The 10 Funniest, Best Big Bang Theory Episodes


Looking for a list of the top 10 Big Bang Theory episodes?

Here are my 10 favourite episodes of the brilliantly-scripted hit TV show The Big Bang Theory.


1. The Staircase Implementation - Season 3, Episode 22

In this flashback episode, Leonard describes to Penny how he and Sheldon met and became roommates.

Best moments:

  • Sheldon administers a roommate screening test to determine Leonard's suitability as a roommate.
  • The roommate agreement makes its first appearance.
  • While Leonard is insisting that his latest experiment is safe, Sheldon silently takes the experiment from Leonard, deposits it on the apartment elevator floor, and gets Leonard and himself out of the elevator, before shutting the elevator doors behind them. When an explosion is then heard from the elevator shaft, it turns out that Sheldon has saved both of their lives.

2. The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition - Season 5, Episode 10

When Amy (Sheldon's friend who's a girl and a friend, but not his girlfriend) tags along on the guys' weekly trip to the comic book store, she draws the attention of Stuart, the comic book store owner. Before asking Amy out, Stuart has Leonard run it by Sheldon, who states that the point is moot, as Amy is a noted neurobiologist and would never been interested in Stuart.

Once Amy goes out with Stuart, Sheldon displays various classic signs of jealousy, including stalking Stuart via Facebook, being overly defensive, and trying to make Amy jealous by asking out Penny.

Finally, Sheldon mans up and asks Amy to be his girlfriend.

Best moments:

  • Sheldon (after interrupting Amy and Stuart's date at the movie theatre): With the understanding that nothing changes whatsoever, physical or otherwise, I would not object to us no longer characterizing you as not my girlfriend.
    Amy: Interesting. Now try it without the quadruple negative.
    Sheldon: You're being impossible.
    Amy (snuggling up to Stuart): Hi Stuart.
    Sheldon: Fine! Amy, will you be my girlfriend?
  • Once Amy has agreed to be his girlfriend, Sheldon asks her to sign a 31-page relationship agreement, which includes a section indicating when handholding is acceptable (only as a lifesaving measure, a post-Nobel Prize handshake, or during flu shots), and a section on "booboos and ouchies".

    This was a fabulous episode! Such tremendous personal growth for Sheldon.

3. The Roommate Transmogrification - Season 4, Episode 24

In this exciting finale to Season 4, plot twists turn the gang's world upside-down.

Howard feels like a kept man, with his fiancée Bernardette finishing her Ph.D. dissertation and accepting a lucrative job offer. Leonard continues to date Raj's sister Priya while she is staying over at Raj's. After overhearing Leonard and Priya acting out Star Trek sex fantasies in his apartment, Raj can't take it anymore, and ends up switching bedrooms with Leonard, who agrees to temporarily take on Raj as his new roommate.

Best moments:

  • Howard: "You bought me a Rolex?!? How much did this cost?"
    Bernadette: "You let me worry about the money. I just want my baby to have pretty things."
  • After an evening of free-flowing alcohol, Penny wakes up in bed with a mute Raj. To quote Penny: "Really? Still can't talk to me???"
  • Penny & Raj's walk of shame through Sheldon's apartment, in view of Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard, is priceless.

    Yet another terrific cliffhanger.

4. The Agreement Dissection - Season 4, Episode 21

Sheldon tags along on Penny, Amy & Bernadette's girls' night out, an evening of alcohol, inebriation, and dancing. Using her training as a lawyer, Priya nullifies Sheldon & Leonard's roommate agreement.

Best moments:

  • After Sheldon admits he's never kissed a girl (other than female relatives), a drunken Amy offers her lips up to Sheldon in order for him to experiment with kissing, but he declines.
  • Sheldon to Amy: "I understand the alcohol has stirred up whatever it is that makes girls go wild."
  • The drunken Amy finally steals a kiss from Sheldon, before throwing up!
  • Sheldon blackmails Leonard into signing a revised roommate agreement by threatening to email Priya's parents about her relationship with Leonard.

5. The Prestidigitation Approximation - Season 4, Episode 18

Despite his superior intellect, Sheldon cannot figure out how Howard's new magic trick works.

Best moments:

  • At the episode's end, when the camera pans to show us the playing cards from Howard's magic trick, we realize that the entire gang has been in on the card trick, in order to fool Sheldon.

6. The Lunar Excitation - Season 3, Episode 23

Unknownst to Sheldon, his friends sign him up for online dating, and a perfect match is revealed. In this third-season finale, Mayim Bialik does a fabulous job guest-starring as Sheldon's match, neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler.

Best moments:

  • Reluctantly, Sheldon goes on his first date, meeting a brilliant woman who's just like him. Surprisingly, the first hint of Sheldon's interest in a fellow human appears.

    A great season 3 cliffhanger that kept me wondering about Sheldon's love life all summer.

7. The Adhesive Duck Deficiency - Season 3, Episode 8

While the rest of the guys are camping in the desert waiting for the Leonid meteor shower, Sheldon rescues Penny after she slips and falls in her bathtub and dislocates her shoulder. Sheldon chastises Penny for not having non-slip stickers (like his adhesive duck stickers) on her bathtub floor to avoid such mishaps.

Best moments:

  • Sheldon (while filling in Penny's hospital admission form): "Cause of accident? Lack of adhesive ducks."
  • After their emergency room visit, Sheldon sings Soft Kitty in the round with a hospital drug-addled Penny.
  • After eating "special" cookies baked by the hippies at the neighbouring campsite, Leonard, Raj, and Howard run through the gamut of psychedelic behaviour, including Howard admitting that he lost his virginity to his second cousin.

8. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis - Season 2, Episode 11

Sheldon's gift-giving rituals annoy his friends at Christmas. Meanwhile, Penny goes out with one of Leonard's hot coworkers.

Best moments:

  • Unsure of what Penny will be getting him for Christmas, Sheldon purchases several bath gift sets in different price ranges, in order to have one gift of equal value on hand upon seeing her gift to him, and with the intent of returning all of the other baskets after exchanging gifts with Penny.

    When Penny presents him with a napkin autographed by Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, Sheldon is overcome by emotion and gives her an awkward hug.

    Sheldon then gives her ALL of the bath gift sets.

9. The Maternal Congruence - Season 3, Episode 11

  • Christine Baranski makes her second appearance as Leonard's ever-critical mother, a psychiatrist who gets on famously with Sheldon, but who isn't as close to Leonard.

Best moments:

  • While drunk, Leonard's mother kisses Sheldon.

10. The Alien Parasite Hypothesis - Season 4, Episode 10

Sheldon's friend Amy Farrah Fowler (who's a friend and a girl, but not a girlfriend) discovers that she has sexual feelings for Penny's ex-boyfriend, Zack.

Best moments:

  • While visiting Amy in her lab, Sheldon and Amy reach the surprising conclusion that she was sexually aroused by Zack. When Amy asks Sheldon if he's jealous, he doesn't answer, and attempts to pack up his lunch and leave, only to accidentally pack up the brain slices from Amy's lab research. Is that a hint of jealousy?
  • Despite feeling quite aroused by Zack's brief handshake at the bar, Amy realizes that she can't be with someone of such limited intellect and leaves the bar. Outside, she then takes Sheldon's hand as an experiment, but drops it, declaring that there's "nothing".

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panicmoon 5 years ago

i love the season 3 leonard/penny episodes

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 5 years ago from Canada Author

I'm waiting to see what happens with Leonard and Penny this season!

Broke Bloak profile image

Broke Bloak 5 years ago

I just got into this series, FUNNY!! I totally have a crush on Sheldon!

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 5 years ago from Canada Author

This show is wonderfully written! And until this season, we never had any smidge of evidence that Sheldon might be able to love us back!

Johnny 5 years ago

funniest episode is season 2 episode 1 " the bad fish paradigm" where sheldon has to keep a secret for leonard and goes to raj's and howard's and then howard drug sheldon its hilarious

kripke 5 years ago

i like the episode where in sheldon is on a driving lesson!!!

and the episode when he dot sick!!!!!!!!!!

Rocky 5 years ago

Episode 10 from season 3: The Gorilla Experiment is in my opnion the best episode of all 4 seasons. Howard is playing the cool guy while sheldon is making fun of him =>


Frank 5 years ago

1 - The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

2 - The Euclid Alternative (Sheldon Driving)

3 - The Adhesive Duck Deficiency (Sheldon Driving Again)

4 - The Cornhusker Vortex (Football)

5 - Monkey Business

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 5 years ago from Canada Author

Great choices, everyone!

James 5 years ago

Not even close...season 3?

1) 2-13 Friendship algorithm...classic!

2) 2-05 Euclid Alternative- Sheldon driving?

3) 4-04 Hot troll deviation -an odd classic in a bad season. Hoaward & Bernadette, plus Raj vs Sheldon

4) 2-01 Bad Fish paradigm -"I drank milk that taste dfunny"

5) 2-07 The panty pinanta polarization -Penny vs Sheldon and Sheldon suffers his 1st loss

The pIrate Solution and Lizard Spock are close ...boy this series has gone downhill huh?

Pfresh 5 years ago

The Adhesive duck deficiency is the best episode yet. I have not seen anyone mention this episode. did it hit me good or do you agree?

rafael 5 years ago

loobenfeld decay is the best-written episode, very intricate and surprising

James 5 years ago

Loobenfield decay is a good episode, Season one has 'good' episodes, not great. Season 2, with the exception of the "romantic" episodes are classics.

I did like the adhesive duck episode, that would be in my top 10. "There, there" and "The hero always peeks" lol

Megan Kathleen profile image

Megan Kathleen 5 years ago from Los Gatos, CA

I agree with everyone who mentioned The Adhesive Duck Deficiency. "Cause of accident? Lack of adhesive ducks..." The best and funniest episodes for me always feature Sheldon and Penny interactions. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis is another favorite of mine for the same reason, but I would not call it the funniest. And The Guitarist Amplification? Penny and Leonard have to coddle a Sheldon who is upset his "parents" are fighting.

As for the best of season four, the award has to go to The Love Car Displacement. Amy and Penny friendship, hotel room switches, and Bernadette at her sassiest. Instant classic for me!

Thereseeee 5 years ago


my favorite episodes is all of them :)

i was wondering if anyone could tell me which episode it is where sheldon keeps drinking of other peoples glasses and then goes to the bar to disinfect his mouth, swallows a bit of alcohol and think he is drunk?

aaaaand (if i'm not asking to much) could you send me a mail to when answered? :)

Sheldon v 2.2 5 years ago

Hello, I like a lot of the big bang theory episodes, but priya is a little bit boring.

What I do like is that thing with the hot beverage, it keeps coming back!

The episodes are written very good!

Sorry for bad English, from the Netherlands.


And later, I'm afraid it's not optional. :P

Live prosper w

James 5 years ago

I'm sorry ONE episode form Season 2? One of the best seasons of any show on TV?

and #2 is the episode that KILLED most of the core audience that made the show a cult classic (it no longer will be) in the making?

James 5 years ago

and I forgot to see it was a woman posting this

Seems my GF loves the episodes I loathe as well...gender specific humor I suspect. Not bad, just shows the difference in what women and male geeks find funny.

Also explains why we have trouble getting

Friendship Algorithm

Killer Robot Instability

Euclid Alternative

Griffin Equivalency

Classified Materials Turbelance

Bath Item gift hypothesis

All of those are season 2

I did like

Adhesive Duck and Vengence formulation from season 3

and Hot troll deviation (Raj vs Sheldon) and

The Prestidigitation Approximation (Howard vs Sheldon) were a riot

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 5 years ago from Canada Author

Yep, this is my geek girl perspective indeed!

Thanks for adding your picks - especially The Friendship Algorithm and The Hot Troll Deviation!

Alecia Murphy profile image

Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

I just got into this show, but it is hilarious. I especially love Sheldon and his OCD quirks.

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 5 years ago from Canada Author

Thanks Alecia! Sheldon is such an awesomely written character - he really brings OCD and Asperger's syndrome to life in such an engaging way.

Liam 5 years ago

I Love TBBT, And unlike many others I really enjoyed season 4, apart from the utterly awful "Toast Derivation". Not only was that the worst of the season, but set a low I didn't think the series would ever reach.

I Couldn't Limit it to 10 episodes period, but here are my 10 favourites from each season:


The Big Bran Hypothesis

The Luminous Fish Effect (Best of Season)

The Dumpling Paradox

The Grasshopper Experiment

The Cooper-Hodfstader Polarisation

The Loobenfeld Decay

The Jerusalem Duality

The Bat Jar Conjecture

The Nerdvana Annihilation

The Tangerine Factor


The Codpiece Topology

The Barbarian Sublimation (Best of Season)

The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem

The Panty Pinata Polarization

The Lizard-Spock Expansion

The White Asparagus Triangulation

The Friendship Algorithm

The Terminator Decoupling

The Work Song Nanocluster

The Hodfstader Isotope


The Pirate Solution

The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

The Guitarist Amplification

The Adhesive Duck Defficiency

The Psychic Vortex

The Large Hadron Collision

The Precious Fragmentation

The Pants Alternative

The Spaghetti Catalyst

The Staircase Implementation (Best of Season)


The Hot Troll Deviation

The Irish Pub Formulation

The Apology Insufficiency

The 21-Second Excitation

The Boyfriend Complexity

The Justice League Recombination (Best of Series)

The Bus Pants Utilization

The Herb Garden Germination

The Agreement Dissection

The Roommate Transmogrification

What I Thought of the episodes on your list:

"Staircase"-Brilliant. Best of the series

"Roommate"-A Shoo-in for the top 10

"Dissection"-Not top 10, but still great

"Approximation"-I Liked the subplot, but hated the main plot. So not anywhere near the top 10

"Lunar"-Best Ending ever. Other than that, only good

"Duck"-Adored it. Top 10 for sure

"Gift"-Outside of the hug, I didn't like it that much

"Maternal"-Apart from the kiss, I didn't like it that much

"Parasite"-Hated. In my top 10 WORST

"Zarnecki"-Enjoyed it, but didn't love it

I Love the Sheldon Character. The acting of Jim Parsons is phenomenal.

Finally, I have really enjoyed the episodes of season 5 so far. I Loved "Skank". Sheldon gives one of his best lines ever.

"And for the record, I do have genitals. They're functional and aesthetically pleasing"

Have you seen the S5 ones so far?

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 5 years ago from Canada Author

Wow - that's an awesome list you've made for each season! Season 5 is also shaping up to be great so far.

fitnesszone profile image

fitnesszone 4 years ago from New York

If someone told me to select 10 best episodes of TBBT, I would fail to do so. Each and every episode is hilarious. Just love Sheldon!

Gismo_Girl 4 years ago

I think all but one of my favorite episodes have been mentioned: I can't believe no one's named Season 3, Episode 14: The Einstein Approximation. It's when Sheldon is stuck on a problem, and long story short, ends up in a ball pit, in the middle of the night, repeatedly jumping out of the balls exclaming "Bazinga!" Haha, so funny!!

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

Sheldon is awesome and really makes this an incredible show. As for the ball pit episode, I actually found it pretty creepy...

gehrig4 profile image

gehrig4 4 years ago from Saint Charles, Missouri

My all time favorite is the bath item gift hypothesis. Sheldon's reaction when Penny gives him the napkin had me rolling on the floor crying I was laughing so hard.

Muddasir Ali 4 years ago

I am in love with Big Bang theory.. .

I have currently watched complete 1st season and few of the second season.

I think "pilot" and "lizard spock" are greatest and funniest by far.

rednickle profile image

rednickle 4 years ago from New Brunswick Canada

Ok frankly speaking in as much your selections seem reasonable i can not really pick out specific episodes and call them my funniest episodes because the show is just funny as a whole


VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

Actually, it's pretty difficult to decide, because there are so many awesome episodes!

jayden 4 years ago

it sucks for me in Australia we currently only have the 4th season out. I hate how we get big bang theory release so late compared to other places in the world,in Australia the 4 biggest shows going are of course big bang theory, how I met your mother, sons of anarchy and chuck. But we still run behind compared to the rest of the world in the series. idk y but this makes my blood boil! btw I have no idea y i am saying this on here probs cause I just needed to get it off my chest!!!....

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

Sorry to hear that, Jayden - glad I have a spoiler warning for folks who haven't seen all the episodes already broadcast in North America!

Peter 4 years ago

So what? We here in germany get only to see, what the stupid cable-companies are able to dub in time, with no original voices at all!

Thanks to the P2P's there's a way out of this hell...^

... 4 years ago

yay i have 2 shelden jumpers Green Lantern and Robot evolution

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

Glad you can still get caught up on the latest episodes!

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

That sounds awesome!

Matt 4 years ago

I can't believe the first two episodes of season 4 have hardly been mentioned. The robot arm episode and shelbot are hysterical!

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

I found both the robot arm and the Shelbot episodes so creepy!

anne 4 years ago

I love the sheldon called the police because someone hacked into his world of war craft account.

..." what didn't they steal....?? The part with the police officer was very funny

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

That one was the Zarnecki Incursion, which was also an awesome episode, especially with Penny's method of getting Sheldon's stuff back!

Sambags 4 years ago

Best is the robotic arm episode. Funniest by far. Season 4 episode 1

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

That episode is sooo disturbing!

Subash 4 years ago

My six will be:-

1.)The Griffin Equivalency

2.)The Bath Item Hypothesis

3.)Einstein Approximation

4.)The Friendship Algorithm

5.)The Pirate Solution

6.)The Jerusalem Duality

Hie 4 years ago

I personally LOVE "The Love Car Displacement"

Bernadette: "... I can tell you, even the tiniest organisms can still tear you a new one."

Howard: "Interesting. I think hat you might need to know about my colleague is that while she claims her field of interest is tiny organisms, she certainly has spent her share of time on what we can assume is pretty massive weaponry."

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

Great quote indeed!

mommyloves2write 4 years ago

I could not pick a favorite...I love this entire series!

penguinsNcookies 4 years ago

The Maternal Congruence is hilarious! I love Christine Baranski as Leonard's mom. She and Sheldon are two peas in a pod and so good. Also, episodes with Wil Wheaton are great. His dynamic with Sheldon is fantastic.

pconoly profile image

pconoly 4 years ago

Totally love this show! I have actually worked with people like this. That's why its kind of special to me.I work on my computer all the time even while everyone around me might be watching TV but I will shut it down just for this show! Thanks for writing this!

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 4 years ago from Canada Author

Thanks so much! This show resonates with me the same way because I am a computer nerd by profession...

Alecia Murphy profile image

Alecia Murphy 3 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

This show is so awesome! And I'm glad that the addition of Bernadette and Amy have only added to the hijinks that go on. I do love it when Sheldon hugs Penny and my next favorite moment has to be when everyone holds hands to see Howard off into space- such a seminal moment. You did a great job with this list!

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 3 years ago from Canada Author

Thanks so much Alecia!

miamiguy 3 years ago

Does anyone know which episode Sheldon and Leonards mother got together ?

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 3 years ago from Canada Author

It's Episode 9 on this list - in The Maternal Congruence (Season 3, Episode 11), Leonard's mother gets drunk and kisses Sheldon!

meerkat 3 years ago

i like se1 ep8

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 3 years ago from Canada Author

Good choice! The Grasshopper Experiment is such a classic!

Jason 3 years ago

Best episode by far, Season 4 Ep 1 - The Robotic Manipulation

Natasia 3 years ago

Season 2, Episode 2 is up there with the best - The Griffin Equivalency. Sheldon does a stellar job here in faking enthusiasm for Raj's discovery.

Eeshan 3 years ago


stanmurphy profile image

stanmurphy 3 years ago from Kansas

Love Big Bang ! I was late to the party, coming in at Season 3, but thankfully reruns abound! Such a good article choice and fun to debate!

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 3 years ago from Canada Author

Thank you! Glad for an embarrassment of riches when it comes to picking just the very best episodes!

Eric Erickson 3 years ago

Thanks for this list!! I have watched the show here-and-there over the last few years, and just decided to buy a few episodes on iTunes. I literally just bought these ten as a starting point.

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 3 years ago from Canada Author

That's so awesome!! Glad you like this list, and have fun getting caught up on the whole series!

prajwalpokharel profile image

prajwalpokharel 2 years ago from kathmandu

Haha ...... this show is the funniest... i have put this show in #1 of my top 5 sitcom hub.... i was hoping that the funniest will be the roomate introduction .... you have put it in #1 as well .... great job love

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 2 years ago from Canada Author

Thank you, Prajwal!

Mike 22 months ago

Definitely with you on the one that Season 3 Episode 22 is first. Only flashback episode they have made. I was almost peeing myself laughing when Sheldon turned the apartment flag upside down on the fridge before he went to save Leonard's life. Best show ever!

VancouverGal profile image

VancouverGal 22 months ago from Canada Author

Thanks, Mike! And THAT was a pretty epic moment!

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