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This Powerful Scene from “The Wonder Years” Is Recirculating and It’s an Important Reminder

This show was ahead of its time.

People often talk about how The Simpsons predicted the future, but you could totally add The Wonder Years to this list. That's right, the beloved '80s TV show. In fact, a clip of the show has made its way to TikTok and you'd be amazed by how relevant it still is today. 

Shared by TikTok creator @christineloveschrist3, the clip shows a heated conversation between a character named Louis and series regular Jack Arnold. Take a look at the clip below!

Set in the late 1960s to the early '70s, the two are debating the Vietnam War — and having a conversation that will seem eerily familiar to all of us today.

"A young man dies for freedom and for his country," Jack says in the clip. 

To which Louis replies, "I just have a little trouble justifying dying for a government that systematically represses its citizens."

Incredulous, Arnold asks him to explain himself.

"It means that the United States government is responsible for the oppression of Black, women, free speech...," his daughter, Karen Arnold, interjects,

Jack argues that freedom comes at a price and has advantages that other forms of governance don't. 

"No man, that's what they brainwashed you to believe it's all about," Louis adds. "...I think anyone who supports the American war effort in Vietnam is having the wool pulled over his eyes." 

Jack asserts that he and his friends who fought in the Korean War were brave and fought for freedom. So he understands what's at stake with Vietnam.

"If you're afraid to fight then why don't you just say so? Why don't you admit you're just chicken?" Jack asks. 

"You're damn right," Louis answers. "I am chicken. I don't wanna die like your friends," he added. 

Louis points out that freedom in Korea might not look like how Jack envisioned.

"You were used, man. And your friends were used," he continues. 

Honestly, the whole clip is really worth watching. And the fact that this was written in 1984 is chilling, but should make us all pay attention just a little bit more.