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Tom Hanks Returns to "SNL" As David S. Pumpkins — And People Can't Get Enough

The best Halloween surprise!

It's hard to explain why people love the David S. Pumpkins sketch from SNL so much. It's probably easiest to say, it's just kind of perfect. So no wonder why people on the internet were absolutely freaking out after it was revealed that Tom Hanks had returned to his beloved pumpkin suit one more time. 

A copy of the sketch was shared on TikTok (@nbcsnl) — and yep, it's pretty much everything we hoped it would be. 

With musician Jack Harlow as host, the sketch shows a group of people going through a spooky haunted attraction. And we'll give you one guess who shows up while they're on the ride.

The clip has since been watched over 1 million times. And people in the comments section were totally psyched. "I don’t know why but the David S Pumpkins skits are one of my absolute favorites ever," @mellijellybean wrote in the comments section. "THIS IS MY FAVORITE SKIT KNOWN TO MAN," @mad1sroom exclaimed. "I love David S. Pumpkins! He's his own thing!" @user48117087 added. "David Pumpkins is inherently modern comedy. Chaos, irony, satire, and rejection of convention. Ahead of its time," @greenskulltok chimed in.

We guess you could call the sketch the G.P.O.A.T. — that's Greatest Pumpkins of All Time. 

Bobby Moynihan, one of David S. Pumpkin's skeleton sidekicks, also posted about his return to the SNL stage. And he shared some primo behind-the-scenes photos of the sketch. 

He also shared some photos of another character he reprised that — Drunk Uncle. Additionally, the former SNL castmember posted a photo of himself holding one of the night's many cue cards. Although this one had such a sweet message: "Welcome home, Bobby!" Gah, now we're totally in our feels. 

Here's hoping we get another David S. Pumpkins sketch really soon.