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Mila Kunis Shares Who She Thinks Jackie Should Be With in "That 90s Show"

It seems like there's more TV shows than ever these days. But one that we're really excited for is That 90s Show — you know, the spin-off of That 70s Show? We've been trying not to see any spoilers before the premiere, but recently Mila Kunis shared one tidbit from the new series that was too hot not to share. 

The That 70s Show star was totally candid in a recent interview with The Today Show (@todayshow). And if you're a huge fan of Jackie and Kelso, you might just be crushed by what she had to say.

"Spoiler alert, my husband are in as a couple, which is weird," she told anchor Hoda Kotb. Not that there's anything with playing a couple on the show, but as many of the devoted fans will remember Jackie had a completely different love interest by the original series' end. "I was like yeah, 'So clearly I'm going to be with Fez,' because I remember ending the show with Wilmer's character," she added. 

Apparently she was told that to have Fez and Jackie be together in the reboot would be "too weird for audiences" — "So now you and Ashton are together," she recalled. "And I was like, 'But that's even weirder!'" 

Some people in the comments section were relieved by the switch. "I hated when Jackie ended up with Fez!!" @luna9916 exclaimed. "I'm so happy to hear this. Cause I wasn't a fan of Jackie ending up with Fez," @ablanca07 agreed. "Honestly it’s better than her being with Fez," @msaraig wrote. 

And even more people thought it was totally believable. "No it’s cute because that one episode where Kelso proposed but didn’t want to and they were like I love you but not right now," @ashleydawson598 recalled. "Honestly, I’m perfectly fine with just assuming her and Fez broke up and her and Kelso matured and realized they loved each other," @tylerscallaway agreed. 

Although we agree with another commenter completely: "I always wanted Kelso and Jackie to be endgame," @dakhidjizzy wrote.