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10 Reasons That Made Spike the Best Boyfriend Buffy Had

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Spike remains a controversial character even among his strongest supporters. Despite Joss Whedon creating the vampire as the main rival to Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, James Marsters’ acting turned the villain into a complex portrait of the damned, making him vulnerable and awakening a natural sympathy in the audience. This transformation caused Whedon to have a harsh encounter with Marsters while filming. The director physically assaulted the actor, who revealed the incident in a recent interview.

Whedon’s efforts to portray Spike as a bad guy took a turn for the worse when the vampire attempted to sexually assault the main hero, leaving a lot of the show’s fans confused and disappointed. However, not even this jarring scene was repulsive enough to slow down Spike’s road to redemption. By the end of the show, he was one of Buffy’s most trusted allies.

In honor of Spike’s final sacrifice at the end of the series, I compiled a list of reasons why he was the best boyfriend for Buffy.

1. Spike and Buffy’s Amazing Chemistry

One of the reasons that prompted the drastic change in Spike’s role in the show was the natural chemistry he had with Buffy, even when they fought each other. The rapid back and forth of their banter showed their similar dry sense of humor and some heavy flirting.

2. Spike’s Dark Sense of Humor

Spike’s love for irony and his dark take on most of the challenges faced by the Scoobies made him instantly likable. He always seemed to have the right line for any situation, even when he was tied up in Giles’ bathroom or if he accidentally set himself in fire by falling asleep in the sunlight.

3. Spike Tried to Protect Dawn

Spike developed a strange friendship with Buffy’s sister. The relationship between them fed on the fact that the two were outsiders to the main gang. With Dawn’s tendencies to run off on her own and seek trouble, it was usually Spike’s protection that saved her life in many tricky situations.

4. Spike’s Personality Aligned With Buffy’s Mission

Ryley was a close second finalist in the race for the slayer’s heart, but he was filled with contradictions that eventually drove the couple away. He never understood Buffy’s close relationship with the dark forces, and at some point, he seemed to envy the superhuman strength of his girlfriend.

Angel appeared to be an excellent fit for Buffy while she navigated the vampiric underworld, but he clashed with her human side. It was Angel’s sulking and darkness that drove him away from Buffy’s friends, never quite fitting in the gang.

Spike, on the other hand, managed to fit into Buffy’s life, and although he was not always appreciated by the slayer’s close circle, he managed to build a sort of camaraderie other boyfriends did not have.

5. Spike Offered His Unconditional Support

Buffy had several moments of doubt throughout her career as a slayer, and Spike managed to offer his unconditional support each step of the way. He seemed to be the only one who comprehended Buffy’s profound loss after being ripped away from paradise. He also stood by her side when everyone turned against her before the final battle, giving her the confidence she needed to lead an army.

6. Spike Had a Sensible Side

Before turning into a vampire, Spike was William, a proper Victorian gentleman with a close relationship with his mother and a love for poetry. He carried on with at least some sensibility intact that transformed into a passion for soap operas.

7. Spike Had the Will to Change

Even after his most heinous act, Spike was still willing to evolve. His quest to get a soul and then his disposition to aid Buffy took the word repent to a whole other level.

8. Spike Respected Joyce

Joyce saw something special in Spike. They bonded over hot chocolate and their shared love for soap operas. And when she died, the loss affected Spike deeply, even though some of the Scoobies thought he was faking his grief to get closer to Buffy. Joyce saw the man in Spike and he responded to her compassion with respect.

9. Spike Was Willing to Die for Buffy

Even though he was practically immortal, Spike kept risking his life for Buffy. This trait began showing after he took a beating from Glory while keeping Dawn’s identity a secret. But his last sacrifice would save not only Buffy and her friends but the entire universe. The unsuspected champion saved the day, not before sharing a touching goodbye with the slayer.

10. Spike Loved the Human World

Spike used humans as a snack half of the time, but he also saw the benefits of the earthly life. He appreciated the simple things in life, like onion flowers and good music. Even though he was constantly plotting ways to end Buffy’s life, he wasn't interested in wiping out humanity. In the Buffy verse, that definitely made him a few notches less dangerous.