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This “Stranger Things” Fan Theory Might Have Figured Out the Entire Show


If you thought it was exciting to get a first look at the next season of Stranger Things, then you'll really love the theory that one woman has on TikTok. The TikTok creator @doriandrifting believes that she has the whole show figured out. TBH, once you'll see it, you'll pretty much have to agree with her. 

The TikToker didn't just have a small theory about season 5, she really believes she knows how the show will end. Take a look in the video below, but beware — this might just spoil things for you. 

"When you accidentally hyperfixated on Stranger Things too hard and cracked the code that Mike can manipulate time in the Upside Down and Hawkins Lab was a time travel research center..." she wrote in the video's onscreen caption. 

Wait, what?!

"That's why time is frozen in the Upside Down... his whole speech about being normal is a red herring. Him running late at the beginning of every season is an Easter egg," she added. 

Woah, this would actually explain so much about what happened last season. And with over 1 million views, it seems that other people had strong feelings about the video too. 

"It makes sense because his world came to a full stop when Will disappeared," wrote @chalupa_supreme in the comments section. "I’m convinced the D brothers just wait for these bomb theories and then write them in like they meant it the whole time lol," @abigail_ann_ teased. "This makes a lot of sense because the Montauk projects that Stranger Things was based off off were heavily focused on manipulation of time," @barrybeebenson.69 chimed in. "I always thought it was weird how every time the season starts someone yells at him to hurry up," @willbyersforever2007 guessed. 

Obviously we won't know if she's right until the season is over, but this is one theory that we hope comes true.