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The Trailer for Season 5 of “The Crown” Dropped and People Are Freaking Out About Diana’s Storyline

We’re hoping they do Princess Di justice.

After Queen Elizabeth's passing, there are going to be more eyes than ever on the hit Netflix show The Crown. And even more attention will be paid to the fictional Princess Diana as we get closer and closer to her tragic passing. In fact, a recent trailer for season five was dropped on October 20 by the Hollywood Reporter (@THR). And people in the comments section had some very strong opinions about her storyline. 

The new season will drop on November 9, but until then we only have clues from the trailer to give us insight into what's going to happen.

Now that Diana's story is really starting to become the focal point of the show many people are concerned about how her death will be portrayed. Sources told the Hollywood Reporter that Diana's death will not be dramatized this season, but will occur in the sixth and final season of the show. These sources also stated that her fatal car crash will not be shown onscreen. 

Thankfully it seems like this decision is supported by fans of the series, who assuredly would want such a tragic moment to be handled with delicacy. Or as one Twitter user put it: "Good. Her kids don't need that aired." "That's good, there's no need to show it AND the reports on how and what happened are in question anyway. Better to keep that somewhat of a mystery," someone else added. "That is good news. Audiences don't need a dramatization of the accident that took the lives of the three people involved. It was bad enough that it happened for the reasons we all know," a third commenter joined in. 

Although some people wanted to see it all. "The truth can be bitter, but should be told, especially when it is part of history," one person pointed out. "'Her fatal car crash itself will not be explicitly shown' why not? The Crown's creators and producers could fictionalize it just like they've done with the rest of the seasons," a second person wrote. 

All we know is that it's incredible hard to portray events that really happened. And whatever the writing staff does in season six, we hope it's done with respect.