeared rudderless as they could not even keep their kitchen and supply room clean as well as make sure that the food being served is fresh.

Gordon then proceeds to bring Mohammad, the owner, and Martin, the general manager, to his nearby restaurant and show them a clean and proper kitchen.


Fiesta Sunrise

Fiesta Sunrise

The Fiesta Sunrise has to be way up there in terms of filth when compared to all of the restaurants Gordon has visited in the seven seasons of Kitchen Nightmares.

Unlike some of the restaurants where the owner was unaware of the situation - Vic, one of the owners, was fully aware of the problem and didn't care.

After all, the money used to put up the restaurant was not Vic's money but that of his daughter-in-law, Patty. The restaurant practically bankrupted Patty and destroyed her credit but Vic didn't care.

There was also a was a cornucopia of rotten food - a potful of old rice, old fish, green slimy chicken and weeks old meat soaked in a pool of blood.

To add to the cringe, the servers also recycled the chips. Uneaten chips were simply put back unto the tray - to be served again to the next batch of hungry diners.

Gordon discovered that the kitchen was full of roaches. They were crawling all over the plates and counters. It was like a Zerg infestation. Roaches were simply everywhere. You can sing a rendition of the Spanish song La Cucaracha and use this kitchen as your backdrop.

Gordon then calls in exterminators to take care of the winged menace.

This restaurant was simply offering a feast of unsanitary rotten food.

Fiesta Sunrise



Anthony Trobiano felt that he was a master chef like Gordon Ramsay without having the talent of a Gordon Ramsay.

Anthony's cooking wasn't special and his clientele were mostly older folk who took advantage of his early bird specials. The specials were a good deal after all and the senior citizens needed to stretch their dollars.

Anthony did not even bother to taste his food as he was so supremely confident that he thought everything he did was perfect.

Gordon then proceeds to critique his food and Anthony does not seem to be fazed.

Gordon the proceeds to pay the kitchen a visit then discovers that it is filthy - the oven is dirty, the floors haven't been sanitized in ages and the plates were a health hazard.

To add to this, Gordon discovers a few "gifts" from the local rodent population. There were rat droppings all over the kitchen.

Gordon confronts Anthony about this and Anthony responds that there are people that are hired to clean the restaurant and that it was not his job to do so.

Gordon lambasts Anthony because of his arrogance and this hits him hard.

In the end, Anthony realizes the error of his ways and joins the cleaning efforts in the kitchen.




Oceana is fondly remembered by Kitchen Nightmare fans for the sibling rivalry between Moe and Rami.

The restaurant did not serve as a place where the brothers could bond but rather it served as a battlefield.

Throughout the show, Rami tried to be the voice of reason. He wanted to tell Chef Ramsay about the situation in the restaurant. This did not sit well with Moe as he felt Rami was betraying him.

Being located in New Orleans, there was a steady supply of fresh seafood to be had. The restaurant however, did not exactly use the freshest the sea had to offer. The off-dated seafood belonged to a museum rather than a restaurant.

Instead of getting a taste of New Orleans, Gordon saw milky crabs, old rotten shrimp and half dead craw fish.

There were lots of food with no dates so there was no idea when it was actually prepared.A lot of the prepared food was already old and were not exactly stored in the most sanitary of conditions.

He also finds not three blind mice but three dead mice which have been caught by a mousetrap.

Gordon berated Executive Chef Damon for keeping such a filthy kitchen and not practicing proper food storage procedures.

It was the end of the line for Chef Damon. The brothers fire him soon after.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

French chef Michel Bardavid thinks he is the best chef in Ventura County.

However, sales for his restaurant "The Secret Garden" seem to contradict that notion.

Michel is $300,000 in the hole and there seems to be no uptick in business. Instead of looking like a classy and opulent French restaurant, the Secret Garden looked more like grandma's house.The decor looked horrid and the place was dusty.

It appears that Michel was not the cleanest of chefs. His ovens were filthy and greasy. Gordon Ramsay could not imagine cooking with such equipment.

He also discovered the "secret" of the Secret Garden. It was rotten food full of mold.some of the produce was so rotten that it was already infested with maggots. This disgusts Gordon and he promptly heads to the bathroom.

Gordon had a heated exchange with Chef Michel and he even called Michel "a filthy pig."

While Gordon was able to compel Michel to clean up his act, he was not able to save the restaurant and the Secret Garden was no more.

The Secret Garden

Dirtiest Kitchen

Which of the restaurants had the dirtiest kitchen?

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Questions & Answers

  • What season and episode is Oceana on in Kitchen Nightmares?

    It is in Season 4, Episode 12.

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