Top 10 TV Shows You Need to Binge Watch

Updated on August 7, 2019
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Daisie, a high school student, loves to write and draw digitally. She also likes to code and brainstorm new ideas at random.

Kramer, Elaine, George and Jerry
Kramer, Elaine, George and Jerry

1. Seinfeld

Oh boy, where do I begin with this show?

Seinfeld is an American sitcom where a comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, shows how he gets his material. As Jerry goes about his daily life, there is always something new happening. He is accompanied by his best friend George, crazy neighbor Kramer, and ex-girlfriend Elaine. This bunch will have you laughing and saying "that's me!" at most of their relatable moments.

Personally, I've watched this show with my mom all the time since we had the entire collection on DVD. It was great; I bond with her over this show all the time as we both recite quotes from our favorite episodes.

Elaine (left) and Jerry (right)
Elaine (left) and Jerry (right) | Source

2. The Office

Another American sitcom, this time in an office! If you've worked in an office, it can be pretty boring. Well, not in this show. The variety of personalities in the characters make them stand out, not to mention the subtle and awkward humor. This show has a documentary style where the characters talk about their view of the events that happened in the episode.

Some of the characters are Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly, Jim Halpert, Stanley Hudson, and plenty more. (Literally, there are way too many characters in this show.) You will most likely relate to at least one of the characters.

Jim (left), Michael (middle), and Dwight (right)
Jim (left), Michael (middle), and Dwight (right) | Source

3. Everybody Loves Raymond

I know, I know- another American sitcom; but this one is really good too!

It's about a successful sportswriter, Ray Barone, who is also a family man that has to deal with his parents and brother. His luck, they live right across the street from him! His mom, Marie, always wants to be involved in his life. His dad, Frank, just makes sarcastic remarks and his older brother, Robert, is a bit jealous of his success.

Sadly, the actress who played Marie on this show was Doris Roberts. She died at 90 years old on April 17, 2016. She'll always be remembered through the movies and shows she was apart of.

[Side note: I need to get the entire collection of this on DVD for my mom's birthday!]

The Raymond cast!
The Raymond cast! | Source

4. Felicity

Looking for more of a series to keep you on edge?

Felicity is a show about a girl (named Felicity) who chases after a boy she met in high school. She switches where she's going to college so she can finally get the boy of her dreams, right? Wrong! Turns out, this boy (Ben) already has a girlfriend and Felicity feels like she made a huge mistake. She contemplates on leaving and persuing what her parents want for her, to become a doctor, but she ends up staying after talking to both her school counselor and resident advisor (Noel).

There are four seasons in Felicity, which are labeled by college grades. (ex. junior year) This series made me connect with a lot of the characters; even if I'm yelling at my TV over the characters, it makes it even more enjoyable! (Felicity just pick Noel already!)

The Felicity cast!
The Felicity cast! | Source

5. Full House

A classic! Full House is another show that is great for the whole family. Danny Tanner, a single-dad, has to raise his three daughters D.J, Stephanie and Michelle. His wife passed away so his brother-in-law and close friend Joey help out with raising the kids. The show talks about difficult issues in some episodes and the characters always learn a lesson at the end of most episodes. It's a nice series if you're looking for watching something with a wholesome feeling.

If you've already watched this show, they have a sequel! It's called Fuller House and has the majority of the cast- but all grown up. In the first episode (spoilers!), there was some shade thrown at two of the actresses that opted out of the show; the Olsen twins! This was meant to be playful, as this gave the cast members and audience watching a good laugh.

Full House cast
Full House cast | Source

6. Party of Five

If you've watched Felicity, or already interested in it, try watching Party of Five!

Party of Five is about the Salinger siblings after losing their parents in a car accident. The oldest son, Charlie, was made the guardian of his younger siblings so they wouldn't be split up if put into foster care. They have to learn how to cooperate and put their personal goals aside to make ends meet.

This series is on Netflix and its style is similar to both Full House and Felicity. The characters go through many different situations, which are usually followed with a lesson-learned. Since all the characters are supposed to be kids and young adults, they act immature at times. They don't have an actual adult figure in their life so Charlie struggles with keeping the family together at times. He also struggles with finding a partner because of several reasons. (No spoilers since it gets complicated to explain!)

Party of Five cast
Party of Five cast | Source

7. Camp Camp

For those that like South Park, Family Guy, and all those other shows that are super similar, you need to watch Camp Camp.

Camp Camp, a summer camp that has everything! Does your kid like video games or space? This camp will most likely have it. Max, a 10-year-old boy, finds himself stuck at this shady camp that is clearly dysfunctional. It's only run by two councilors, David and Gwen, but 9 times out of 10 the kids are running the camp. The original owner, Cameron Campbell, is very greedy and out for himself; he is usually looking for more business ideas.

This show was made by Rooster Teeth and their newer seasons will be uploaded on their website. You can find some episodes on their Youtube channel but check them out on both sites!

[Please note: There is a lot of vulgar language mixed in with a little bit of dark humor. Although the characters are kids, it shows how modern kids are nowadays. It's very similar to any shows you see on Adult Swim.]

Nerris (left), Nikki (middle) and Dolph (right)
Nerris (left), Nikki (middle) and Dolph (right) | Source

8. Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

A cute, new animated series featuring Sheriff Mao Mao, a samurai cat that has a derring-do attitude. His some-what lazy friend, Badgerclops, goes along with him on his adventures. The residents don't have any fears now that Mao Mao, Baderclops, and their new sidekick Adorabat is there to protect Pure Heart Valley! This show is packed with action, if you're into that, along with humor.

I haven't seen this show yet but it looks very cute! Mao Mao has many relatable moments, from what I've seen in small clips. All the characters are adorable- of course, not as adorable as Adorabat. (hehe, play on words~)

Mao Mao, Badgerclops and Adorabat
Mao Mao, Badgerclops and Adorabat | Source

9. Amphibia

Amphibia is a new show on Disney Channel. The main character, Anne, is a fearless teen that gets magically teleported to a land filled with frog people. Anne meets Sprig Plantar, Polly Plantar, and Hop Pop. Sprig is an adventurous frog, Polly is the youngest and Hop Pop is their overprotective grandfather. Anne bonds with the frogs and learns the true meaning of friendship.

The show's style is similar to Gravity Falls, Star VS the Forces of Evil, and Steven Universe! It's a cute show but some episodes get really deep- but I won't spoil them! You'll have to watch it to know what I mean.

Anne and Sprig
Anne and Sprig | Source

10. Aggretsuko

Aggretsuko, also known as Aggressive Retsuko, is a Japanese anime comedy. Retsuko, a 25-year-old red panda, works in an accounting department. Every day she faces something; pushy superiors and annoying co-workers. She tends to go to a karaoke bar and sing death metal to let her emotions out. After five years of working, her job is put in jeopardy after going through a series of events. Retsuko realizes that the only way to get out of her job is through marriage.

I haven't had time to watch this show but from what I've seen, it's a cute and funny show with a loveable cast! You can watch this show with English subtitles or completely in English. (The English voice actors aren't that bad!)

Retsuko the red panda
Retsuko the red panda | Source

This list jumped between cartoon and the soap-opera feely shows but I hope one of these shows caught your eye!

Will you be watching any of these shows?

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    • HexAegon profile image


      10 months ago from Earth, Universe

      Daisie...your list surely has the finest series of their time...and it's a surprise how this binge watch list really aligns to a share of my list...full house, seinfeld, party of five are sooo...good..and they have a such a classic feel to them...and in the and mao mao ...well your list gets a respect from me....!! Thanks for sharing...I'll try to get my eyes to the others as well....

    • Daisie Stein profile imageAUTHOR

      Daisie Doodle 

      11 months ago from Maryland

      Hello! This list isn't rating these shows from 1-10 nor are the only shows that are binge-worthy. I can make another list that includes those shows (though, Star Wars is more of a movie series. Gotta be dedicated to watch them all!)

    • EstX Neyo profile image

      Mikey Karlovsky 

      11 months ago

      This list is kinda off...where’s the Simpsons/Family Guy or even Star Wars?


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