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10 Funniest Thai Romantic Comedy TV Series

Fairlane is a devout Asian entertainment fan. On the side, she is a professional screenwriter and author.

Here are some fun rom-com franchises from Thailand.

Here are some fun rom-com franchises from Thailand.

Sick of K-Dramas and J-Dramas?

Thailand has made a name for itself these past few years as the go-to country if you want fresh Asian horror films, but what most people aren’t aware of is that the Thai entertainment industry also love romantic comedies, and their TV dramas reflect this.

If you need a break from K-Dramas, J-dramas, and want something a little bit more cheerful, you should check out these 10 funniest Thailand Romantic Comedy TV series.

Full House

Full House

1. Full House (Woon nuk ruk tem barn)

A remake of the internationally popular South Korean TV series, Full House follows a famous celebrity hunk and a female aspiring writer as they accidentally come to live together in the same house and fall for each other.

The Funny Love

  • The aspiring female writer has an inherently hyperactive imagination, and some of the scenes has her imagining what it would be like if she had the upper hand over her snooty celebrity housemate.
  • The series proves that opposites do attract each other, as the aspiring writer is extremely messy and disorganized, while her housemate is ill-tempered and a complete control freak. They meet halfway and learn to love each other in the end, but the path they took to get there is full of hilarious twists and turns.
Hormones: The Series

Hormones: The Series

2. Hormones: The Series (Hormones Wai Wawun)

Hormones: The Series focuses on the lives and relationships of several secondary school students, tackling contemporary topics faced by their generation such as teenage sex and pregnancy, bullying, and homosexuality.

The Funny Love

  • While the series addresses generally dark topics (such as teenagers falling into a drug habit and the night life), it features some pairings that remain innocuous and cute while addressing serious social topics, such as one of the male characters who wanted to rekindle his relationship with his tomboyish ex girlfriend, but ended up developing feelings for a male classmate.
  • One of the characters is a hyper active “school reporter” that knows all the important things going in school as well as all the sordid details in his schoolmates’ personal lives. His bond with his little sister is shown to be strong and he forgets his hyper active persona when he needs to protect her.
Thara Himalaya

Thara Himalaya

3. Thara Himalaya

The story of Thara Himalaya revolves around the girl Nam, who is the youngest of 4 quadruplets. She fell in love with Puwanes, a man who she believes is just a common worker from his brother’s farm even though he is actually the crown prince of Parawat.

The Funny Love

  • The relationship between Nam and Puwanes is quirky because the latter has to endure being looked at as a commoner even though he’s royalty, but the assassination attempt added a whole new level of cuteness; he has to protect his identity and safety so he pretends to have lost his memory. This resulted in Nam somewhat treating him like a pet, even naming him after a crab.
  • There’s a part in the series where the handsome Puwanes had to endure looking ugly because of all the scars he sustained in the assassination attempt, consisting of injuries to the face and a ruined haircut.
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Duang Jai Akkanee

Duang Jai Akkanee

4. Duang Jai Akkanee

Duang Jai Akkanee tells the story of Akkanee and Ajjima, who have been enemies since they were kids due to a generations-old conflict between their families. Even with their clan feud, the two enemies eventually fell for each other, and now they have to face the disapproval of their respective families.

The Funny Love

  • The feud between Akkanee and Ajjima are portrayed as cute instead of violent, as they both have responsibilities caring for their own family’s dairy farms, which are separated by a single white fence serving as the border. It is through this border that many of their bickering occurred, and it is also this border that they figuratively broke as they learned how to love each other.
  • The two eventually managed to reveal their true feelings for each other and admitted their relationship to their respective families, but it becomes a lighter take on Romeo and Juliet as Akkanee must convince his father-in-law-to-be to let go of past grudges.
Ruk Sutrit

Ruk Sutrit

5. Ruk Sutrit

Ruk Sutrit is about the wealthy spoiled brat Ittirit, who develops feelings for his tutor Chanamon. However, Chanamon only accepted the tutoring job because she needs the money to finish school and help her family from starving.

The Funny Love

  • The feelings between Chanamon and Ittirit eventually became mutual, but not before going through several hilarious developments and incidents: Chanamon initially tried to get Ittirit to focus on his studies by asking his movie star best friend and crush Maya to become a study partner, but it only led to Ittirit trying to sabotage Maya’s burgeoning relationship with his brother Tun, and as Chanamon finally accepts her feelings for Ittirit, she has to convince him to let go of his feelings for Maya.
  • The series is also full of slapstick humor as the conservative and strict Chanamon frequently encounters difficulties with the liberal and disorganized Ittirit – in one scene, she accidentally walks in on him as he is busy playing the guitar naked.
Pathapee's Love Trick

Pathapee's Love Trick

6. Pathapee's Love Trick (Pathapee Leh Ruk)

The story centers around the titular Pathapee “Din” Adisuan, who owns the Thararin resort. He has to content with his rival Mok, the owner of Maek Mai Valley. Mok’s daughter Cha-Aim believes that Pathapee has hurt her parents in the past and is determined to destroy Pathapee’s reputation and leave him bankrupt, but they end up discovering that they are attracted to each other.

The Funny Love

  • Cha-Aim and Pathapee stared out as hostile towards each other and frequently resorted to clever tricks in order to one-up or ruin each other. Their hostility towards each other comes off as cute since they’re not really bad people and are just blinded by clan feuding. When they started developing feelings for each other, the series starts to tackle the issue of what they prioritize, their love for each other or following their respective family’s feuding ways?
Dok Ruk Rim Tang

Dok Ruk Rim Tang

7. Dok Ruk Rim Tang

In Dok Ruk Rim Tang, a young woman named Anusorn has to deal with the death of her father, but upon returning home, she finds out that her new stepmother has sold the house and left her with the dog Hungtu as her only inheritance. Suspecting foul play, she disguised herself as the boy Ooth and went back to her old house in order to look for clues to the truth. She ends up meeting the photographer Pathavee and became close with him. Pathavee, not knowing that Ooth is a girl in disguise, started developing feelings and became conflicted as a result of thinking that he fell in love with another boy.

The Funny Love

  • Anybody who’s watched the wildly popular Hana Kimi franchise or the relatively newer Coffee Prince will understand why Dok Ruk Rim Tang’s love story is cute and funny: a boy starts to question his sexuality after developing an attraction to another boy, not knowing that said boy is really a woman. And there’s the fact that the woman has to constantly hide her identity while also hiding her true feelings.

8. Mae Ka Khanom Wan

A female engineer named Baipai is boyish and frequently dresses like a man. Coupled with her skill in Muay Thai, people tend to think that she’s a boy. However, she is also good at making desserts so when she quits her engineering job due to problems with her boss, she gets the idea to open her own Thai dessert shop. It is in this job that she meets the handsome owner of an entertainment complex business and mafia boss, Wacharawat, who develops a crush on her.

The Funny Love

  • The relationship started out as one-sided, with Wacharawat so enamored with Baipai that he stole a kiss (which is Baipai’s first), this angered Baipai so much that he beat him up in front of his gangster underlings.
  • Wacharawat’s humiliation at the hands of Baipai did not deter him, so he continued teasing her, especially since Baipai’s cooking skills made him fall in love even harder. However, Baipai is so annoyed at the constant teasing that she resolves to get back at Wacharawat the best way she can: by pretending to be a man and stealing Wacharawat’s fiancée.
Hua Jai Rua Puang

Hua Jai Rua Puang

9. Hua Jai Rua Puang

Hua Jai Rua Puang is about a young woman named Pat, who is left to care for her niece Lan after the mother is sent to prison. Unforunately, Lan is already being kicked out of the house due to being pregnant, so Pat took the child, Atom, and raised him as her own son. Lan, on the other hand, tries to get a fresh start by working in a resort.

The Funny Love

  • The odd thing about Hua Jai Rua Puang is that the relationships between characters devolve into a complete mess even though they are all just hoping for the best possible outcome. Lan develops feelings for her boss, but Pat tries to block the relationship because she thinks the boss is not serious. Things get further muddled up when Atom’s father returns and wants to get back with Lan. The worst happens when the new family of Atom’s father appears.
Kol Ruk Luang Jai

Kol Ruk Luang Jai

10. Kol Ruk Luang Jai

Kol Ruk Luang Jai follows a young woman who travels to Prague in order to become the mail order bride of her childhood crush, who is in need of a fake wife in order to avoid being married to a woman he doesn’t love, as arranged for by his parents.

The Funny Love

  • Kol Ruk Luang Jai is a little bit fast paced as the connection between the male and female protagonist is established early one, but the main meat of the story comes from the somewhat one-sided love affair (at first), as one party doesn’t realize that the other is his long lost childhood friend, and that she is still in love with him.


ben on February 03, 2020:

WOW, why is it so pain full to watch Thai drama or movie or seris. Plot, acting, and scenes are so badly directed.

Pamela on June 09, 2019:

it is a nice movie i love it

marie on September 11, 2018:

it is a very movie..i love Thailand movies and hope to see more funny romantic movies

aliyah22 on September 03, 2018:


no its not but anyways thank you so much.

FAIRLANE RAYMUNDO on September 02, 2018:

@aliyah22 @h188 @Tian, is it Raeng Ngao ?

aliyah22 on September 02, 2018:

@tian did u find the drama name?

h188 on August 28, 2018:

Tain , if u knew the drama name please tell me , cause im searching for this also. Thanks.

Tian on August 08, 2018:

Theres this this Thai drama about a woman who has a sister who got tricked into selling her land so she wants revenge so she dresses up prettily and tries to seduce the guy. The guy also has a cute son. The main girl looked average or below average without dressing up she has a orange farm I think its a pretty funny show but I don't know what its called if any one knows please tell me.

Joyang on August 06, 2018:

could you please suggest a very funny dramas (0^0)

Abu on April 12, 2018:

I recommend wiwa wa woon aka chaotic wedding guarantee you'll laugh til the end

Jho on March 11, 2018:

Agree with this... loving the thai series... can someone tell me where to watch thai series with english sub. Im from philippines

Fatima on September 21, 2017:

I love Mike D Angelo and Aom Sushar and full house is my favt drama ever and forever best drama of the world

ruthi on September 17, 2017:

i love full house and kuen chewit. both are really awesome dramas

sumyia on June 28, 2017:

I love full house it was really funny drama and my favorite actor is mike d angelo in Thailand

kk on March 31, 2017:

does anyone know where to watch illicit wife drama with eng sub

Azet on March 26, 2017:

i think "A Love Recipe" and "Oum Ruk" are hilarious too.

Shalini on March 15, 2017:

I watched Full House it was awesome. I think it's the best serial I have ever seen and will ever see. Wherever I search for famous Thai serials, it's in the top. I really loved it. I still do watch it. I wish they again come in series like this. I want to see them again.

anon on June 09, 2016:

where's atm rak error 2, that's romantic comedy tv series too, and i think that tv series really funny

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