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People on Twitter are Mixed About The Game-Changing Way That "She-Hulk" Ended

Was it too meta?

The series finale of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law just dropped and boy oh boy did it end the show with a bang. And while the ending had several twists and turns, not everyone was really feeling the very meta way that Jennifer Waters left things with the audience. Including people on Twitter, who were having a field day online. 

There were so. many. tweets. about the finale, but one tweet from user @Francis32748807 really said it all. Check out this tweet which has been liked a whopping 19,000 times.

Yep, even the main character wasn't really feeling the ending. Although it's not everyday that a fictional character gets to tell the show writers that they're not doing a very good job. It's certainly a hilarious twist, but judging from the mixed reaction online not everyone thought the show stuck the landing. 

Some people really, really hated it. 

"This was the worst episode ever I’m not going to lie," wrote one commenter. "Jeez, this episode was really horrible. Honestly, the whole show was bad. The only good thing in the last ep is HULK revealing his son. Worst marvel show to ever exist," someone else added. "She is the moment to turn of the tv and go to bed it was a snooze fest all around only good thing was Skaar and Daredevil cameo, was horrible," another commenter chimed in. 

Although there were many other people who pointed out that this whole breaking-the-fourth wall thing is totally a part of She-Hulk cannon. "People shocked at the ending, when it’s literally taken from the comics," someone argued. "I LOVE that the complainers are exactly what the show is making fun of LOLOLOLOL! She Hulk is probably the most comic accurate project Marvel/Disney has ever done. LOL," another commenter agreed. "That was so cool I absolutely loved this show," a third commenter wrote. 

We guess we'll all have to just agree to disagree.