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5 of the Best Winning Streaks in "The Amazing Race" History

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"Amazing Race" Best Teams

All different teams from brothers and sisters, to parents and children, husbands and wives, best friends, and co-workers have ran The Amazing Race. However, few of these teams have managed to win four or more legs of this grueling race in a row.

In this article, we’ll honor some of the best teams to hit that golden number of winning four or more legs in a row and look at how they did it.

Justin & Diana, Fiancées and "Amazing Race" Fans

Justin & Diana powering up for the Amazing Race.  Picture courtesy of the source and CBS.

Justin & Diana powering up for the Amazing Race. Picture courtesy of the source and CBS.

1. Season 27, Justin & Diana, Legs 6-10

Justin and Diana won five legs in a row of The Amazing Race, a truly impressive feat. Let’s take a look at how they got it done.

Leg 6

Leg 6 begins at Victoria Falls in Zambia. For the first task of the day, Diana had to jump off the top. Once a team braved the Falls they headed out to the airport and France.

In France, teams went to a small plane in a field. The player who didn’t jump off the Falls in Zambia had to do this task, so Justin was up. Getting in the plane, which looped and turned crazily in the air, the player had to look for three words that proclaim the saying of the French Revolution: Égalité, Liberté, and Fraternité.

When it comes to the Detour in Paris, France, the players have to choose between “Drop the Mic” and “Bust a Crab.” Over Diana’s objections, Justin & Diana did Drop the Mic, a rapping challenge. They do the task after a few tries and head off to the Pit Stop where, despite their squabbling, they come in first.

Leg 7

Teams next head from Paris to Rotterdam. Justin & Diana are smart enough not to just wait for their assigned train time and grab an earlier train, unlike some. They are also smart enough to know that Rotterdam is not Amsterdam, unlike some of their fellow racers. This basic level of intellect gets Justin & Diana into pole position for the next challenge.

The teams spend the night on top of a boat and leave in staggered order based on when they arrived, so Justin & Diana are off and running first. Getting to the Roadblock after more squabbling, the clue reads, “Who wants to pick the Sunflowers?” Diana chose to do the task which involved studying a specific sunflower painting by Van Gogh and then running around some windmills and finding the exact match for the painting.

Diana stumbled some on this Roadblock, getting passed by several teams as she struggled to find the matching pieces of art, but she finally got out of there in the middle of the pack.

One of Van Gogh's studies on Sunflowers

One of Van Gogh's studies on Sunflowers

Back in Rotterdam, the Detour was Ship or Skip. In Ship, teams had to successfully pilot a ship simulator in a limited period of time. In Skip, teams had to double Dutch jump rope while performing a hand-clapping routine.

Justin & Diana choose the Ship Detour and run off to get it done. Although they didn’t arrive at the ship simulator first, the pair did get the Detour done on the second go, passing Kelsey & Joey, Cindy & Rick, and Tanner & Josh along the way.

After that tour de force, Justin & Diana checked in with Phil first at the Pit Stop. That season, team members were wearing Fitbits. During the leg, Justin had walked 14,234 steps while Diana had walked 17,639 steps. Phil surprises them by saying Fitbit is giving them those steps in dollars!

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Leg 8

Justin & Diana get the first clue and learn they are flying to Krakow, Poland. Due to their being in the front and a lack of plane space, Justin & Diana end up being the only team on the first plane, landing about an hour before the next plane.

The pair do a few inconsequential tasks before getting to the Detour: Mine or Music. In Mine, the team must descend a 1000 feet into a salt mine, carry a large beam a ways through the corridors, fill a mining cart with salt, and push it back through the tunnels.

In Music, the team has to learn a piano piece and then roll their piano into the streets and perform a duet with a violinist there until they’ve made 100 zloty.

Justin & Diana choose Mine. Only at about this time does the second plane carrying the other players even land. Meanwhile, Justin & Diana get working in the mines. The task is grueling, but the pair works hard and are making good progress.

Before the other teams arrive, Justin & Diana complete the Detour and head off for a tour of the Oskar Schindler factory. The pair then moved onto the Roadblock: “Who can handle a big order?” Justin chose to do the Roadblock, but then realized its nature. The task was to memorize the look of seven traditional Jewish dishes and to figure out what they were. The racer then had to correctly take orders and deliver those orders.

Despite Justin’s worry about performance issues at the Roadblock, he came through and completed the task before anyone else and Justin & Diana finished yet another leg in first place.

One of many dishes to choose from

One of many dishes to choose from

Leg 9

This episode the teams are off to New Delhi, India. From there, they are heading to Agra. The teams are bunched up on the train. When they get to the Roadblock they find it involves washing clothes, which is much harder than it sounds. Racers use large metal pots with stirring and beating sticks and water to wash the clothes. There are very specific instructions, and it’s really hot out outside.

Justin & Diana are third heading out of the Roadblock. When they come to the Detour they find Cans or Candy. In Cans, racers must load a rickshaw with 120 cans and deliver them to the New Taj Oil Company. In Candy, teams have to make their own traditional Indian pumpkin candy called Pertha, put it in the rickshaw and then deliver it.

Justin & Diana actually get to the Detour first and decide to do the Cans Detour. However, they soon realize that the traffic is going to make this task a real challenge. Still, they manage to slog on and get the Detour done first. They arrive at the U-Turn before anyone else, saving themselves, and not using it on any other team.

Finishing up the leg, Justin & Diana come in first yet again and win a trip to Honolulu!

Leg 10

This leg continues in Agra, India. Justin & Diana left first from the Pit Stop in front of the Taj Mahal. The clue warned to be ready for a U-Turn sooner than they thought. With that in mind, the couple ran into the chaotic streets.

When Justin & Diana got to their next clue at Kachora Bazaar, they found a Roadblock. “Who’s full of hot air?” In this task the racer had to blow up balloons and fill up a very large net with them. Afterwards, the racer had to ride a bicycle across a busy bridge, carrying the balloons with him or her.

Justin decided to do the task, pumping with an air pump, while Diana imagined this was all for their own wedding. Arriving at the Roadblock so much earlier than the other teams, Justin & Diana easily finished first and carried on.

Justin blowing up his balloons to fill his giant net.

Justin blowing up his balloons to fill his giant net.

Before the Detour, Justin & Diana had a chance to use the U-Turn. They decided to use it on Logan & Chris to protect their friends Kelsey & Joey and Tiffany & Krista.

The Detour was either Bring the Groom or Bring the Fun. Bringing the Groom meant teams had to join a wedding procession with one member carrying a candelabra and the other pushing a generator. The teams have to accompany the groom to his wedding. In Bring the Fun, racers had to push a wheeled carnival ride through the streets to a wedding celebration and then give eight children a ride. Justin & Diana chose Bring the Fun.

Justin & Diana had no trouble getting through this Detour and a lot of fun with all the kids who tagged along and got rides from them. After the Detour, Phil was waiting on the fairgrounds to check them in first and award them each $5000.00.

Although Justin dreamed of breaking The Amazing Race’s record of eight total leg wins, but he didn’t reach his goal. Justin & Diana did end up finishing the race in second place to Kelsey & Joey and had an all-around impressive appearance on the race.

Rachel & Dave, Army Wife and Combat Pilot

Rachel & Dave

Rachel & Dave

Season 20, Rachel & Dave, Legs 9-12, Beginning with Leg 9:

Army wife and combat pilot Rachel & Dave started out leg 9 in second place. In fact, if it wasn’t for that single second place, Rachel & Dave could have come in first place in legs 6-12. They start the leg by joining up with best friends Mark & Bopper to find the optimal tickets to Cochin, India.

When all the racers arrived in Cochin, Rachel & Dave managed to sprint ahead and grab an earlier bus, getting a head start on the next task. Finding a large field with many Bollywood extras, the teams ran into a Roadblock. In it, the racer had to dress up like a Bollywood dancer and then learn a Bollywood routine to dance with actual Bollywood dancers.

Rachel did the Roadblock for the team. She did a good job, only taking a few tries to get it right, and Rachel & Dave head out first. Getting the next clue, the duo learned they were headed to an Indian coffee shop.

At the coffee house, Rachel & Dave get their next clue, a Detour. The choice is Cricket or Clutch It. In Cricket, one player had to hit a cricket ball past a professional player and to the boundary. For Clutch It, both players have to learn rickshaw driving skills by transporting passengers around a professional rickshaw driving ring successfully.

The two chose Clutch It. Dave sniped and griped at Rachel through most of this Detour, although even he didn’t pass it on his first try. Still, the two didn’t take too many tries and finished the Detour in first place. Afterwards, the pair learned they can race to the Pit Stop at Bolgatty Palace regaining their winning ways and getting a trip for two to St. Lucia.

Rachel driving the rickshaw.

Rachel driving the rickshaw.

Leg 10

Rachel & Dave headed out first on this leg, getting a clue that said to head for a local blessing. Going to the temple, the pair accepted the offering. They then ran off to the next destination.

Meanwhile, Rachel & Brendan had gone for the Fast Forward. Unfortunately for Rachel, the Fast Forward involved shaving their heads. Rachel broke down and just couldn’t do it, putting them behind.

When Rachel & Dave arrived at the Roadblock they found other teams there. The Roadblock involved spinning 40 feet worth of string out of coconut husks and then winding it on a spool. Dave elected to do the task and did well at it.

Finishing the first part of the Roadblock, Dave had to take four bundles of already spun rope across the factory floor. He then had to place the bundles so they could be unspooled with a hand crank. Dave said, “It was definitely very labor-intensive, like doing a hose.” As Dave kept going, the skin began to rip from his hands from the trauma of the labor. Dave slowed down and Vanessa & Ralph managed to get out ahead of him.

Rachel & Dave did manage to get out of the factory second, despite the damage to Dave’s hands. Due to Vanessa falling and injuring herself on the way to the Detour, Rachel & Dave managed to catch up as they got to Fort Kochi. Finding the Detour, the choice proved to be Pachyderm or Pack a Box.

In Pachyderm, teams had to properly decorate an elephant with his headdress then they had to fill and transport 15 wheelbarrows of elephant dung. In Pack a Box, teams had to get involved in India’s spice trade. The teams had to find a ginger processing center, get 10 empty boxes, fill these boxes with ginger, then seal and stencil each box for shipping before returning them to the warehouse.

Rachel & Dave chose the elephant task. The team rocked out the challenge, working methodically together to move the manure. Their skill earned them yet another closely fought win this leg.

Decorated elephants

Decorated elephants

Leg 11

Starting out the leg, Rachel & Dave discovered they were headed for Hiroshima, Japan and Miyajima Island. All four remaining teams were on the same flight, so the race was really on. Rachel & Dave got in trouble when they were trying to get train tickets and missed the train the other teams got.

Struggling again, Rachel & Dave miss the ferry the other teams are taking to get to the island, and have to wait for the next one. Luckily for Rachel & Dave, the teams all have to wait until sunrise for the next task to open, so they have a chance to catch up.

At 7:00 a.m., the teams are allowed to walk into Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. After giving their respects, the teams head to Osaka and Studio 8. Rachel & Dave and a few of the other teams are dropped off at the wrong place, allowing border patrol agents, Art & JJ to get a lead.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The Roadblock here is a Japanese game show called, “Bring That Kitchen Home!” Sprinting on a moving track, the racer has to grab three rubber chickens hanging from the ceiling. They then have to get to the finish line to give the chickens to their host.

Sprinting hard, Art stayed ahead of Rachel & Dave, completing the Roadblock before the other teams arrive. The next destination is the Floating Sky Observatory on the roof of the Umeda Sky Building.

When Rachel got to the Roadblock, she did a good job grabbing chickens and moved on pretty quickly.

By now Art & JJ had arrived at the Detour: Bingo Shout Out or Photo-Cut-Out. In Bingo Shout Out, teams had to correctly identify pieces of sushi as a chef called them out and then put them down on a Bingo board. Once the team achieved a correct Bingo, the team must eat the sushi and then get their clue.

In Photo-Cut-Out teams must get a camera and two life-sized sumo cutouts. The teams must convince ten different groups of people to pose for a picture inside the cut-out before they could pass the Detour.

After a brief argument, Rachel & Dave decided to take on Photo-Cut-Out. At first, they were polite, but that didn’t get anyone in the photos. So the couple turned up the charm and the pressure and were soon getting people to pose in their cutouts.

Rachel & Dave’s aggressive move at the Detour moved them ahead of the other teams and they checked in once again in the first position, going into the final leg of the race.

Rachel & Brendan playing sushi Bingo

Rachel & Brendan playing sushi Bingo

Leg 12 - The Finale

Ready for the final leg, Rachel & Dave open the clue and find out they are going to Honolulu, Hawaii. When they land they have to find Mauka and Makai (two towers). All remaining three teams take the same flight, so things are evened up again.

When they got to the towers the teams found a clue waiting. One of the members would have to use the provided equipment to work their way up the side of the building while looking for the race flag across the water from the building. Once the racer found the clue they would have to hurry and rappel down the side of the building.

Rachel getting ready to rappel

Rachel getting ready to rappel

Rachel struggled a bit with this task, but not as much as the other teams. Rachel & Dave took off to find the race flag in first. Once they arrived, Dave had to struggle at another task, one where he had to chip and shave away at ice to get to the items inside. But he succeeded in good time and Rachel & Dave jumped on a waiting helicopter.

Rachel & Dave’s next task was to “rescue” a swimmer in the water using a jet ski. Even though the water was choppy, Rachel easily drove out to Dave and rescued him from the rough waves.

Team Rachel & Dave then made a crucial mistake. They missed the Roadblock: Hawaiian Games. This Roadblock involved riding the luge on an old oiled-up sled down a grass hill. Skipping over this, Rachel & Dave had to pick up a painted rock called a ulu maika. They had to roll them and hit targets. Rachel & Dave finished quickly and ran for the win. Unfortunately for them, they had neglected to do the Roadblock.

Although Rachel & Dave were shocked not to have won yet, they did not give up. The two ran back to the Roadblock and Rachel managed to complete it swiftly. Turning around and running back again, this time the two were declared the winners of The Amazing Race 20.

Rachel & Dave made history this season by being the first team to win a total of 8 legs in one season, dominating the race.

Meghan & Cheyne, Dating Couple

Meghan & Cheyne from The Amazing Race

Meghan & Cheyne from The Amazing Race

Season 15 Meghan & Cheyne, Legs 9-12

Leg 9:

Dating couple, Meghan & Cheyne, came into leg 9 in the middle of the pack. All of the teams bunched up waiting for a ferry to Tallinn, Estonia. Once in Tallinn in the morning, teams knew they had an address to go to and some keys to use to get in.

Meghan & Cheyne got into the building first, along with brothers Sam & Dan, and found a Roadblock. Cheyne chose to do the Roadblock. In it, he had to temporarily join the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, a secret Estonian merchant society. Descending into the depths, Cheyne had to find a candelabra with a number on it. He then had to find the corresponding room. Inside, the racer would find a blank parchment. It was up to the racer to realize he had to use the flames to reveal a message on the parchment.

While Cheyne and Sam worked on the puzzle, other teams began to catch up. Flight Time & Big Easy and Brian & Erika both arrived. Flight Time and Erika headed down to take on the Roadblock. Finally, Erika and Cheyne held the paper near the fire and began to see the message, “Pikk Hermann Tower Garden.”

The teams find a Detour at the towers: Serve or Sling. In Serve, teams have to slog around in the mud playing a round of volleyball. In Sling, teams stand in the mud using a slingshot to fire various vegetables at a moose target. If a team makes a direct hit, the table below collapses dumping a pile of cabbages down along with a clue to the next location.

Both Meghan & Cheyne and Brian & Erika decide to Serve. Both complete the Detour relatively quickly, but Meghan & Cheyne get the taxi luck and manage to get to the Pit Stop first.

Meghan & Cheyne check in first at the Pit Stop at Keava Raba Overlook Tower and earn first place.

Meghan & Cheyne at the Serve Detour

Meghan & Cheyne at the Serve Detour

Leg 10

This leg takes teams to Prague in the Czech Republic. They have to go to Staromestske namesti, the town square. There, they have to find the man in a Praga. Teams have to figure out a Praga is a vintage Czech convertible.

Meghan & Cheyne take off in first place, but all four remaining teams go out on the same flight to Prague. Before their flight takes off, both Meghan & Cheyne and The Globetrotters do research and discover a Praga is a car.

Meghan & Cheyne arrive at the square first, with Sam & Dan just behind. They get a clue saying to go to the Kayakay Troja outdoor adventure center. When the two teams arrive they find a Detour: Fast & Furious or Slow & Steady.

In Fast & Furious teams have to ride a manmade whitewater rafting course professional kayakers train on. As they make their way through the rapids, they have to grab a hanging ribbon which has their next clue on it. If they tip over or miss the ribbon, they’ll have to try again.

In Slow & Steady, racers have to pull and yank themselves across a difficult aerial ropes course suspended above the rapids. When the team gets across the ropes, each member will receive a clue.

Meghan & Cheyne decide to go for Slow & Steady, deciding it’s the safer way to go. However, the Detour proved harder than it looked, and the two struggled. Still, the team finished the Detour first, getting their next clue. All it said was, “Stavovske Divaldo.” After asking a few locals, Meghan found out the clue referred to Prague’s Estates Theater.

The ropes course

The ropes course

When the team arrived at the theater they found the Roadblock. It said one team member had to search the large theater for a hidden mini-mandolin. The racer could then bring it to “Don Giovanni” on the stage to finish the task. Cheyne decided to do this Roadblock and began systematically searching the theater while Don Giovanni serenaded him.

At one point, Cheyne found a regular sized mandolin and brought it to Don Giovanni who just laughed at him. Poor Cheyne. The Globetrotters were now in the theater and moving fast. With Big Easy breathing down his neck, Cheyne finally found a miniature mandolin and finished the Roadblock. Meghan & Cheyne headed for the Pit Stop at Prague Castle, checking in at the mat first with Phil.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Leg 11

Meghan & Cheyne begin the leg in Prague. The first clue leads them to the Spanish Synagauge in the city’s oldest Jewish house of prayer. Finding a clue, it told the racers to go to Ekotechnicke museum.

Arriving first at the museum, Meghan & Cheyne are plunged into a Kafkaesque nightmare of hundreds of ringing phones. Of all the phones, only five said anything. Five phones each said one letter. Meghan chose to do the task. She listened over and over as she tried to find the five letters. Once a racer got the letters, the next task was to unscramble them to make a word. In this case the letters, R, A, Z, F, and N anagram to “Franz,” Kafka’s first name.

After getting the letters, Meghan entered the supervisor’s office. The supervisor had Meghan fill out a ridiculous form filled with random questions. She forgot to put her answer from the phones at the bottom the first time and failed, but succeeded the second time she filled the form out. The resulting clue sent them to Kryocentrum.

Trappe in a Kafkaesque beaurocracy of phones and cacophony.

Trappe in a Kafkaesque beaurocracy of phones and cacophony.

At the Kryocentrum, Meghan & Cheyne, still in the lead, found out they needed to strip to their underwear, wear headbands, gloves, facemasks, and sandals and then stand in a subzero room for two minutes. Ouch.

Once their ordeal was over, Meghan & Cheyne headed to Charles Bridge where they found the Detour. The choice was Legend or Lager. In Legend, teams can follow Jewish mythology and build a legendary creature made of clay and straw to protect people. Teams had to cover the wooden golem in clay and transport it across town. In Lager, teams had to deliver 30 beers from a brewery, across a busy town square, to a group of rowdy soccer players.

Meghan & Cheyne chose the Golem Detour, working on smoothing the heavy clay over the wooden form. The golem was really heavy once all the mud was added, but it did have two wheels at the feet, helping the team to slowly move it forward.

After dropping off their heavy load, Meghan & Cheyne got a clue telling them to head to the Pit Stop at Strelecky Ostrov, an island next to the Charles Bridge. When they checked in, each team member received a 52” television as well as first place in the leg.

Meghan & Cheyne racing in a cab to get to the Pit Stop

Meghan & Cheyne racing in a cab to get to the Pit Stop

Leg 12

In the final leg of the race, dating couple Meghan & Cheyne opened their clue to find they were headed to Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon landing, they had to find the Graceland Wedding Chapel and get their nex clue from the Elvis.

In Las Vegas, all three teams got to the chapel at about the same time. After the three teams joined Elvis in Amazing Grace. After that, the King gave the teams clues telling them to go to the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Brian & Erika got a fast cab and made it to the hotel first where they found a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to perform a face first, 600 foot rappel down the side of the building. Because of Brian's fear of heights, Erika did the Roadblock.

Meanwhile, Meghan & Cheyne had reached the Roadblock and Cheyne was getting ready to perform it. When Erika got back to ground she received her clue telling her team to go to the Mirage Hotel.

Cheyne made it down the side of the Mandalay Bay in second place and he and Meghan scrambled after Brian & Erika as fast as they could. At the Mirage, teams had to take part in the Cirque du Soleil's show, Love. Using bungee cords and a trampoline, one member of the team had to try to launch the other member high enough in the air to grab a dangling bouquet of flowers to get their next clue.

Meghan & Cheyne arrived at the theater just as Erika was strapping up to perform. Erika struggled to get a ryhthym and get to the flowers. Meghan also had difficulties, but she got her bouquet while Erika was still arguing with Brian about who should be in the harness.

Upon getting the clue, Meghan & Cheyne found out they had to find the most famous casino in Monaco. Teams had to figure out that the answer was the Monte Carlo.

Meghan & Cheyne struggled to find the answer to their clue. Their driver told them it was the Venetian. Going there, the team finally found the real answer. They just hoped they hadn't lost too much time.

Sam & Dan, who had known the answer to the clue immediately, passed Meghan & Cheyne and arrived at the Monte Carlo first. Opening their clue, the guys discovered they would have to count one million dollars in poker chips. Each team could choose one table of 8,400 chips of different denominations to count from.


Due to their troubles with the previous clue, Meghan & Cheyne arrived last at the poker tables. The team didn't panic, just noting they had to get it right the first time.

Within seconds of each other, all three teams submitted their counts for approval. Only Meghan & Cheyne got the thumbs up and could keep going. The dealer gave them a special chip and a clue. The clue said they had to race to the MGM Grand Hotel and find the High Roller Suite where Mr. Las Vegas would tell them the location of the finish line.

Arriving at the MGM Grand, Meghan & Cheyne are excited to see that Mr. Las Vegas is Wayne Newton. Wayne tells the team that the finish line is at his house, but he doesn't tell them where that is!

Sam & Dan had also finished with the poker table and now were racing Meghan & Cheyne for the finish line, but it was dating couple Meghan & Cheyne who made it to the finish line first to win The Amazing Race 15.

Season 24, Dave & Connor, Leg 9

This leg started with the teams having to catch a train in Rome and travel over the Swiss Alps to Chiasso, Switzerland. Newlyweds Rachel & Brendan had U-Turned father and son Dave & Connor the previous leg, but they had survived. When Rachel & Brendan got on the train, they hoped they would be alone, but Dave & Connor and all the teams, save the Cowboys, made the same train.

Once arriving in Chiasso, the teams learned they would have to wait until 6:45am to begin racing again. In the meantime, the Cowboys caught up with the rest of the field. At 6:45 William Tell and his son arrived, passing out a figurine telling teams to head to Lucerne and find the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, the Chapel Bridge.

Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge

All the teams, save Rachel & Brendan, found the bridge together, getting the clue to go to the Schweizerhof Hotel. At the hotel each team had to perfectly clean a hotel room that had been trashed by some rockers. The first time around, all the teams failed their inspections. By this time, Rachel & Brendan had arrived.

The Cowboys finally figured out that they hadn’t folded the toilet paper and got Helga, the head of housekeeping’s approval. Shortly thereafter, Dave & Connor, the Country Singers, and Afghanimals also finished the task.

The next clue sent teams to the Swiss Museum of Transport. The guys circled round to stare at a large marked artifact. It was gigantic, completely circular, and covered in indentations and small perpendicular blades on its face. The man asked the Cowboys if they knew what the item was for. Jet was on the ball and immediately knew this was a drill used to bore through mountains.

The man told the Cowboys to run behind the building where they found five vintage Ford Mustangs. Using a clue on the car, the Cowboys learned they had to use clues on nearby signs to figure out what year their mustang was built.

Meanwhile, Dave also knew that the large metal item was a drill, and he passed that information on to the Afghanimals and the country singers, so all three teams joined the Cowboys at the car challenge.

Their lead still serving them well, the Cowboys finished the task first, getting a clue telling them to go to Oberrickenbach. But Dave & Connor finished hot on their heels.

Jet and Cord and Dave & Connor arrived at almost exactly the same time at the milk tanker at Oberrickenbach. Finding a Roadblock, one racer had to pick up milk, Swiss style. They had to choose a dog with a cart full of empty cans and then take it up into two gondolas. Once up the mountain, the racer had to find farmers with full cans to exchange for their empty cans and then deliver them back to the start for their next clue.

Cord and Connor chose to do the Roadblock for their teams. Connor gained the lead on Cord while hiking through the snow, although he had to stop several times due to the weight of the full cans. As the task went on, the lead changed slightly again with both men finishing at just about the same time. Both Cord and Connor received the clue telling them to go find the Pit Stop in the town of Engleberg. There they should catch a ride to the Pit Stop at the top of 10,000-foot Mt. Titlis.

Dave & Connor managed to drive well enough to just beat the Cowboys to the gondola. Getting an earlier car, Dave & Connor got ready for a foot race, knowing they were at a disadvantage in this area. While waiting for the second gondola, not only did the Cowboys catch up, but the Afghanimals did as well, making Dave & Connor worry even more.

As the doors opened, the Cowboys and Afghanimals took off one way, so Dave & Connor took a chance and took an elevator. Their chance paid off and they beat the other teams to the Pit Stop, winning the leg and a pair of 2015 Mustangs.

Mt. Titlis

Mt. Titlis

Leg 10

This leg had Dave & Connor leaving in first place and heading for Seville, Spain. They needed to look for their next clue at the Alameda where they would find their next clue between Hercules and Ceasar. They also learned there would be a U-Turn on the leg.

At the Zurich airport only Dave & Connor and Leo & Jamal managed to get tickets on the first flight, making both teams feel very good about their chances.

When Dave & Connor opened their clue in Seville, it told them to go around the corner to Melado Peluqueros. This is a barber shop where the teams find a Roadblock. This task requires the racer to become a barber of Seville by using a sharp blade, shaving cream, and a balloon. The racer must use the proper technique and not pop the balloon and had only 60 seconds to complete the task. If they failed, they had to try again

A balloon ready for shaving

A balloon ready for shaving

Connor managed to complete the task first, receiving his next clue. The clue told the father-son team to go to the Patio de las Doncellas in the Real Alcazar. Once arriving at this location, Dave & Connor had to retrieve the clue from a reflecting pool at Patio de las Doncellas.

The clue is a Detour. Spanish Steps requires teams to join flamenco dancers and master the steps to one of their routines. Run with the Ballz requires teams to run through the streets wearing “ballz” while attempting to avoid bulls. Along the way, they have to identify a motto and correctly recite it at the end.

Dave & Connor decide to Run with the Ballz. When they get to an open area, human bulls come swarming out and quite literally bull them over. However, Connor is being careful to note the signs in the squares before he is bulled over.

After finally making it through the gauntlet, Connor tells the waiting clue holder, “A matador never thinks of his own death.” Connor is right, and he and Dave are off. This time they are heading to the General Archives of the Indies.

After not using the U-Turn (they had already done so) Dave & Connor headed for the Pit Stop, checking in first again and winning a trip for two to St. Croix.

A racer gets ready to be pummeled by bulls.

A racer gets ready to be pummeled by bulls.

Leg 11

Dave & Connor started off this leg learning they were heading to London, England. Once there they had to drive to Liverpool and find Anfield Stadium, where famed football team, Liverpool FC, plays. Once arriving at the grounds, each team member has to score two goals against a professional goalie to get their next clue.

All four teams travelled together from Spain to England, keeping the competition tight.

Arriving in London, Dave & Connor stumbled, getting lost on the way to the football stadium. Arriving at the stadium after all the other teams had finished the challenge, Dave & Connor had a lot of time to make up. Unfortunately, despite being a good athlete, Connor struggled with this task, pushing his team even farther behind.

After finishing the stadium task, teams had to head to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. In the Roadblock here one team member had to learn a Welsh poem. The team member would have 15 minutes to practice with a tutor before performing in front of an audience. If the performance is successful, then the team will get their next clue.

Dave & Connor arrived just barely fourth at the Roadblock, behind cousins Leo & Jamal. Connor chose to do the Roadblock, but he was very nervous about memorizing the strange words. None of the teams got through the Roadblock on the first try. However, the next time around Brendan and country singer Caroline both aced the task, leaving only Jamal and Connor struggling at the back of the pack. Jamal nailed his next attempt and Connor did the same, trailing just behind him.

The next clue sent the teams to Bolesworth Estate for the Detour: Boot It or Shoot It. In Shoot It teams must shoot 16 clay pigeons out of the air to get their clue. In Boot It teams must dress up in their Downton Abbey finest and then participate in the strange sport of Welly Throwing. To do this, teams must fill a size 9 or 11 Welly boot with water. The teams take turns hurling the water-filled boots along a path, refilling them as they go.

Dave & Connor chose Shoot It. Country singers Caroline & Jennifer also chose this Detour. Although Dave & Connor had trouble with this Detour at first, they slowly began to make progress, shooting clay pigeons out of the sky. Still, Caroline & Jennifer finish first by a few pigeons and quickly rip open their clue which says the Pit Stop is at Peckforton Castle.

Just as the ladies left, Connor shot the last pigeon and he and Dave rushed off. There was a split in the path and Caroline & Jennifer chose to go right while Dave & Connor chose to go left. It turned out Dave & Connor chose the correct way and they checked in first again at the Pit Stop ensuring their place in the final three.

Brendan & Rachael demonstrate Welly Throwing

Brendan & Rachael demonstrate Welly Throwing

Leg 12

Getting ready for the final leg, Dave & Connor opened their starting clue to discover they were headed to Las Vegas, Nevada. When the teams arrived at Las Vegas they hopped into cars with no idea where they were going. The cars left the Vegas strip and drove deeper into the desert night.

Finally, their drivers stopped the cars and told the racers to get out and dig. Newlyweds Rachel & Brendan kept shoveling dirt near the other teams holes causing a lot of tension between teams. Finally, Dave & Connor unearthed a box saying “Property of David Copperfield. If found, open and return contents to The Lot.”

With the other teams just behind, Rachel found a pry bar in the car and she and Brendan found a ring of keys inside.

Dave & Connor headed out anyway, managing to bust their box open when they got to The Lot. The Roadblock here had one team member hiding in a box, using keys to unlock their shackles and then using lockpicks to get free of the chains. Once free, the legendary magician David Copperfield would give them their next clue.

Connor decided to do the magic trick for their team.

Using a combination of skill and ingenuity (breaking the corner of a box to get inside) Dave & Connor completed this Roadblock first. David Copperfield gave the pair a clue telling them to go to the Neon Boneyard Museum. Searching around the museum, they finally found a clue telling them to unscrew light bulbs from the silver and red question mark sign and take it to the Mirage Hotel and Casino.

Unfortunately for Dave & Connor, they missed the employee entrance they were supposed to use and lost some time during which Caroline & Jennifer passed them. In this challenge, teams have to use the light bulbs they brought to fill in the “i” in Mirage that stands 30 stories above the ground. Once they finished they got their clue.

Dave & Connor arrived shortly after the country singers. Working methodically, Dave & Connor managed to pass Caroline & Jennifer once again. Meanwhile, Rachel & Brendon were having taxi troubles.

Both the country singers and father-son Dave & Connor ended this task at almost the same time, receiving their clues which told them to go to Maverick Helicopters in Henderson. In an exciting race to the location, Dave & Connor’s taxi was ahead, but took a wrong turn. However, he made it up, just pulling ahead of Caroline & Jennifer’s taxi giving Dave & Connor a crucial few seconds to get to the helicopters first.

The teams found themselves at one final Roadblock. The team member doing the Roadblock had to look for a sign while flying in the air that told them where the helicopter should drop them off to meet their partner. Then the person doing the Roadblock must make a 10,000 foot jump to the ground below.

Racers were looking for the sign saying, “Las Vegas Motor Speedway.” It was unclear to those on the ground below which helicopter was arriving first, but Dave landed on the ground and he and Connor ran to the finish line making them the winners of The Amazing Race and four legs in a row.


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