23 Things You Probably Never Knew About Full House

Updated on July 30, 2016

It's been almost twenty years since we parted ways with the Tanner family. Fortunately, Full House reruns are constantly playing. Let's face it, no one can get enough of the most beloved television show in the 90's. But, what went on when the cameras weren't rolling? Let's go back in time and look at these little-known facts about the hit television series.

Alamo Square (located in San Francisco) which was used in the opening credits of Full House.
Alamo Square (located in San Francisco) which was used in the opening credits of Full House.
  • The homes called the Painted Ladies are seen in the opening credits of Full House. However, the home that is supposed to be theirs is actually located a few blocks away at Broderick Street. I recently visited San Francisco and drove by the house. I was a little disappointed because the house (which was grey and white with a red door in the show) is now painted purple.
  • Although the show supposedly takes place in San Francisco, only one episode was actually filmed in San Francisco. The episode was "Comet's Excellent Adventure", in which their dog runs away and the family searches the city looking for him.
  • The Full House set was later used to tape Friends. John Stamos had a guest appearance on Friends years later, and Dave Coulier's underwear was still hanging on a loft.
  • The theme song was co-written and performed by Jesse Frederick, who was also behind the theme songs for Family Matters, Step by Step, and Perfect Strangers.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen appearing together on-screen in the Full House episode, "Greek Week".
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen appearing together on-screen in the Full House episode, "Greek Week".
  • The Olsen twins landed the role of Michelle Tanner due to the fact that they were the only babies that didn't cry during their audition.
  • John Stamos, Uncle Jesse, didn't like the Olsen twins at first because they cried while they were filming the pilot. He actually demanded that the producers get rid of them. The producers did but weren't happy with the red-headed twins who replaced them. Mary-Kate and Ashley were brought back to the show.
  • At the beginning, the producers didn't want people to know that Michelle was played by twins. Therefore, they credited them as "Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen".
  • The Olsen's mom almost made them quit after the first season because she wanted them to have a normal childhood. However, the producers offered them a big salary to keep them on the show.
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley appear together on-screen only four times in the entire show.
  • It's nearly impossible to tell the difference between the twins. But, if Michelle has a freckle above her lip, then she is being played by Ashley.
  • When they were younger, the twins called all of their fellow cast members by their first name even when they were off screen to avoid messing up in production.

  • Lori Loughlin, Aunt Becky, was originally only supposed to appear in six episodes. However, the audience and producers loved her and the chemistry she had with all of the characters. So, they added her as a regular in the series.
  • If you look closely, in the first season, Joey's mannequin is always wearing the same shirt that Joey is.
  • Although they are great friends now, Bob Saget and John Stamos didn't get along at first. Stamos thought that Saget joked around too much and wasn't "serious".
  • Andrea Barber, aka Kimmy Gibler, originally auditioned for the role of DJ. When she didn't get the part, the producers asked her to come back and audition for the neighbor role (which was only supposed to be a one-time appearance).
  • DJ's boyfriend Steve, played by Scott Weinger, is also the voice of Aladdin.
  • The dog who played Comet was also Air Bud!
  • Coulier's ex-wife, Jayne Modean, played grown-up Michelle in a season-three dream sequence. The pair married four months after meeting on the Full House set and had a son named Luc together. The couple divorced within two years, and Coulier started dating Alanis Morissette, who famously wrote "You Oughta Know" about him.
  • When John Stamos won an Emmy for his role on General Hospital, Lori Loughlin actually presented him with his award. This was before Full House. What are the odds?
  • Candace Cameron, DJ, and Scott Weinger, Steve, went to the prom together.
  • If you're a true Full House lover, you probably noticed that Uncle Jesse's last name was Cochran in the earlier episodes. His last name was eventually changed to Katsopolis due to his Greek roots.
  • Jodie Sweetin brought in her real-life dance teacher and friends she danced with to help with her dancing routines throughout the show.
  • DJ didn't appear in the episode "Subterranean Graduation Blues". This made her the only main character to not appear in every episode.

The final Full House episode.
The final Full House episode.

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Full House will forever be a classic. It warmed our hearts and taught us valuable life lessons in an entertaining, yet adorable way. Are there any other interesting Full House facts that weren't mentioned above? Please leave them and any additional comments below!

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        20 months ago

        this is cool now theres a fuller house this ones for adults lol

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        I love full house


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