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10 Funniest Episodes of "Supernatural"

Alyssa is a avid TV-watcher and has watched all of the Supernatural episodes at least twice now.

Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester in a chase to rid the world of those monsters in the dark. This is not your average Ghostbusters special—Supernatural actually takes real-life lore and puts it on screen while developing complex characters and intricate plots. It's not all blood, gore and scary stories; within a few episodes, you'll find yourself invested in these characters, in their actions and in their (multiple) deaths. At the same time, their snide jokes, dry humor and bickering coupled with production genius and the breaking of the fourth wall will have you in tears or laughter. Most of these jokes require an understanding of the show; however, a few can be universally understood.


10. "Two and a Half Men"

This episode from season 6 begins with a seemingly delightful (normal) family with a baby. The happiness doesn't last long, as most Supernatural episodes go. Before the parents can get help, they are attacked and the baby is stolen. Sam, as an FBI agent, steps into play on a search to find the baby. Before anyone knows it, Sam finds the baby and calls in Dean for help, who's living with Lisa and Ben.

The boys go on a hilarious search for "supplies," something the brothers have clearly never done. Before they know it, a woman is attempting to take the baby, but as Sam and Dean always manage, they get away, baby still in tact. As Dean cares for the kid, they're thrown for a twist when the baby changes ethnicity. This episode will give you a chuckle as you witness Sam and Dean flounder in the babysitting area of life.

9. "The Mystery Spot"

This season 3 episode is reminiscent of Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day". Sam wakes up to Asia's Heat of the Moment. A typical day in the life of the Winchesters as they begin a day of ghost-hunting. The day goes terribly wrong as Dean meets his fatal end in the most unlikely of sorts. As Sam goes to bed missing his brother and his best friend, he mysteriously wakes up on a Tuesday, again. The day goes exactly like the last, only this time, Dean dies in another unique innovative way. These Tuesdays continue, Sam finishing Dean's sentences, trying to stop his death... every day. Not until, tens, maybe hundreds of Tuesdays later does Sam see what he's been missing all along.

8. "Tall Tales"

Alien abductions, hauntings, alligators—something is going on in Springfield, Ohio. Sam and Dean call in Bobby for help and their descriptions of the past events comprise the majority of this hilarious episode. Whatever is going on is affecting the boys as well—causing confusion and fighting—as they are pitted against one another. Sam and Dean each share their comically exaggerated sides to the story in their descriptions to Bobby. Dean's overindulgence in food and Sam's unending sympathies are played out on screen as Bobby tries to make sense of what really is going on. Turns out, the Trickster is on the loose, playing games and messing with the boys' heads.

The "fake" Sam and Dean

The "fake" Sam and Dean

7. "The Real Ghostbusters"

Supernatural - the book series by Carver Edlund. The prophet Chuck is back yet again, holding a Supernatural comic-con convention for his series based on the real Sam and Dean Winchester. It's all fun, games and LARPing until the imaginary ghost hunt these convention-ers are on becomes all too real. Two sets of Sam and Dean help fight down this ghost and you may be seeing double. The real Winchester's have a ball concealing their identity, by the end of the episode, will the LARP-ers actually be convinced they saved the day?

6. "Swap Meat"

Two nerdy high school boys want a little spark in their life. Instead of turning to girls or a new sport, these boys start using dark magic. When they discover the demons are on a hunt for this Dean Winchester guy, one of the boys, Gary, comes up with an elaborate scheme to hand over Dean by switching bodies with his beloved brother, Sam. Taking advantage of his new body, Gary goes after the women and Sam becomes extremely confused. Before he knows it, Gary is discovered by Dean as he begins to note some strange behaviors on his brother's part. This case of invasion of the body snatchers will have you chuckling right until Dean must save himself and Sammy.

5. "Ghostfacers"

The infamous Ghostfacers make their second appearance as they set up crew in the same haunted house Sam and Dean have under investigation. This rag-tag set of amateur ghost hunters finds themselves getting in some real trouble when one of their men goes missing. Maintaining video footage the whole time, the episode is shot from the perspective of the Ghostfacers camera crew.

It doesn't take long for Sam and Dean to grow tired of the people they're responsible to. Yet, they maintain (for the most part) composure, but it may be too late to save one of the Ghostfacers. Some of these scripted lines will not only get you thinking but have you wondering about the minds of these genius writers.

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4. "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!"

Meet Becky: Carver Edlund's biggest fan. Previously put on a mission by Edlund to warn the boys, Sam and Dean have already met crazy. This is why Dean is shocked to discover that Sam is marrying her. Everything seems in order—Sam acts as though he loves her, and obviously she him. Dean, however, is more than a bit skeptical. Seems as though there's someone else involved, but giving up her one true love, Sam, seems an extremely difficult task for Becky.

3. "Changing Channels"

While on the case, Dean and Sam find themselves tricked by the Trickster yet again as they are launched into a series of television. These include spoofs of Grey's Anatomy, a Japanese game show, a sit-com and a herpes commercial. The boys must play the part if they're ever gonna get back to the real world. Again, this episode will have you questioning the minds of the writers as Dean ogles over Dr.Sexy and Sam proclaims that he has "genital herpes". For anyone looking for a good laugh, this is a crowd-pleaser that everyone will love.


2. "Dog Dean Afternoon"

There's been an attack at the local pound and the only witnesses - the sheltered pups and kittens. Dean and Sam do something unlike anything they'e ever done as they derive a potion that will enable Dean to speak and hear the fellow canines. Before you know it, Dean has some of those wolf instincts as he befriends man's best friend. To top it off, Dean sets the animals free after just a day in the life of a dog.

1. "The French Mistake"

Talk about breaking the fourth wall? Sam and Dean literally run and jump through glass - shattering the entire existence of the wall as they are launched in yet another alternate universe. This time they are actors - Jared Padelicki and Jensen Ackles - playing Sam and Dean Winchester on the popular television show Supernatural. Confused as to why anyone would want to watch their lives they must go with the flow. Sam must play the part of Jared, husband to Ruby's star, Genevieve Padelicki (Jared's real-life wife), while Dean must play the part of the co-star whom doesn't get along with Jared. The boys even try their hands at acting, something that does not come as naturally as ghost-fighting. For all devote Supernatural fans, this one is a favorite.

An Extended List

While it's tricky sorting through all nine season of Supernatural to find the top ten funniest episode, here is an extended list of extras that may be just as hilarious as these ten.

  • season 1 Hell House
  • season 2 Nightshifter
  • season 3 The Kids are Alright
  • season 4 Monster Movie
  • season 4 Wishful Thinking
  • season 4 After School Special
  • season 4 It’s a Terrible Life
  • season 4 The Monster at the End of the Book
  • season 5 Fallen Idols
  • season 7 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
  • season 7 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
  • season 8 LARP and the Real Girl
  • season 9 Slumber Party


JJ on November 30, 2019:

Yellow Fever, hands down, should have bee. Number 1.

TopHat Seagull on July 10, 2017:

Supernatural can be very funny when it wants to be. I would however have placed the "Mystery Spot" episode as my #1.

DeanWinchesterLove on November 11, 2016:

yass yellow fever is like my favrite

Stephanie Arnott from California on February 22, 2014:

Loved this artcile. Supernatural is a great show plus the two boys are great eye candy! Keep up the good work!

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