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New "Wednesday" Trailer Just Dropped and People are Freaking Out About Who's Playing Uncle Fester

We have so many questions.

Ever since it was announced that Netflix was going to give Wednesday Addams her very own show we've been diligently following all of the updates. But our minds were freakin' blown when the streaming service recently announced who was going to play Uncle Fester. And a certain someone special will be joining the cast as a whole new character too. 

We're practically screaming after watching the brand new trailer from the streaming service on TikTok (@netflix). But the big reveal comes about halfway through the trailer. 

Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you. That's comedian Fred Armisen playing everyone's favorite uncle. But there's even more exciting news. At the end of the clip, Christina Ricci makes an appearance as Marilyn Thornhill. You know, the '90s Wednesday Addams herself!

"Snap snap. Two new characters are revealed in the trailer for Wednesday," the video's caption reads.

With over 150,000 views, people in the comments section weren't sure who they were more excited to see. "I screamed when I saw Christina Ricci!" @euphoria4000 wrote. "Fred Armisen?!?! Awesome. This looks so good, and with Fred it's guaranteed to be good," @jnetkeith added. "Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester!!! I LOVE IT!!" @redsonya21 exclaimed. "OMG CHRISTINA IS IN IT?!?!?!?" @crazycupcakemama added. 

But really, people are just excited that this is happening. "I am going to Lose. My. Mind. When this comes out!!" @wednesday.addams.17 commented. "Excited for this to come out!!" cheered. "I'M SO EXCITED BUT I WISH IT CAME OUT BEFORE HALLOWEEN," @zelsfruity wrote.

Although commenter @danibbq pointed out something amazing about the November 23 release date: "IT'S ON A WEDNESDAY," they wrote. Touché, Netflix. Touché.