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Fan Perfectly Recasts “Twilight” If It Came Out In the 90s

She nailed it.

In the '00s there was no bigger teen romance than Twilight. In fact, people loved it so much they practically have the whole movie memorized. ("Bella, where you been loca" anyone?). But what if the movie came out in the 1990s? That's exactly what one person on Instagram imagined — and she totally nailed the spot-on '90s cast. 

Clearly, Eleanor (or @ghoulgirlelle as she goes by on Instagram) is a fan of the series. But we're completely impressed by the way she made the beloved movies her own. 

"Twilight if it was made in the 90s," she wrote on the onscreen caption. Some of her picks? David Boreanaz as Edward (swoon), Liv Tyler would play Bella (amazing), Adam Beach would be Jacob ( love it), and Alice would be played by Winona Ryder (perfection). She even fan casted Brendon Fraser as Emmett, which is absolutely *chefs kiss.*

"I’d have been team Emmett if Brendan played him," she wrote in the caption. Us too! 

With over 316,000 likes, other people seemed to really be into her picks. "To be honest... That's a solid line up. I think that would have been a much better movie," one commenter wrote. "I didn't know you could mourn something that never existed... but damn," another person joked. "Not to be dramatic but I would die for this version," someone else teased. "I would totally watch that version over the original omg. The feelings I felt watching the line up were .... indescribable," one person admitted. 

Okay, someone needs to build a time machine and go back to the '90s and make this — ASAP. 

Or as one commenter put it: "Feel like this was the classic we never had."