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10 Things About "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" That Made No Sense

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The cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Plot Holes and Inconsistency

After premiering in 1997, Buffy the Vampire Slayer quickly became a hit, charming young viewers with a mix of action, romance, and humor.

Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) had to balance adolescent problems with her divine destiny as a protector of humankind against vampires, vengeful demons, and other evil creatures.

Throughout its seven seasons, the show had some brilliant moments that would make a mark on pop culture for future generations. However, it also had some floppy moments in its narrative, mainly due to the behind the scenes problems between Joss Whedon and several members of the cast.

Below you will find 10 things that made no sense in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

1. The Absence of Scooby’s Gangs Parents

In the parents department, Joyce was pretty much alone. Willow’s mother appeared on screen only to immediately try to burn her daughter at the stake. Xander’s parents were prominently featured at their son’s wedding, exhibiting behavior that was far from role model material. Even so, it felt weird that they never got involved in any shenanigans, not even when they took place in their basement.

2. The Success of the Bronze

Besides inexplicably being the only nightclub in town, The Bronze had a weird vibe, even for a 90s joint. First of all, it had no security at all. Music varied from night to night with no consistency. The menu only seemed to expand with each season. The weirdest part was its cyclic destruction every time a new creature was in a bad mood and its ability to rebuild itself almost magically after a few episodes.

3. Riley’s Addiction to Vampire Sucking

Along with the show, we uncovered some disturbing vampiric behavior, but nothing beat Riley’s blood being sucked willingly in shady attics. While this could be a metaphor for cheating, it felt weird and forced since Riley’s whole motivation had always been sticking to the norm and following rules. It marked a new low in his relationship with Buffy. Subsequently, it was his last effort to be somehow interesting after the initial plot was over.

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4. Buffy’s Uncomfortable Clothes

Evil was waiting for Buffy around every corner, and yet, somehow, she never seemed to dress appropriately for someone who could be fighting for her life at any time. Especially in the first couple of seasons. Buffy dolled up almost every day and somehow still managed to deliver a beating to the villain of the day. Strapped tops, tight skirts, and flip-flops never seemed to slow Buffy down. As she matured, her outfits became somehow more sensible, but even in her final battle against an army of vampires, she chose a satiated white blouse and a restrictive jacket to march into battle.

5. What Was Anya’s Job Before the Magic Box?

After Anya turns into a regular adolescent, she attempts to have a normal life. Little information is known about her living situation before moving in with Xander, but she doesn’t appear to struggle with money or even have a job before Giles hires her in the Magic Box. Did she get some kind of salary as a vengeance demon that allowed her to save money? Did she steal to survive?

6. How Did So Many Girls Fit In That Tiny House?

In Buffy’s final season, she manages to assemble an army of potential slayers in her house. With a dozen of teenage girls, life must have been impossible inside the Summer’s residency. Some girls faded into the background while others had no personality at all. Reuniting all your soldiers in a residential neighborhood is painting a target on the front door, but Buffy’s enemies seemed strangely reluctant to attack the girls on their territory.

7. Miss Kitty Fantastico

Tara and Willow’s pet kitten supposedly suffered an ill ending, with Dawn declaring the animal being involved in some sort of accident with a loaded crossbow. It was unclear when this happened or how the couple dealt with the loss of their beloved pet but they did not seem to care so much for the daily tasks of pet keeping. Miss Kitty only appeared in a few episodes before vanishing.

8. Buffy’s Career

Buffy was never passionate about her studies, despite apparently being secretly a genius, something that reflected on her SAT scores. In college, her lack of effort in class became harder to hide, and finally, it resulted in her dropping out entirely.

Then she was hired as a counselor by principal Wood, which seemed odd considering her poor credentials. This was justified when Wood revealed his true identity.

However, after the school got destroyed along with the whole town, her plans for a financially stable future were a complete mystery.

9. The Magic Shop

Even in a town with a Hellmouth underneath, it seemed strange that a magic shop would be such a thriving business. Sunnydale’s residents lined up for spell ingredients, old relics, and more. It was never clear why Giles would be so lax on his duties as a Watcher, happily handing out powerful artifacts and substances to any paying customer, although it could be a veiled strategy to keep tabs on any supernatural activity cooking up in the town.

10. Angel’s Casual Swinging By

LA is not that far away from Sunnydale, and yet Angel seems oddly reluctant to get involved in several apocalyptic events, leaving Buffy to fend for herself. The cross-overs between the spin-offs were a nice gesture, but as Buffy fought off monster after monster, it was simply concussing for the fans to see her old flame just popping by at random times, especially after Spike began taking over the Slayer’s affections.

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