5 Beautiful Girls From Gordon Ramsay's 'Kitchen Nightmares' 2nd Edition

Updated on January 3, 2019
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Jessica Marotta

Joseph Cerniglia bought the successful Italian restaurant Campania and hoped to capitalize on its success. Unfortunately, Joe did not really know what he was doing and ended up in heavy debt. He put everything he had in Campania, but he did not know how to run a restaurant and manage costs.

The restaurant was run more like a frat house rather than a real business. Joe and the gang were joking around and having fun while the business was failing. There were no standards and no sense of urgency.

At the time, Josette and Jessica were the waitresses prominently featured in the episode. Josette had a goth look with her dark hair and piercings. Jessica was the pretty girl who described herself as a flirt.

Gordon saw that the restaurant was failing because of substandard food, slow service and high food costs. Gordon tried to implement changes to the restaurant to make it a success

Gordon was able to help the restaurant stay afloat a bit longer, but in September 2010, Joe committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge, leaving his wife Melissa and his three young children.

It was later discovered that Joe had an affair with Jessica. Joe was distraught on how his affair with Jessica destroyed his marriage with Melissa and decided to end his life.

The loss of Joe was painful for Jessica, but she has since rebounded from the ordeal. She is now a successful pastry chef for Ooh La La Catering.

Tiffany Notarnicola-Trobiano

Anthony Trobiano was 25 when he convinced his future father-in-law Joe to mortgage his future in order to realize his dream of opening his own restaurant. In the beginning, Trobiano's did fairly well, but they were not able to maintain standards and saw a decrease in sales.

Three years after, the restaurant was on the brink of bankruptcy and Joe and Pat, Anthony's future in-laws, were forced to work when they should have been comfortably retired. Tiffany, Joe's girlfriend at the time, also worked at the restaurant as a waitress.

The restaurant was in decline, so Anthony thought of ways to keep it afloat. He thought of the early bird special as a way to attract customers. This attracted an older clientele.

Gordon tried revamping the menu and the look of the restaurant. The restaurant now looked warm and appealing. Tiffany was pleased with the renovation.

Gordon was not done with the surprises though. He gave Anthony a wedding ring and urged him to propose to Tiffany after three long years.

Anthony surprised everyone by proposing to Tiffany in the restaurant. The wedding happened the same day.

Though the restaurant was closed by the state for failure to pay taxes, Tiffany and Anthony's marriage is still strong and they now have three beautiful children.

Tariya Avgoustiou

Peter Avgoustiou was the owner and chef of Yanni's Greek Cuisine in Phinney Ridge, Washington. Peter is a second-generation owner of the restaurant as it was handed to him by his father in 2007. The restaurant has been around since 1984 and Peter benefited from his father's initial success.

Six years down the line and the restaurant is losing $8,000-$10,000 a month. The food is a Greek tragedy. The restaurant that was a pillar of the community for more than two decades now has the worst kitchen practices imaginable. Gordon calls out Peter and Alyse. An argument ensues and the restaurant shuts down. Tariya is brought to tears.

Through the episode, Tariya is seen crying multiple times. She seems to break down easily when she encounters adversity. She is the opposite of the much tougher Alyse.

A big part of of each episode is the reveal of the renovated restaurant and revamp of the menu. Tariya is ecstatic to see the new POS system. She is then seen happily serving the guests.

The show's narrator rubs in the fact that Tariya cries too much by saying, "The family is also happy to report that for the first time in a long time, Tariya is doing a lot more smiling than crying." She even says, "It's a new bright day." The show ends with Tariya clearing her eye and says, "I am not crying."

It appears that Gordon has worked his magic. More than half a decade after Gordon visited the restaurant, it is still alive and thriving.

Tariya now works as a certified medical assistant in Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Washington.

Leina Najjarr

Sam Najarr ruled his restaurant with an iron fist. He treated his children as indentured servants and made them work seven days a week with no pay.

Sam's children arranged to meet Gordon ahead of time and told Gordon what was wrong with the restaurant. Gordon thanked them for their honesty.

Sam, the patriarch, welcomed Gordon to the restaurant. Leida then took over and was Gordon's waitress and server. She kept her calm despite Gordon's harsh criticism of the food.

The family then fight amongst themselves as they play the blame game. Sam believes that his family is not giving the effort to prop up the business. The children do not want to be there at all and do not have incentive to work as they do not get paid.

Gordon then arranges a family meeting in order to hopefully fix the family. Leina goes first and tell her dad she is willing to help but she also needs time off and is working to be independent. Sam rebuffs her and says she is just nineteen and is just a child. The other children then proceed to speak up and this drives Sam to tears.

With the family issues settled, Gordon the revamps the restaurant and menu. Leina thinks the new interior is beautiful and is pleased with the changes.Gordon teaches them the proper cooking techniques and teaches them to cook with fresh ingredients.

Sam eventually loosened up and gave the kids some time off.

Though there was a slight uptick when the episode was aired, the success was not sustained and the restaurant closed soon after the episode aired.airing.

Leina is now an area operations manager for Amazon.

Celestina Crespin

Celestina worked at Pantaleone's - the supposed "best pizza in Denver." Celestina's first job was Pantaleone's and was always smiling and cheerful despite the restaurant not doing well.

The owners - Pete and Paulette, were constantly squabbling as Pete would not change his ways despite the restaurant clearly going downhill. Pete would also not hand over the reins to his son Josh and did not groom him to take over.

She then proceeds to take Ramsay's order. He orders a sausage pizza, a toasted meatball hero, Pete's own calzone and linguine with clams.

Gordon asks a couple of diners how the food is. One of them says that the meatballs taste like cat food. Gordon asks him why he was eating cat food. He then tells Gordon that it was a long story.

Celestina then delivers the calzone. Gordon then asks why they delivered to him a Denver Broncos-sized calzone. The filling was cold and the onions were raw. Paulette agrees with Gordon's assessment.

Celestina and Paulette then deliver the sausage pizza. Gordon then comments that it was the "pizza that ate Denver." Gordon then comments on how big it is and how greasy it is. Gordon then tells Celestina that the dough is very thick. She then comments that it is their "thin crust." She also tells Gordon that many people get mad at her because of the pizza thickness. Celestina then gives Gordon's feedback on the raw dough and grease on the pizza. Pete does not believe Gordon's feedback.

Celestina then brings out the meatball hero. Gordon thinks it is more like a sloppy Joe than a hero. He also comments on how soggy the bread is. He tells Celestina that the hero is a zero and to bring back the comments to Pete. Pete gets offended at Gordon's comments and says many people love his meatballs.

Celestina then brings the clam linguine. Gordon comments on how flavorless it is and compares it to hospital food. Gordon then pours the excess liquid into his glass. Celestina was giggling and was talking to Josh about it. Celestina then retrieves the linguine and Gordon tells her that the liquid in his glass is a urine sample.

Gordon knew Pete was a stubborn man so he tried his best in order to drive home his point. He created a taste test that pitted Pete's pizza versus a successful Denver pizzeria and a store bought frozen pizza. Pete's pizza came in third at a mere 10% and was demolished by the frozen pizza.

Gordon then takes Pete and Josh to Las Vegas to Rao's. Rao's was more than a hundred years old and was run by the fourth generation of the Pellegrino family. Frank Junior was now running the show and joins Gordon, Pete and Josh in their table and shares the secret of the restaurant's success.

Gordon revamps the menu, spruces up the place and introduces a pizza delivery service. Everything seemed bright but there were some hiccups on launch night. Stubborn Pete changed his ways though and the restaurant is still around half a decade after Gordon visited it.

Celestina stayed at the restaurant for two and a half years and eventually moved on. Celestina is currently an enrollment advisor at Bridgepoint Education.

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