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People Are Losing It Over Morticia in Tim Burtons New "Wednesday" Netflix Series

Catherine Zeta-Jones slayed this role.

There are some people who are watching the new Netflix show Wednesday to see Wednesday Addams cause some trouble.... and then there are other people who are watching to see her mom. That's right, unsurprisingly Morticia has the entire internet in a tizzy. And they won't stop talking about it online. 

In theory, the show is supposed to be about Wednesday's time as a student at boarding school. Where she learns how to control her emerging psychic powers and solve a mystery that involved her parents, IMDB states. But on Twitter, people seemed to be a little distracted by the elder Addams woman. 

"I am ten minutes into the first episode of ‘Wednesday’. I love the actress who is playing Morticia and I am loving Jenna’s Wednesday. I don’t want to see any such negativity about this season," wrote one person on Twitter. "Morticia Addams once again carries the show," another commenter agreed. "Morticia and Gomez Addams is the only couple I will tolerate," chimed in someone else.

But one person online really expressed the internet's thoughts best: "Morticia is so f—kin FINE," they wrote.

Yep, sometimes it really is that simple. 

The show actually has two actresses playing the iconic role. Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as the present day Morticia, while Gwen Jones plays a younger version of the character. 

Other stand-outs in the cast are Luis Gusmán who plays Gomez Addams. Gwendoline Christie, of Game of Thrones fame, plays Principal Larissa Weems. And Christina Ricci (you know, the original Wednesday from the '90s Addams Family films) will be entering the series in a different role, Marilyn Thornhill. Jenna Ortega of course, plays Wednesday Addams herself. 

While we're sure you didn't need much prodding to give the series a try, these *ahem* reviews might just be enough to get some people watching. 

Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.