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Wife Scares the Pants Off Husband With a Stranger Things’ “Vecna” Mask

Poor guy thought he teleported to the Upside Down for a second there.

Perhaps one of the largest shows and cultural influences this year has been Stranger Things’ fourth season on Netflix. Fans have fallen head-over-heels for Joseph Quinn, aka the ill-fated Eddie Munson, developed an ear-worm for Kate Bush, and perhaps slept with a nightlight on because of this season’s big bad Vecna. The character of Vecna, played by Jamie Campbell Bower, is the stuff nightmares are made of from motive to makeup which is why he is such a beloved villain.

Plus, he’s absolutely foul looking. So naturally, anyone who is a fan and also a bit of a prankster would naturally get some joy out of scaring their partner with super creepy Vecna mask. At least, that’s how @thekelleyfamily felt when she decided to give her hubby a fright. 


After donning the mask, she crept into the dark shower and waited an entire 15 minutes for her husband to make his way upstairs. When we see him enter the bathroom, he removes his shirt and flicks on the light to be greeted by Vecna. Of course, a slew of curse words come out as his wife laughs uncontrollably while removing the terrifying mask.

People jokingly commented that not only would they have defecated themselves, they admit they might not be married still if their partner did this to them. 

“I will forever turn the light on before entering a room. 😳 I’d have straight up died where I was standing😂 Ty for the valuable lesson,” wrote one user.

Now excuse us, we’re off to risk it all and score a mask!