Interesting Characters in Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares"

Updated on April 19, 2017
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Peter Pasta is not an extra from the movie Goodfellas but he is a real life mobster.
Peter Pasta is not an extra from the movie Goodfellas but he is a real life mobster. | Source

Peter Pellegrino

Peter Pellegrino is your stereotypical mobster. He dresses in expensive suits, has a fancy watch, and drives a luxurious car. At the beginning of the episode, there were red flags already. Peter was supposed to pick up Gordon but took his sweet time doing so. Then Gordon was surprised at how beautiful and luxurious Peter's ride was despite them calling him to help their failing business.

Throughout the episode, Peter is seen as a moocher who leeches off the restaurant. He would be seen just roaming around the restaurant and acting cool like some kind of player. He would also be seen giving his friends free drinks and food. He used the funds for the restaurant to buy fancy personal items instead of upgrading a nearly non-functional kitchen.

Bill collectors came twice for Peter during the episode. He chased them away and even physically assaulted one. He constantly acted like a tough guy and did not do any actual work other than talk to the guests like a big shot.

Peter Attacks a Bill Collector

Jim and Jeff Thiel are the real life equivalent of Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
Jim and Jeff Thiel are the real life equivalent of Tweedledee and Tweedledum. | Source

Jim and Jeff Thiel

Tim Burton should have gotten brothers Jim and Jeff Thiel as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They would be perfect for the part as they are fat and short as well as very childish. Gordon calls the two out for being lazy as they do not open the restaurant early, do not clean the place, and use short cuts in cooking.

Proof of their childishness is the two pulling a twin magic act where Jeff and Jim switch places and try to fool Gordon. Also, many times Jim acts like a baby and gets upset when Gordon calls out their improper behavior. There are many times the twins cry and call themselves failures and beat themselves up over their shortcomings.

Jim and Jeff Can't Clean Anything

Samy and Amy became an Internet sensation shortly after appearing in Kitchen Nightmares but for all the wrong reasons.
Samy and Amy became an Internet sensation shortly after appearing in Kitchen Nightmares but for all the wrong reasons. | Source

Samy and Amy Bouzaglo

The show portrays Gordon Ramsay as someone who is tough on the outside but soft on the inside.There are times the restaurant owners are nice but most of them are very confrontational and get insulted when Ramsay gives his suggestions. At the end however, most people see the errors of their way and turn things around. This was not the case for Amy and Samy Bouzaglo.

These two are probably the most famous restaurant owners from the show. They were so stubborn that for the first and only time in the show, they forced chef Ramsay to walk away. They were the restaurant owners that finally broke him.

Samy Bouzaglo is a very violent character who uses more expletives than even Ramsay. He is also very physical and is not afraid to mix it up when you confront him. It turns out that he has deportation charges and has a criminal past in Europe which includes extortion and drug charges. He was also charged for threatening someone with a knife.

In the show he is involved in a few incidents. First, he cusses out a guy who waited an hour for his pizza and even physically attacked his friend. Second, he told a lady who criticized the food that this will be her first and last visit. Third, he made fun of a guy who did not like the salad and said he does not know what he likes.

Amy Bouzaglo also has a criminal past; she was jailed for 14 months for misusing a social security number to obtain a loan. Amy is your stereotypical crazy cat lady and is seen on the show meowing during a short clip. She is also someone who cannot stand criticism. She turns from a sweet person into a beast once you criticize her in even the slightest manner.

One important incident was the firing of Katy Cipriano. Katy was fired for merely asking a question. Amy went berserk and verbally abused the poor waitress.

Because of the airing of the episode, the restaurant became a tourist attraction until it closed. People wanted to see how crazy the couple really were. Now that the restaurant is closed, the couple now sells cakes and cookbooks on their website. They also launched a firestorm where they were subject to the wrath of fans on how they acted towards Gordon, their staff, and their customers on the show. They became the subject of ridicule and endless memes.

The Bouzaglo's Craziest Moments

Martin Hyde actually sued chef Gordon Ramsay for ruining his reputation.
Martin Hyde actually sued chef Gordon Ramsay for ruining his reputation. | Source

Martin Hyde

Martin Hyde looks more like a shady character from Wall Street than a restaurant manager. From the outside, Martin seems to be okay. He is sharply dressed and appears to be very confident. However, things quickly unravel once Gordon Ramsay visits the kitchen.

He discovers that things are in disarray. The kitchen is not very clean. There is rotting and spoiled food in their storage. The kitchen was not in good shape.

Through the episode, Martin can be seen spending too much time on his phone. He also relaxes and lets a waitress massage his head. When Ramsay calls him out on the sorry state of the kitchen, he seems to not be aware of what is happening.

At the end of the episode, Martin gets canned after Ramsay reports his findings to the restaurant owner, Muhammad Islam. He says he is simply not fit to be a restaurant manager.

Martin later sued Ramsay and tried to block the airing of the episode. The case got thrown out of court. He would later claim that nobody would hire him after the episode aired as he was portrayed in a negative light and that he was set up.

Martin Hyde Gets Fired!

A young Alan Saffron with his father. Abe Saffron, one of Australia's biggest crime lords.
A young Alan Saffron with his father. Abe Saffron, one of Australia's biggest crime lords. | Source

Alan Saffron

Alan Saffron may look like a harmless old man. Sure, he may have halitosis and stole his son's inheritance but he isn't a bad person right? Well, Alan is the son of Abe Saffron, one of Australia's most prominent organized crime figures. So it is not surprising that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

A lot of strife in the episode is due to the fact that Alan is a thief and a liar. Throughout the episode, there are numerous clashes between father and son over the misused inheritance money. He would also constantly lie to Ramsay when he asked him questions.

What is worse is that he comes of as stubborn, delusional, and abusive. He even clashes with his son's girlfriend and with Gordon a couple of times. The worst part is that he is not even repentant of his wrong doings. Gordon later makes Alan realize that as much as he hated his father, he has become just like him.

Alan Saffron Confronts His Chef

Which Character Was the Most Interesting?

Which Character Was the Most Interesting?

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