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"Supernatural" Fans are Freaking Out After It Was Announced Tom Welling Will be in Prequel "The Winchesters"

Fans at Comic Con were cheering.

The best part of Comic Con is that show creators and actors truly get to catch their fans off guard. Just like in a recent clip on TikTok that really fits the bill. The video shows Supernatural's Jensen Ackles taking a whole audience by surprise with a recent casting announcement.  

Ackles pretty much left the crowd stunned while discussing the upcoming Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters. Take a look at the video shared from @scurt.scurt and see for yourself. 

"I have an idea, why don't we just make it TW," he said during the panel. TW — you know, Superman himself Tom Welling? "So I got a surprise for you guys, introducing the guy playing her father, my grandfather, Samuel Campbell: Mr. Tom Welling!" he added. Cue a HUGE reaction from the crowd. "Some of you might know that Tom and I go way back to a little show called Smallville," Ackles continued. Oh yeah, Jensen. We remembered.

According to Deadline, the show will focus on how Dean and Sam Winchester's parents John and Mary met and then went on to save the world. The show will also feature Ackles reprising his role as Dean Winchester via voiceover. Welling is due to join the series later this season. 

People on TikTok were absolutely thrilled with the news. "The way that I’m literally in tears right now. Clark was my comfort character as a child and Dean is as an adult. This is a literal dream," @becca_jade97 wrote. "CLARK KENT HIMSELF?!" @larrymacaroni exclaimed. "Superman himself," @jessie_w_kirkpatrick added. 

The show is currently airing on The CW and according to Deadline, has officially been declared the network's most-watched premiere of the season. Okay, this is definitely going to be good.