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People Are Heated Over the Way “The Watcher” Ended

It’s being called one of the worst endings in history...

Have you been watching the Netflix show The Watcher? Whew boy, was it good. The series has had so many twist and turns, but did they manage to stick to the landing? Well, that's debatable, as many (many) people on the internet will tell you, and now some Twitter users are blasting the show for the way it ended.

The Netflix drama follows a family who quickly learn that a mysterious stranger is watching them after moving to their new house. The series is based on a true story — but that doesn't mean that everyone agrees on how they wrapped the show up. 

Take Twitter user @UNKNOWNENTlTY, who blasted the show in a heated tweet. "The ending of the watcher might be hands down the worst ending to any piece of cinema I’ve ever had to see. All the directions they could’ve went and THAT is how they end it? Utterly horrible," they wrote. 

Woof. Tough crowd. But unfortunately they weren't the only one who was less than pleased. "Horrendous ending," wrote one person on Twitter. "Agree!! Crap ending…" someone else wrote. "I sat through that load of compost. What a wacky ending," someone else wrote in. 

Although there were some people who really dug it. "I liked it! With the real case being unsolved and so many suspects, I thought it did a good job showing the lingering suspicion around everyone and also the obsession the case brought out in some people," someone explained. "Some of y’all have never watched Buzzfeed Unsolved and it shows," another commenter joked. "How can it be a crap ending when based on a true story," a third commenter pointed out

Obviously, it's up to viewers to decide if they loved or hated the way things ended. But a sign of a good show can sometimes be measured by the buzz it produces online.