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Gen-Zers Watch “Titanic” For First Time and Their Reaction Is Hysterically On Point

They went through the five stages of grief with this movie.

Where we you the first time you watched Titanic? We remember getting the movie at our local Blockbuster when it came on TWO whole VHS tapes. It was the longest movie we'd ever seen! So it's almost impossible to imagine the kids who are just finding the movie now in 2022. But two Gen-Zers who recently watched the movie for the first time are all of us when we first saw that infuriating ending. 

The hilarious video was shared by Jackeline Marlene (@marlenee_gee), who was having a field day watching her younger sister's friends having a total meltdown by the end of the movie. "My sister's friends going through the five stages of grief while watching Titanic for the first time," she wrote in the video's text overlay. The girls were losing their absolute minds — and if you find yourself STILL debating whether Jack could fit on that door, you totally understand why. 

Yep, these girls were definitely going through it. But older sis Jackeline has no regrets. "It was worth it," she wrote in the caption. 

With over 550,000 views, people in the comments section didn't blame them one bit for getting upset. "Ok I think we can all agree that there was room on that damn door but she was taking up all of the room," @sweet_chaos01 joked. "I love how they have to stand up and pace in order to get through this turmoil," @steph.k25 teased. "Bro I literally reacted like this the first time I watched it and I was in a plane so it was so embarrassing," @reem.0safi shared. "This is a glass case of emotions," @elisabethpirrone kidded. 

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We guess kids these days just weren't ready for Jack and Kate.


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