What are some new Korean dramas that I can watch?


Hi there. Here are some of the ongoing dramas that you can check out:

1. The Great Seducer- It's the talk of the K-community right now. The story is based on a novel, so it's good to read the novel and see the drama if you want to dig a deeper analysis.

2. Live - A story about cops who struggle with their everyday lives. If you're looking for a realistic plot with motivational spices, then this one's for you.

3. The Grand Prince - Here is another historical drama with love triangle in it. You might want to see it because the villains here are intense.

4. Switch, Change the World - A hyped, cool, and chilling drama within the action genre that seems enjoyable and not boring at all.

5. Laughter in Waikiki - It's light, comical, and a good one to watch if you want to relieve heavy feelings and relax for a while. Baby Sol will let your stress wings fly away.

I hope this short list will satisfy your K-drama cravings. Some of the dramas that I haven't checked yet are "A Poem a Day" and "That Man Oh Soo." Have you seen it already? Please let me know your thoughts about it!

Updated on April 9, 2018

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The 25 Best Korean Dramas
By Mare-sensei