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Henry Winkler Answers to Tom Hanks Hate Rumor on Andy Cohen’s Show

People always wondered why they didn’t get along on the set of “Turner & Hooch.”

There's a reason why we love live TV. Anything can happen! Just take a look at a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen where actor Henry Winkler was caught off guard by a question a fan asked about his experience working with Tom Hanks. And yeah...things got awkward. 

It might be a surprise to beloved actors didn't get along, but Winkler was downright diplomatic in his response. 

"What was the real reason why you and Tom Hanks didn't get along on the set of Turner & Hooch, and did you ever wind up seeing that movie?" the caller asked. 

Winkler looks absolutely stunned by the question in the clip shared by TikTok creator @thekylemarisa

"Is that a thing?" Andy Cohen asked him. 

Not wanting to ruffle any feathers, Winkler pretended not to hear the question. "What did you say?" he joked, before adding a pretty indirect response.  "I was directing that movie for 13 days and then I was called into Jeff Katzenberg's office. And he said, 'Do you have everything with you? Go home,'" he recalled. 

"I got a long great, great, with that dog," he joked, pointedly. "Love that dog." 

Didn't Winkler say so much, without saying anything at all?

The comments section was on Henry's side. "Henry Winkler is always know as the kindest and most genuine person in Hollywood. All class. Enough said," one person explained. "I’ll always be on team Henry Winkler, he’s such a genuine, sweet, unpretentious man!" another person exclaimed. "Who wouldn’t love the Fonze!??" someone else wondered.

Remember, we don't know exactly what happened between this two. So we should definitely listen to the one commenter who reminded us all of this fact.

"Are all the people in the comments children or just have no life experience? Sometimes two perfectly nice people don't get along with each other," they wrote. 

We probably will never know why these two didn't like each other. But some things are best left unsaid.