25 Things You Might Have Forgotten About Running Man

Updated on April 19, 2016

It is amazing how Running Man continues to get new fans even after four years. It would be good to look back at some of the important facts that many old fans have forgotten and new fans should know about the show.

New fans know about Kim Jong Kook's strength, Song Ji Hyo as the winningest member, Jaesuk as the center of the show and Lee Kwang Soo as the betrayer. However, there are other "trivia" about the show that could help new fans understand and remind old fans on how the show has evolved and where it could possibly go.

1. Haha and Jongkook were paired with Song Ji hyo before Gary.

A screencap of Running Man's Episode 5. In episode 4, Jaesuk already mentioned that Haha and Jongkook found Song Ji Hyo beautiful. In this scene, Jaesuk tells Haha that he is always on Song Ji Hyo's side.
A screencap of Running Man's Episode 5. In episode 4, Jaesuk already mentioned that Haha and Jongkook found Song Ji Hyo beautiful. In this scene, Jaesuk tells Haha that he is always on Song Ji Hyo's side.

In Episode 4, Jaesuk told Song Jihyo that there were two members who said she was beautiful, Kim Jong Kook and Haha. Episode 5 is a continuation of Episode 4. Jaesuk noticed that Haha was, again, beside Song Jihyo.

Kim Jongkook eventually said that he doesn't want to do loveline anymore. Jaesuk, then, stopped teasing him. Haha, however, went on. At one point, Haha even let Song Jihyo go during the hide and seek game, furthering their loveline.

This loveline went all the way to episisode 23 when Kang Gary and Haha "fought" over Jihyo and Kim Jong Kook had to intervene and make the two kids promise to prioritize friendship over women.

2. Song Ji Hyo is not an original cast member.

The original cast of 'Running Man' - Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Ji Suk Jin, Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo, Ha Dong Hoon (Haha) and Kang Gary.
The original cast of 'Running Man' - Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Ji Suk Jin, Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo, Ha Dong Hoon (Haha) and Kang Gary.

Running Man was supposed to be an all-male cast. This is inspired by the most successful variety shows in Korea, Infinite Challenge and 1N2D. These two shows are composed of all male cast. This is highly attributed to the patriarchal society of Korea and overly sensitive treatment towards women. Having a female member in the cast creates a disparity since male members cannot "compete" against women the way they would against men. They tend to pull back and let women win making the competition unfair.

However, Running Man survived that by making the show more about comedy than competition. Well, except for Song Ji Hyo who is the most competitive in the cast.

3. Aside from Jung Yonghwa, Nickhun was the most frequent guest in Running Man until he had to take a hiatus for some self-reflection following his drunk driving incident.

4. Before Lee Kwang Soo, Haha and Gary were Kim Jong Kook's henchmen.

5. There is yet to be a second part for the Marvel Superheroes episode.

6. Kang Gary was the first ever Running Man member to rip off a name tag.

In episode 1, Lee Hyori asked Kang Gary to rip off name tags of the opposing team while the rest of them look for the clues. Kang Gary ripped off the nametag of- you might have guessed it - Lee Kwang Soo.

In the early days of Running Man, the member ousted had to stay at the spot where his tag was ripped off. Since Lee Kwang Soo was right outside the restroom when his name tag was ripped, he had to stay there until the particular game was over.

7. Running Ball and Running Bell

During the first year of Running Man, the losing team didn't always get a punishment. Punishments depended on the Running Ball. After each game, the winning team gets a running man ball. All these balls became the mebers' lottery entry and whoever does not get picked gets a punishment.

There is also the running bell. This is attached to the shoes of the "chasing" team so that the "hiding" team knows they are coming.

8. Kim Hee Chul's appearance was a controversial one

Ki Hee Chul famously said on broadcast that he finds Running Man "childish" which prompted Song Ji Hyo to call call him and scold him. He Chul then said he will never appear on the show until Jaesuk heard of the controversy and personally called Hee Chul to appear on the show. Now, no one really says 'no' to the nation's MC, right?

9. DBSK, CNBlue, 2NE1, Sistar, Shinhwa, ZE:A and Big Bang are the only idol groups that appeared on the show as a complete cast.

Mblaq was missing Mir in Ep 95 and SNSD only had 7 members. APink appeared as a complete group but only to perform and not join the games.

#10- Episode 145 (Laws of the Jungle Cast) is one of the most controversial episodes

In episode 145, the cast of the new show Laws of the Jungle appeared. During the nametag ripping game, Running Man outnumbered the guests. During a faceoff, Jaesuk ran to Ji hyo who was pinned on the ground by two cast members of Laws of the Jungle. Gary then ran to help Jaesuk. Gary managed to rip off Noh Woojin's nametag. Kim Jong Kook then rip off Jungchul's nametag. Jaesuk ran to Byungman and rip off his nametag. You can actually see Jaesuk with Byungman's nametag on his hand. That finished off the members of Laws of the Jungle. However, after the announcement, Byungman was not eliminated.

Eventually, Laws of the Jungle cast won. Many Running Man fans got angry. The PDs must have reinstated Byungman to get more footage, unfortunately, it changed the outcome of the game.

Watch the action begin at 1:10 above.

11. Shinhwa is the only group that swept Running Man in all games.

12. Although Lee Kwang Soo is now known as the ultimate betrayer, Haha was the first one to betray anyone on the show. He came up with the idea of "betrayal" in Running Man when he realized that Jong Kook (then the only chaser), Kang Gary, Nickhun and he had running balls. If they keep it that way, everyone else will be punished and they will be kept safe. So, he struck a deal with Jong Kook. He asked Jong Kook not to oust him and he will "sell" the location of his teammates.

13. The single most expensive prize was won by Kang Gary in the second best of the best series. He won an all expense paid trip to Europe.

14. Lee Kwang Soo was set up to become the "bullied" character from Day 1 both by fate and by Running Man cast members and nature.

15. Yoo Jae Suk made so many "ordinary people" popular in Running Man including VJ Kwon Rayeol and Haha's Stylist.

16. Running Man has never succeeded in coming up with a signature pose.

17. The first person to introduce cheating on the show is Lee Hyori in episode 1

18. Yoo Jaesuk's very first character is Yooruce Willis

19. Song Ji Hyo was absent on her first day as regular member

20. Episode 8 is one of the most important and memorable episodes

- footages of the different members' early days in their career including a self-camera of Jaesuk back when he was still a struggling comedian
- first appearance of Yooruce Willis
- commander and the 2 kids first got their name
- start of the Monday Couple

21. The Yoohyuk character was a play on Eunhyuk's (Super Junior) name.

22. The first official loveline on the show is Shing Bong Sun and Kim Jong Kook.

23. The first rivalry on the show was Kim Jong Kook and Sukjin

24. Jung Yonghwa is the original Ace

#25- U-Know Yunho's Art is the Most Expensive Piece Created in Running Man

The shy Yunho embarrassed at his own dorkiness
The shy Yunho embarrassed at his own dorkiness

Yunho's piece of art, which many claims to be an abstract drawing of Changmin (heheheheh), remains safe in SBS. The art made its reapparance in episode 88.

Do you have any trivia you want to share? Leave us a comment!

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      • profile image

        Song Ji Hyo BIGGEST fan 9 months ago

        I LOVE Ji Hyo!

      • profile image

        JustMe 12 months ago

        Actually, for no. 9, all Snsd members were there(excluding Jessica)

      • profile image

        Lily 14 months ago

        Is Jong Kook & Ji Hyo leaving running man a rumour or true?

      • profile image

        anonym 16 months ago

        now the rumor is a fact now...gary, jong kook even ji hyo will leave the show

      • profile image

        Anonymous 18 months ago

        You are wrong. It is Ji Suk Jin that called heechul to appear on runningman. Not Yoo Jae Suk.

      • profile image

        Sarah 18 months ago

        9. DBSK, CNBlue, 2NE1, Sistar, Shinhwa, ZE:A and Big Bang are the only idol groups that appeared on the show as a complete cast.

        What about the original dbsk ??

      • profile image

        mamae 18 months ago

        song joong ki was a member of RM and had a lot of funny scenes too

      • profile image

        Blah 19 months ago

        Actually i think yoohyuk wasnt from eunhyuk (superjunior) but jang woo hyuk (former member of H.O.T, also known as the main dancer of the group, like eunhyuk is)

      • profile image

        RM 19 months ago

        Actually Ji Hyo is the 1st betrayer ( selling team mates or telling locations ) .. but JaeSuk and KwangSoo sensed something weird so they didnt go .. so in the end JiHyo is Ousted ..

      • profile image

        Starr 20 months ago

        8 is wrong ji suk called Ki Hee Chul not jeasuk

      • profile image

        Naomi 20 months ago

        I think you have a mistake in this post.. on number 20 it's episode 9 not episode 8

      • profile image

        Caa Khim 20 months ago

        2PM also appeared on the show as complete cast., they appeared on episode 256 as complete one, other than that 5 of them appeared together with 2Ne1 without Taecyeon due to conflict of schedule and some individual appearance.

      • profile image

        unknown 20 months ago

        How about the original songsong couple :)

      • profile image

        :-) 20 months ago

        8 member of SNSD have all appeared in ep. 254.

      • profile image

        Mai 21 months ago

        Actually ZE:A didn't appear as a whole group only 6 members did for a fair play. ZE:A have 9 members

      • profile image

        guest3425 21 months ago

        no 21 is wrong. yoohyuk exists way before runningman's times. what yjs said in rm was true, he liked the name hyuk very much and thus created that 'alias' in another variety show.

      • profile image

        mine 22 months ago

        when did all 9 members of ze:a come to running man??

      • Lish Behr profile image

        Lish Behr 2 years ago

        great point :D

        but I also would add that Joongki was a fix cast

        and it's not right that the first appearance of Yooruce Willis was on Episode 8... at the beginning of this episode he already says that he survied all the way through die hard 2 and the captions that the viewer can see more of yooruce willis today

        Yooruce Willis already appeard on Episode 6, when Jae suk survied by hiding in a stairway

      • profile image

        Zack 2 years ago

        My sister says your hubpages is great and from me can we be fb friend next time???????

      • profile image

        Zack 2 years ago

        Oh and my sister says your hubpages or anything is beautiful and great

      • profile image

        Zack 2 years ago

        OK bro but I want to ask you something about our RM members when is they was born OK bro (it's for my sister OK)

      • xypherfarrell profile image

        Fairlane Raymundo 2 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

        @Zack Haha mentioned he was born in Germany several times in RM and in Infinite Challenge more than 10 times. Thank you for the info though... maybe I will do a post on Trivia About our RM Members... send in more info if you have more.

      • profile image

        Zack 2 years ago

        You may know everything about RM Xypherfarrell but do you know that haha birth is at Berlin Germany

      • xypherfarrell profile image

        Fairlane Raymundo 2 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

        @Gary Kazuya, Kang Gary and Kim Jong Kook leaving running man is just a rumor that you are starting.

      • profile image

        Gary Kazuya 2 years ago

        Did everyone know that Gary and Jong kook will leave running man?!!!!! I can't imagine how RM gonna go without them!!!!!!

      • profile image

        kayepop 2 years ago

        i would like to add a trivia just in case new fans doesn't know that Lizzy and Joongki has been part of the show