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Tim Allen’s Daughter Opened Up About What She Learned About Her Dad on the Set of “The Santa Clauses”

This was probably really great to hear as a dad.

There's something so special about going work with your parents. For most of us, we got that thrill of seeing our parents at work during a "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" when we were younger. But for Tim Allen's 13-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, she got to see her dad in one of his most iconic roles to date. That's because she's now starring beside him in the new Disney series, The Santa Clauses. And has nothing but good things to say about working with her pop.

Allen and his daughter sat down for an adorable interview, which was later shared on entertainment contributor's @thechriswitherspoon TikTok page. 

"Tim Allen's real life daughter reveals what she learned about her dad while filming The Santa Clauses," the video's onscreen caption reads. 

"Elizabeth I have to give you a round of applause. I did not know until I read the notes that you were Tim Allen's real life daughter," Witherspoon tells her in the clip. "I'm so curious, is there something new that you learned about your dad while being on set with him and working with him?" he asked. 

Elizabeth had the cutest response. "I feel like I forget sometimes about how much he's done and how many people that he's impacted and touched," she answered. "When I was on set and I saw how people were so surprised and happy and overjoyed to see him in that Santa suit again, it made me think about how much he's done," she added. "And how many people's lives he's changed."

This would send any parent over-the-moon. And people in the comments section agreed that this was the cutest thing ever. "Omg this makes me like the series even more! So wholesome!" one person commented. "Christmas is literally not the same without the Santa Claus movies!" another commenter gushed. "What a lovely, well spoken and mature girl she is. He seems like a proud father for sure (as he should be)," another commenter wrote.

Yep, we can also tell that Allen is one proud pop.