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"Tuca and Bertie " Creator Lisa Hanawalt Confirms That The Show Has Been Canceled

We're sad about this one, TBH.

Sad news for fans of the animated comedy Tuca and Bertie. On November 2, the show's creator Lisa Hanawalt confirmed that the show had not been renewed for a fourth season. Taking to Twitter, Hanawalt said goodbye to the series in a letter to its fans. Who in turn mourned the show's ending in the comments section. 

After three seasons (and a move from Netflix to Adult Swim), the show has finally come to an end. "Goodbye to Tuca & Bertie, for now," Hanawalt (@lisadraws) captioned her post. 

"Tuca & Bertie has sadly been cancelled," she wrote in the letter she shared. Hanawalt then went on to praise the team at Adult Swim and called the move to the cable network "creatively fulfulling."

"I'm grateful that we got the space to make all these wild and heartfelt episodes about things that matter to me very much," she continued. She also praised her "coworkers and collaborators" who worked on Tuca & Bertie

"I still have a beautiful and weird ending to T&B in mind, hopefully someday we'll get the chance to finish the story. In the meantime, I'm not done creating," she added. 

She asked the show's fans to "never stop making weird fan art (and dressing up for characters for Halloween!)," before thanking them for the "support over the years." 

"I intend to keep telling stories like this, no matter what," she wrote. 

People in the comments section were just as heartbroken. "Ugh. Heartbreaking, once again thank you to the whole crew for such a deeply meaningful funny beautiful show! I hope it flies again!!!" wrote @toastasaurus. "Damn. Thank you for bringing this show into the world though. You've done wonders in explaining mental health and anxiety. It's definitely improved some lives out there. I hope it finds a new home," @FrizFrizzle added. "I'm so sorry to hear that. Thank you for making such powerful and weird and wonderful shows, we all need them so bad," @kendrawcandraw chimed in. 

Welp, now we're crying. It's so sad to see a show about two female besties come to an end.