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Fans Think Courteney Cox Could Be Joining the New "Wonder Man" Series on Disney+

People are absolutely here for this.

Could this news be anymore exciting? According to some fans on the internet, a former-Friends star might just be entering the MCU. And when you see who it is, you'll be signing up for Disney+ ASAP.

The rumors were definitely swirling on TikTok, where so many people were wondering if none-other than Courteney Cox was going to join the new Wonder Man series on the streaming service.

"It's been heavily rumored that Courteney Cox was in talks for Wonder Man and is now a part of the film," TikTok creator @baldwin.88 wrote in the onscreen caption of his video. "I never expected to hear that a scream queen would be in talks to join the MCU, but I love her so I'm down," they added.

Of course, this is all still rumor at this point. But just imagine how cool this would be if it really came true. 

People on Twitter were so into this theory. "Courteney Cox is reportedly in talks to join WONDER MAN… And who’s rumored to be in it as well? Elizabeth Olsen. In conclusion, my worlds will collide AGAIN," @itsjustanx wrote online. "Ooooooo I hope she’s the villain," @AMovieTruth added. "Whaaaaaa noooo wayyyyyy," @OG_GodofThunder exclaimed. 

The project still seems in its early days, although Variety did report that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is set to star in the show. According to the news outlet, Abdul-Mateen will be starring as Simon Williams, the son of a wealthy industrialist whose company was run out of business thanks to Stark Industries. In the comic books, Williams begs Baron Zemo to give him superpowers so that he may infiltrate the Avengers and take them down from the inside. Ultimately he joins them, and is pivotal in creating the new team, the West Coast Avengers. Although it's unclear how closely they'll be following the comics.

Again, nothing has been confirmed yet and the show has yet to have a release date. But we are totally here for any series that will feature Monica Geller.